Pupguard on duty

1. Make sure water vest is secure with all 7 belts and manual puff tube
2. Make certain emergency ear floatation devices are switched "on"
3. Make sure tongue is operable
4. Enable OptiGrab™ safety handle
5. GO!

Am I missing any safety rules?

Swim, Roosevelt!



  1. Haha, awwwww! From my experience with dense little pugs, they need all the floatation devices they can get. I love how it has a handle on the back…more dogs need one of those.

  2. Awwwww! I love the big juicy eyes and teensy tongue! *snuggles the puggles*

  3. it’s porta-pup

    just pick up the handle and go

    specially modified lightweight design

  4. The dogpaddle made easy!

  5. Aye. Roger that. Operation Pug Swim is a go.

    Opti-Grab value: $1.09…

  6. StormCat says:

    PugSpeak: “Daddy, I have one my wet gear…my feet are wet, and I’m ready!! Daddy? Can we get in now? Puullleeezzeee?”

    What a cutie!!! I’ve never been one for pugs, but this little guy is adorable!!!

  7. Yeah, my brother used to have a pug and they really do need these to be able to breathe and not drown because of their adorable, smushy, snout-lacking faces.

  8. E. Collison says:

    Oh, that little sliver of tongue makes the pic!

  9. Pugalicious!! Oh lord, hes adorable!

  10. liquidnight says:

    Bonus points for using a reference to ‘The Jerk.’ 🙂

  11. Pugs n Kisses says:

    Reminds me of my pug, we used to hold her over the pool and her feet would make swimming motions!

  12. Puppylifeguard! 😀

  13. JessJess says:

    You are missing the most important rule of all!!!!!

    Above all, you must remain insanely cute at all times.

  14. Yeah.

    6. Don’t feed after midnight.

  15. my old cat was named Roosevelt.


  16. Erling Jacobsen says:

    One more safety rule:

    Check the propeller [wags tail]

  17. Jan Spencer says:

    Can’t even stand the cuteness of the little pink tongue sticking out. OH how cute is that?

  18. Aha! I KNEW there was a water vest for dogs. I will fetch one for my dog immediately.

    That said, aw, Roosevelt is such a neat name for a dog. Truely, I shall never fear drowning as long as Roosie is there to save me. 😀

  19. Love, love, LOVE the convenient carrying handle!

  20. A thinker thats sooo right! port-a-doggie lol ..and oh those eyes! and that face! and that mouth! and that vest!and that look! oh its just sooooo huggable!*takes the port-a-doggie home and hugs it for hours*

  21. awwwww!!! that’s so cute! i’ll have to get one for Pooches, too. 🙂

  22. COL rox!! says:

    awwwwwww~I can just put him in my smothiee and blend it!!okaoy..mayb that’s 2 cruel…U know wat I mean

  23. Beauregard says:

    Roosevelt! What a cute name for such a cute, silly looking pup! Tongues!

  24. That thing looks just like Speak the Capybara.

  25. moofie- woah! I had a neighbor when I was a kid, and he had 3 pugs. And when he let them outside, he would always say -“run! run, my capybaras!!!” and so thats really weird that you said that. lol.

  26. Once my mom rescued a drowning newborn pug from our pool.

    I love pugs. But you shouldn’t categorize them as pups, because they’re actually mythical creatures.

    Just trying to clear things up.

  27. Aww! The French Bulldog at my cottage has one of these. You can pick him up by the handle!