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When your tail is too short to bend, it’s cute.






  1. It’s so tiny!

    And I haven’t had breakfast yet…


  2. That little kitty? For breakfast?

    Doubt it’d be enough even for a post-brunch snack.

  3. It’s an SD kitten!

    /anime geek ^___^


  4. StormCat says:

    KITTY!!!!! Oh my gosh, He’s so cute!!!!!!
    *wants to bundle him up and take him home…*

  5. …of course, now I have that blasted theme song stuck in my head…CURSE YOU, CUTE O!!!! 😉


  6. what a BABY!

  7. Knees…weakening…head…swimming…the cuteness has me.

    This kitty is cuteness in kryptonite form. Those of us previously impervious to cuteness shall be put asunder by its power.


  8. Funny thing, I *swear* I’ve seen this pic before:

    (Denita — Whenever there’s trouble, we’re there on the double…)

  9. Cuter than designer dogs.

  10. my theory is that kittens use their tails as antennae

  11. Subhangi says:

    O.M.G. My eye just rolled out of its socket!
    I swear I remember putting that kitty in my shirt pocket.
    How he quietly jumped out and escaped I’ll never know.
    And now he’s with someone else …
    Guess I just gotta let go.

  12. Dear Cute Overload,

    Lately I have noticed in your readership a trend toward associating objects d’cute with things edible. Perhaps this is a normal outgrowth of showing animals at ease in their normal habitats, which may include comestible items such as parsley trees, thumbnail-sized bottles of soy sauce and phallic carrots. In such scenarios, readers’ comments addressing the “juicy” or “tasty” qualities of an animal may be ascribed to simple transference: like carrot, like bunny.

    Perhaps, on the other hand, your readers are a bunch of raving degenerates who sucked their thumbs way too long and now fantasise about bunnies that smell like creme brulee. If this be the case, I do hope you will keep in mind your putative moral obligation to society and quash such undesired behavior before it spirals out of control. I respectfully submit two references for your support:


    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    A Consarned Citizen

  13. wow, finn-isucked my thumb til i was 10!
    hmmmm, i smell interesting pyschology paper not creme brule

  14. Meow House says:

    Dear Cute Overload,

    I believe there is a Deranged Person in our midst. This “Finn” persona has deluded himself into thinking that bunnies do NOT smell like crème brulée, that Extreme Cuteness does not equal “juicy” or “tasty.” He is obviously suffering from severe and possibly irreversible psychosis. I fear for our future. Please make your utmost attempts to find where this ill person resides and get him some help.

    Signed, A Concerned Citizen

  15. :whispers:
    Meow House, it’s even worse than that. HE thinks he’s a SHE.

    sad, i know.

  16. Meow House says:

    Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought!

    (Sorry about that.)

  17. Dear A. Concerned:

    Thank you for your vigilance. I believe that I have confirmed beyond any debate or ambiguity that there is indeed a Deranged Person within our ranks. However, it turns out that it wasn’t Finn, who was nevertheless quite tasty. My investigations continue.

    Signed, M. Chianti.

  18. Well, i don’t know about anyone else, but i sure as hell am a raving degenerate.

  19. Adrienne says:

    i want this kitten not for food but to love and to hug and to call him maxwell (her eleanor).
    please give it to me.

  20. Jan Spencer says:

    Wow…everyone TAKE A DEEP BREATH…now…kiss and make up.

    BTW…cat is so darn cute! Great pic Meg!

  21. That teensy baby is so demonically cute I could plotz!

  22. Meow House says:

    Maybe I should have put some smilies in there – I was posting with the kitten-filled sillies. The kitten’s wee head made me crazy. I am sure Finn was having the same reaction. 🙂

  23. that is such an adorable kitten!!!!

  24. StormCat says:

    Look at those widdle paws!!! Makes me wish it was MY finger getting ready to get batted at…. *sigh*

  25. ::faints from sugar overdose::

  26. enigmania says:

    the tail is clearly a counterbalance for the tiny reaching pawsomgsocute!!!

  27. sometimes the closet cutelover cannot be contained, to which I say “gnyaawwwwww”

    guess that’s my own little noise of cuteness confirmation

  28. Eee!! Reminds me of my kitten. His momma abandoned him and we found him in the driveway of my BF’s mother’s house. Here he is at about a month old:


  29. Dear Cute Overload,
    In fact there is a larger issue than degenerates and deranged behavior. Many here seem to be sufferring from the affects of continued exposure to paedomorphism and zoomorphism at least. The result of said exposure seems to be dysgeusia or parosmia. The issue at hand is the readiness of exposure by the sufferes. They seem to “want” the afore mentioned symptomology to exist in their lives. The proper course of treatment seems to be continued dosage of more kittens like above as well other sources for suffers to get their “fix”. Thank you for doing such a fine job to date and please do not discontinue the treatments you are currently supplying as mass withdrawl could result.


  30. “deepfried butter on a stick.”

    i rest my case.

  31. Tail antenna! And all this time I thought they used those sticky-up eyebrow whiskers! I learned something today. BTW – Meg if you’re at SXSW come by the ACC Theatre – I’m dying to meet the cutemeister!

  32. When your legs are too short to bend, it’s WAY CUTE.

  33. StormCat says:

    Li: Oh your Kitty is sooooo cute!!!! I love the last pic with his little paw showing… What a doll!!!




  36. AIEEE!

  37. That little kitten is too adorable. I might have to adopt a kitten of my own soon.

  38. wickedbored says:

    OMG. Kitty doesn’t even look real!!! I smell sugar cookies!!!


  39. He’s just too small! Gotta love the little antenae tail x3

  40. Sigh! My two cats want that kitty to come over and play. … Oh, all right. I want that kitty to come over and STAY! They don’t want another kitty, but I’m the bipedal mommy who controls the food dishes.

  41. holy frickin’ CRAP you guys. that is the cutest. most ADORABLE little kitten EVER. its so cute you could like…………uhhhh….you could….hmm. GO INSANE, maybe thats one. i dont know though. its freaking adorable as heck though. =D.

  42. oh, my goshness.

    that is a New Standard of Cute.

  43. Am I wrong or are her PAWS larger than her tail?!



  45. Kill me now

    Before I smother a kitten 😉

  46. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    cutetini grey kitten!

  47. That is one cute kitten!

    I think they need to stop giving internet privledges at prisons and mental illness institutions….

  48. widdle chunky paw, widdle chunky baby!!! I need to kiss the kitty! so innocent and sweet.

  49. Does anyone else suspect that the next thing that happened was a big ol’ static-electric ZAP?

  50. adrianna says:

    i love how the finger, the foreleg, & the tail are all aligned.

  51. that’s so cute i want to throw it out the window

  52. I can’t believe how quickly a daily dose of cuteness has become essential to my mental health. I think I need to either get a puppy or seek professional help.

    OMG WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE FUZZBALL *squeals like a little girl*

  53. Finn,
    As usual, you’re absolutely right. The addition of tasty food items accompanying cute animals is really a slippery, Bearnaise-sauced slope. I’ll try to do better. And by better, I mean ‘butter’.

    Your humble poster,

  54. Nose-fur-atu says:

    Actually, the commenters who jokingly say they want to eat up, devour, etc. these cute animals are expressing a subconscious wish to experience cuteness in the most direct way possible, that is by making the cuteness a physical part of themselves through the process of ingestion and digestion.

  55. Is it even possible to have a kitten THAT SMALL?

    Someone perform CPR in…erm…5 seconds. Brain seems to be shutting down.

  56. wow. I think our intrepid commenters are creating a new Psychology of Edible Cuteness.

  57. if you look like a toy, it’s cute.

  58. awwwwwwwwwwwwww! its so cute and fluffy!! ^-^

  59. Humans love to render things they love into an edible context–thus nomers like sweet/sweetie, honey, honeypie, sweetiepie. Older terms like “what a dish” or calling someone a “cute tomato,” “I could eat you up!”all of these are very human and basic ways of expressing delight towards people and things we love. Goes back to the caves, I’m sure.

  60. cutest. pic. ever.


    I can only speak for myself and indeed yes it was all said in jest! The non-medical translation…

    We are all being exposed to lots of types of animal cuteness, it makes us think they smell good or are good foods, we all seem to love it, want more and would go into withdrawl without it…

    thats all, just with medical terminology from WAY too much studying. Then there is also the vain attempt to intellectualize and resist the fact that every internal part of me melts upon seeing kitten cuteness of this magnitude! Not crazy perse (okay, not certifiable) just a nerd with a medical background!

  62. -GASPS- OMGAWSH!! THAT’s sOOOooOOoOoOoO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!! :3 awwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwww 🙂 🙂

  63. very very cute!!!!

  64. I want it I want it I want it

  65. J’accuse!!

    (of cuteness)

  66. “Miaow, moi?”

  67. i can’t stop looking at this one. all us cat lovers know abou thowto offer the finger of peace to a cat. no cat can resist it.

  68. oh my God, it is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

  69. littlegirlwoo says:

    okay so this is a real kitten and not a stuffed animal?

  70. it’s just sooo little! and grey! is it made out of velvet? looks like it!

  71. Why isn’t this a Rule of Cuteness? 😮