Hamster shot

Beer chaser anyone?


K. Akagami—what would I do without you?

Don’t answer that. [holding hamster paw across your mouth]



  1. soooo cute!

  2. UncaMarty says:


  3. Looks like a good stiff shot of Hamstermeister.

  4. I could get wasted on that!

    I’ve often noticed that after a long time on this site, I sort of do have a hang over..
    Only… it’s like a cute-over.

    Too much cuteness.

  5. Hamster SHOT!




  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So Pwecious!!!! I wanna feel his ears!!!!!

  7. Check the paw on the glass people!

    Also overflowing whiskers!

  8. To hell with vodka …. I want the hamster shot!

    Wait… I could also see my cats saying that… bad image…


    (rarely indulged-in squeal)

  10. Dustbunny says:

    It’s a My Hammy Cocktail!

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Are those his toenails pressed up against the plastic???

    I’m a teetotaler, but this could almost make me fall off the wagon!

  12. Subhangi says:

    I’m so sloshed on Ham I oughta be arrested for drunk cruising.

  13. JessJess says:

    This site has completely invaded my brain… I had a dream last night that I had a sweet adorable little hampster that loved to snuggle by my neck and be hand fed. And the other night, I had a dream this crazy cat was trying to get into my house and eat my family and I!

    *sighs and gulps down the hampster shot* Mmmm, nothing so sweet as cuteness.

  14. a little cutie but anit that a bit curel?

  15. sadie_asher says:

    Anyone have some salt and a lime?? It’s Friday, and I’m ready to let loose!

  16. Kerry – not cruel at all! Hammie probably crawled in there him/herself, they love hiding in little burrow-like places…

    Sho Shweeeeet! :-*

  17. guess so…

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  19. jim in austin says:

    Hair of the hamster that nibbled you…

  20. High BEF, but adorable little ears! Meets the cute things in small spaces rule. I love this website. It’s my guilty pleasure. Thanks for keeping the cuteness a-flowin’!

  21. Came to you via Donna. LOVE this photo!!!!!!!!!!

  22. mejezabel says:

    My name is Jezabel and I’m a hampster-holic.


  23. YES! tiny toenails up against the glass!

  24. …need a double shot of your love baby…

  25. Baywolfe says:

    Hamsters for my men, beer for my horses.

  26. That is so darn cute…

    In fact, it’s so cute that I made some weird squeaky sounds when I saw that guy’s wee little cutesy face…


  27. When’s last call? Can i get one for the road?

  28. make it a double. it is friday and i am celebrating

  29. no occifer…i shwear I only had onnne hamtini…really…okay mayyyybe twwwo…theyreee just so ::hiccup:: cuuute!

  30. i want 26 of those to go please!

  31. fyi – there’s a H.A. 12 step meeting today at 12:00 – i’ll see you all there.

  32. i think the BEF adds to the adorability. awwwwww, lookit dose ears, and wishkers and da widdle paw and pink noshey. oh great, i’m drunk on cute. how am i gonna esplane thish to ma bossh?

  33. oooh, isn’t that the world peace hammie? i heart him. i heart him a lot.

  34. That’s actually a tube going to another part of the hamster dwelling. It’s not a “shot glass” as described. If you see the other pics in the set, you’ll see.

  35. but Derek. It looks like a shot glass. Can’t we dream? 🙂


  36. A hammie with his own dungeon crawlspace, kewl!

  37. Hamtini–squeezed, not stirred…



  38. Another killer shot… woo!

  39. He was playing hide-and-go-seek and would’ve WON if it weren’t for the visker face!

  40. so cute

  41. Hug time! OMG!