Bebe Pepe

Nice manicures and saving animals? I’m imagining Barbie in a lab coat…


Zees petite stinkee brought to you by Patty’s Wildlife Rescue 😉



  1. that hand is frightening, but the skunk is so cute! haha

  2. “Joos a beet higherr, cherie; yes, that ees now perrfect. Your eyes, ze deep pools of ze soul–I drown and am happee.”

  3. Oh, DARLING stinkee.

    I would cuddle that stinkee any day and take the consequences.

  4. “One zing tho, cherie — ze nail painting? Eez too much.”

  5. OOOh! what a cute little stinker! I have always wanted a skunk…they are soooo cute!

  6. Uh oh. Cute, but uh oh! 😀

  7. Jan Spencer says:

    Theo…you crack me up. Love your accent!

  8. Little stinkies that size are sweet–no stink involved! So you can hug away without consequences. Smooch n’ cuddle to his little heart’s content…

  9. E. Collison says:

    Ah, mes cheries, we must een-dulhgle our lahve of zee Franwch langwahzh!! Oh la la, zee petite moufette ees trop, trop charmante!!!

    J’ai une défaillance, non?


  10. oh – la – la

  11. oh fuck it’s the heeeeee-dious neon CLAW!
    quick baby stinker, hide in my sweater…………..

  12. She’s not saving him! She’s going to turn him into a lab coat… ACCESSORY!


    Save Our Skunks!

  13. loff your pr-r-rofile sseo.
    nossink else needz be sed, dahlink.

  14. Did you see the link (on my name)…kablam…what a cutie!!!

    Holy Fingerlings Batman,
    she REALLY needs to work on those nails…
    you can’t even see the opossum.


  15. “HEEEEELP!!!”

    “Hold unto your noses, ’cause here I go!”

    Cutiee Stinky!

  16. If one is going to hold on to the ohhh so adorable Pepe at LEAST have the good taste for a FRENCH manicure! Sacre bleu!

    Poor Pepe… perhaps a bit of baked brie and burgandy to make it all better?

  17. i had a guinea pig named pepe le pew and he looked exactly like a guinea pig version of a skunk.

  18. I don’t know where jaypo got the information that baby skunks can’t spray, but my cousin thought that and got a BIG unpleasant surprise. I’d assume that all of them are loaded and ready to shoot if they feel threatened. But they sure are cute.

  19. hmm, a friend of mine who runs a wildlife rescue has nails JUST LIKE THAT… what’s up with that??
    she also ALWAYS wears pink or white. nothing else.

  20. Meow House says:

    What’s all this about being stinky?? I’m sure anything as cute as that could only smell like flowers.

  21. Early one morning I was walking through my neighborhood and saw a mama skunk with several babies following in a line behind her … like a little skunk train … was very cute, but I didn’t want to get a closer look! There’s nothing worse than a mother animal (of any species) that thinks you’re threatening her babies.

  22. *sigh* I wish skunks weren’t illegal in Texas…even de-scented ones are a no-no. I’ve wanted a stinkee for years now, especially after being owned by eight of their ferrety cousins. I’ve heard that domesticated ones (NOT wild ones, of course!!) make wonderful pets–all the curiousity and spunk of ferrets, but a little more sedate.

    But those nails? YIPES!


  23. My aunt had a skunk as a pet. Skunks are great pets. So adorable!

  24. Meow House, I’d like to see you put that logic to work and accumulate cute smelly animals :-p

  25. That is one cute skunk.

  26. Subhangi says:

    Awwwwwe, ze cutie. I hope she doesn’t get hurt by that neon pink machete!

  27. Subhangi says:

    Awwwwwe, ze cutie. I hope it doesn’t get hurt by that neon pink machete!

  28. teri canary says:

    I saw an animal show once with trained cats and dogs (not THAT was adorable, but hey, another story!) and they had trained skunks. The lady said there was one which was huggly and cuddly and smooching and wanted to be cuddled ALL the time (awww!!). The others were stand-offish. I bet if you had a baby one you could make it all nice and kissy. MWAH!!

  29. Woods walker says:

    Skunks are given a bad rap by a lot of people. Even wild ones will tolerate the presence of people. JUST DON’T GET THEM ANGRY!!!! Then it’s stink city. They would be a unique pet.

  30. Skunk love!!

  31. Thank God the manicure didn’t paint those adorable tiny claws to match!

  32. jez-
    i checked that link and almost died when i saw swamp rabbit kit photo….
    swamp rabbit, SWAMP RABBIT!?!
    i didn’t even know they made those, i want one…

  33. E. Collison says:

    For more on swamp rabbits:

    This is a new one on me, though (from the hits I got) a swamp rabbit “attacked” Jimmy Carter. (I remember the incident, but thought it was yer average Northern bunny, though a bit rabid.)

  34. E. Collison says:

    Jimmy C. and “killer” rabbit:

    There’s a photo of the mean bun on the page…

  35. Thank you for posting that link for Patty’s Wildlife rescue with the photo!!

    I hadn’t seen that site before and it is really excellent. The sections on what to do if you find a baby bird, and mammal, have both practical wisdom and the spirit of respect for wild beings.

  36. everybody makes style choices. patty likes pink nails. s’alright. she does good work in the world. she can do her nails however she wants.