I was told… there’d be no water involved!

I don’t *neeeed* a bath, I told you! I’m four months old, and I don’t need this! I was told there would be no water involved in this procedure, dammit! (shiver)


Gracias, Jordan H. 😉



  1. Aww, that thing looks SO helpless!

  2. someone please hand tha’ freezin’ wee pup a towel!

  3. “How could you DO this to me? You’re so cold and heartless – FORCING me to be clean against my will!”

    Yes. I’ve seen this look before.

  4. annette says:

    that one looks like my beloved corkey, may he rest in peace.

    nothin’ cuter than wet chihuahua.

  5. Pupppyyyy! *thud*

  6. Oh, that poor little wet

  7. Pugs n Kisses says:

    Reminds me of my Zeekey, who will never need a bath again, in doggie heaven!

  8. That looks like the dog in Corpse Bride!! 🙂

    Someone get the puppers a towel and a hair dryer and a spot by the fire ,STAT!


  9. mejezabel says:

    This definitely one for the cute or sad category.


  10. Reminds me of my old dog (may he rest in peace), he was much the same when he got a bath. All tough when dry, but all quite and shivering when he got wet.

    Poor puppy!

  11. *snerk* My chiuahuah-terrier acted the same way…only, she’d go run and hide in the same place every time.

  12. AHHHH!!!!!! can not… comprehend……. cuteness… *explode!*

  13. evangeline says:

    oh,poor puppy I hope he got a nice fluffy towel right after the pic was taken!

  14. AhhhhhhH!!! THATS TOO CUTE!!! XO

  15. My Heart is Bleeding.

  16. i think he is efraid
    he is so cutty 🙂

  17. AAAWWWWWWWWWW, *what* a poor pathetic little cutie!

  18. Poor little honey! I’ll keep you warm and dry! Come to my house.

  19. Jessica says:

    somebody cuddle this poor little guy!

  20. my do is the same way she dose not like bath time

  21. shamantha says:

    owsh – sho ka-yoootsh!

  22. The colour of his fur even makes it look like he’s gone all pale from fright!! awww…

  23. That’s not cute!

  24. Bridget says:

    Poor puppy!

  25. OWE. MYE. GAWD.

    *hands puppy a towel and dies*

  26. link: Sam Brown

  27. Someone get that little thing a towel!!

  28. Ohh… poor pup, all cold, frightened and wet… oh the inhumanity of it all!

  29. rainbow says:

    breaks your heart

  30. ummm let me see wired in a cute kind of snese

  31. Do I smell wet itty-bitty dog?

  32. demonluvr says:

    Oh my. That little guy looks just like my chi mix!! makes me want to stop everything and go home and cuddle my little fellow!! ***sniffsniff** miss you little dood, see you at 4!!! ***WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!***

  33. Awww looks like my little ruca-poo 🙂 she’s not fond of bathtime either hehehe

  34. SF Linda says:

    ** ** ** ** **
    I love the practically smooth white head, furrier butterscotch body and bent little pink-ish/rat-ish tail….. All side effects of juvenile canine hypothermia [JCH], no doubt.

    ** ** ** ** **

  35. Can I have that puppy?

  36. “Hwhy you do thees to me, Damie? Hwhy?”

  37. Oh look!!! It’s a drowned rat!!! hehe, very cute 🙂

  38. ChickieBabie says:

    SO NOT FAIR! Gimme the dawgie! *dries him off* There, there, lil Nacho Chip.

    *nurdle nurdle*

  39. awwwwwwwwwwwww,please someone give her a warm towel to dry on,too cute.

  40. stimpy, you eediot.