Desprately in need of a spooning partner…

B to the K sent in this FAMOUS kitten. This kitten made the TOP THREE OF KITTEN WAR! We have a celebrity in our midst, and I suggest you treat him with the utmost respect. He’s sleeping. But he might need a spoon. If you ask nicely.




  1. Fhernhachen says:

    How can such a small kitten need such a large bed?

  2. awwwww tha poor little baby’s sleepin in the giant bed that makes him look so much smaller and cuter… that’s one of the rules isn’t it? sorry, i’ve got memory like a sieve.

  3. I love spoon!

  4. oooh! thought I would get first comment, darnit!

    on the flip side…I actually said “oooooh wook at ta kitttay!” to my roomate who walked in…hahaha

  5. ::whispers:: pleeeeeease kitten, let me spoon with you!

  6. Wow — now THAT’S cozy.

  7. i am screaming,
    (silently, shhh)

    fist in mouth…

  8. mejezabel says:

    Kit heads
    Kit heads
    Roly poly kit heads
    Kit heads
    Kit heads
    Spoon them up , Yum!


  9. Sssshhhh!
    Don’t you dare to wake that little one.
    He’s just too cute to bedisturbed…
    *brain melting*

  10. hahahaha, I think mejezabel needs to be a co-writer on here for the captions 🙂

  11. Amanda P. says:


  12. what an adorable PUSSY

  13. my dog does that w/ my mom’s bed.thinks shes a human.

  14. my dog does that w/ my mom’s bed.thinks shes a human.

  15. Meow House says:

    Wee head.
    Big bed.

    Not: “wee-bed.” That would be Most Undesirable.

  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Did somebody say SPOONING partner?

    (what — too obvious?)

  17. *StormCat tiptoes through the room to whoooo and awww over the little Kitty so as to not wake her*

    *whispers* Isn’t she adorable??? Makes me want to crawl in there with her….

  18. Yes, concierge, I would like the bed turned down and a kitten on my pillow, please.

  19. Damn if my mastiffs didn’t do the exact same thing! XD;; Only…they liked to ONTOP of someone already sleeping.

  20. This is MY bed, got good, now fetch my warm milk!

  21. oh, kitten.

  22. Such a kute kitty!!!

  23. Tony James says:

    “Dude, I can appreciate that you *think* this is your bed, and that you *think* it’s ok to crawl in here with me, on account of how the bed’s so big and I’m so widdle. However, let’s get one thing straight here. This is *my* bed, d’you see? And while it may *look* like I want someone to crawl in here with me, I really don’t. There’s a perfectly comfy couch over there, or you could try the basket in the living room. Your call.”

  24. he is soooo cute

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Tony James, you’ve obviously tried sharing a bed with a cat, haven’t you?

    It doesn’t work.

    There’s plenty of room in a California king-sized bed for a human and a 75 pound Golden Retriever. But a human and an 8-pound cat? Can’t be done.

  26. Subhangi says:

    One little kitten,
    Widdle and wee,
    S-L-Double E-P-I-N-G.
    Along came I
    And what did I do?
    I got into its bed and went to sleep too.


  27. Is this Bruno? Kinda looks like him. What a doll! (But then, is there any kitten who *isn’t* cute?)

  28. if you look at 09 march 2006 for lovecharlie dot org, you’ll find her spoon master. i’m sure photoshop could unite them.

  29. IHateToast — look, I’ve been busy, OK?

  30. The Guy Over There says:

    A Police song would be appropriate here:

    Bed’s too big without you
    Bed’s too big without you
    Bed’s too big…
    -without yooooouuuu!

  31. He needs to meet Rufus the Italian Greyhound.

  32. PS — re: “S-L-Double E-P-I-N-G”
    Subhangi scores again! But I’ll *never* know how to pronounce that screen name…

  33. tiny kitty purr-snores … can you hear them?

  34. Booboo won’t be going to school today because she’s feeling a little sick to her tummy…

  35. josephine says:

    the little white nose! it kills me!

  36. This little dude is now my IM avatar:

  37. i’ll spoon him!!! Me! ME!

  38. So sweet! I can’t stop petting his widdle head with my mouse pointer!


  39. This is so rule of cuteness #6…when an animal mimics human ‘things’ it’s cute!!

  40. ew mah gah…that is so…


    i think i’m going to throw up.

  41. Her. 🙂 All tortiseshell cats are female. (The genes for red and black fur are both carried on the X chromosome.)