I reckon I can take you to school


Thanks to T. Moocow (I did not make that up) for sending in this Schooling video



  1. haha, it says “bring me all the cat food so i can eat it.”

    teehee. i like cats.

  2. Hehehee that was hysterical!

  3. That’s been a favorite for years – never fails to crack me up.

  4. WHOOMP… and the mini-lion wins again.


  6. Adrienne says:

    gweee heee…the little kitty was so asking for it…in the most adorable way possible.

  7. E. Collison says:


  8. This is why judo is better than karate!

  9. this is not karate but muay thai :p

  10. Lalala... says:


    Black Cat: I need to hypnotize you.
    Black Cat: Give me all the cat food.
    Black Cat: Hypnotize…
    Brown Cat: Are you out of your mind?
    Brown Cat: You must be looking for a fight. 😉

  11. Black Cat: “My kung-fu is strong.”

    Tabby: “No it isn’t.”

    Black Cat: “Yes it is.”

    Tabby: “You really asking for it, you know that.”

    Black Cat: “I don’t fear you weak-fu!”

    Tabby: “Ok….WHAM!”

  12. Aww! That was the best!

  13. Sometimes the only thing that works on bratty kids is to squash ’em.

  14. Judging by the way the cat got the kitten’s back – and closed its legs around it – it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  15. that was so cute!! reminds me of my two. The kitten keeps pickin on the older one, and every once in awhile he needs to give her a reminder whuppin.

  16. Subhangi says:

    “You are getting sleepy … sleepy … sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Soon you will be my slave, and I will be your master. And I’ll get all the catnip-“
    “Oh YEAH?”

  17. Omg! I saw this 3 years ago, I love this! I can watch it over and over and over!

  18. I remember seeing this several years ago, too. It never fails to crack me up.

    Anybody know where it originated? I can’t read the captions, but I’m guessing it was sent in to some sort of Asian “Funniest Home Videos” show?

  19. Ahahaha, that’s so funny. I love the
    “I want to hynotize you” translation. or the little black cat could be demonstrating his “Deadly Madcat Fist” technique

  20. The video must be orginated from one of those funny Taiwanese game shows, the writing is in traditional chinese.

  21. Meow House says:

    I first saw this at least 5, maybe 7-8 years ago, with the title something like “Why Sumo Wrestling is better than Kung-Fu.”

  22. i seen this one. it’s like the first UFC video i saw. doesn’t matter what belt your on when your opponent can pick you up and wreck you in a bear hug

  23. Meow House says:

    The orange boy is so “Dude, I’ll let you make your little show of manliness but after that you are going DOWN.”

  24. GVGarden says:

    This reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie when the sword guy does all his fancy moves….then Indy just blows him away. One of my favorite kitty vids.

  25. I watched this video before. Then it was called “Why Judo Is Better Than Karate.”


  26. “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching yoooooou…”

  27. And here I am, looking at this while “I’ve Got Cats” by Rick Cowling is playing on my Winamp. Coincidence?

    (If anyone wants the mp3 file, yowl in email, please!)

    A friend sent this one to me a couple years ago; if I’d known you’d find that cute, I would have put it up there myself!

  28. What’s not so cute is that, given the video date, the ginger cat is probably pushing up daisies, and the kitty is an old cat…..sniff.

  29. Force = mass x acceleration.

  30. pwn3d!!!!!!!!111

  31. remember the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when that guy was whipping that sword around and Indy smiled and then shot him? this is the same thing, but with cats.