A girl can dream…

This fantastic photo sent in by Sandra K. says it all—dream large, or go home.

/end Hallmark moment/




  1. Oh you KNOW I’m a sucker for the stripey orange ones. And yes, they are chatty little lions. Drool-ey lions with lip freckles.


    “I rule this house B-!

  3. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Dreaming of growing up and getting big like that.

  4. Awww. I hope that cat grows up big, healthy, and strong! Awww.

  5. It looks like a rock-star poster….

  6. “One day I’mma gonna be just as famous as Leo!” XD

  7. Ohhh…my next cat is so going to be a red tabby. Those freckled lips, that pink nose…MUST SNUGGLE!

  8. Lick My Pickles says:

    my black cat always sleeps with one arm hanging over the edge very cute!

  9. So true! That’s her idols on the wall! I was just imagining a bunch of hysterical young cats behind one of these red ropes, screaming “Leo, Leo, I want your kittens!”

  10. StormCat says:

    Theo: Lip freckles…I love that term!!!! My Orange Creme-sicle kitties all had lip freckles, but I didn’t know what to call them….Thank you!!!

    She looks so comfortable up there…You can just see her dreaming…. “I am Simba, Queen of the Pride!”

  11. Awwwwww!
    The paw’s ready to strike – purrhaps he’s dreaming of a big catch out on the savannah…

  12. OMG, he looks exactly like our cat Dexter! sleeping pose and everything.

  13. This photo would be adorable without the photo on the wall behind, but WITH it there makes it SO much better – dreaming of being “the Big Cat”

    I spend WAY too much time on this site!!

    Alice the Brit
    and the 2 Cute Norwich Terriers who have yet to make it up to “CuteOverload” status !!

  14. A girl can dream… only problem is that the red/brown ones are always tomcats. 🙂 (just like tri-colored cats are always girls).

  15. A girl can dream… only problem is that the red/brown ones are always tomcats. 🙂 (just like tri-colored cats are always girls).

  16. “When I grow up…” dreams!

  17. Actually, Peter, there are female orange tabbies — one is chewing on my slipper as I type. They are much more rare than the males, though, as it takes one parent with the color gene to make a male and both parents to make a female.

    They are darn cute, though, no matter what gender.

  18. http://fountainpens.typepad.com/about.html

    “Is” — Mr. Bounce likes your little lioness Amelia.

  19. evangeline says:

    What a lovely coincidence. Today I am going to pick up my ginger kitty from an animal rescue place..this will be my 3d kitty!

  20. King of the Mantle

  21. A vet told me that between 1 and 5 and 1 in 6 red tabbies is female. So, about 15-20%.

  22. Sandra K. says:

    As Sweet Pea’s human, I am very excited that HE has made it onto this site. It’s not the first time Sweet Pea’s been thought a lady…

  23. I have had the pleasure to meet the Sweet Pea and I’d have to say that Sweepie is mostly lion, with a hint of adorable shyness.

  24. tigerlily says:

    Ya know Theo…I just can’t top that! I am with StormCat…lip-freckles…I love it!
    I have an orange stripey Tom named Bob…and he actually has his tail! LOL No actually I named him after one of my fave songwriters of all time, Bob Dylan…so humm would that make his full name Bob Dylan or Robert Zimmerman? Good question! LOL
    Oh and I also have a tri-color kitty…a female…too..so both of mine are with the majority in the gender area tho I too have heard of female orange stripey cats.

  25. Moo Poo In My Shooooeee