Respect my authoritaaaay

Yep. It’s just another day. Catchin’ catty criminals. Puttin’ those drunk llamas behind bars last night was tough. But they need to know not to spit in people’s faces. A pup’s gotta do it. Someone has to.

Heather E., Step out of the car please.



  1. The shades are obviously so this little trooper doesn’t get recognized while in his mild-mannered alter-ego disguise.

  2. E. Collison says:

    Smudgy glasses!

  3. Just the facts, ma’am.

  4. omg I just had an enbolism

  5. “Do you know why I stoped you?”

  6. I’m intimidated!

  7. How adorable.. I just want to kiss his little nose..

  8. “What seems to be the problem, uh… Officer?…”

  9. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Come on punk………make my day!

  10. Fluffy, walkin’ the beat.

  11. Hey, I think that’s a bichon frise! He’s probably here to arrest everybody who made fun of the bichon show cut last week. 😛

  12. Beauregard says:

    If this what the new traffic cops look like, I can’t wait to get pulled over!

  13. He looks cute with those on! 🙂

  14. Jan Spencer says:

    It IS as Bichon Frise!! You are correct! See, they ARE adorable! 🙂 Martha…LOOK LOOK! 🙂

  15. I coulc be a movie star!!!

  16. Subhangi says:

    “If you’re ever in trouble, just call canine-one-one!”

  17. No no no! Kirby is a maltese! A maltese!
    I’m so proud of him.
    He is totally e-famous now!

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    OH he’s a maltese? Ok…the curly fur makes him look like a bichon with a puppy cut. I had both a maltese and a bichon at the same time. Yes, they looked like sisters, yet the curly fur on my bichon was the difference. Go Kirby! 🙂

  19. wasn’t kirby in the Sabotage vid?? i totally know those eyes.

  20. Once again, Meg’s creative comments tickle me waaaay more than the picture! The best way to start my day, with a giggle and a smile! Props to the Megster!

  21. You’re right, Jan, according the Maltese breed standard “any suggestion of kinkiness, curliness, or woolly texture is objectionable.” Not that he doesn’t look at least as adorable as straight-haired maltese! I would never know he wasn’t a bichon, though. Sure daddy wasn’t a poodle? 😉

  22. No no! He is pure maltese!
    We just keep him cut short because he thinks it’s girly to have long hair!

    He is a fluff muffin!

  23. thats cute!