The Mr. Snuggles Song

My name is Mr. Snuggles and I kick your ‘tocks,


Now I really own you (oh, I nibble a lot)


You can try and snorg me but I will resist,


Mr. Snuggles wins, now you’re dismissed!


Jamie N., you really did it this time.



  1. oh! she looks so soft and squishable!! i want to be the girl in the third pic!! 😀

  2. oh, i mean *he*

  3. what kind of rabbit is that!!!!!???? I MSUT GET!

  4. I’m positively speechless!!! That’s a little angel if I ever saw one!

  5. I will snorg Mr. Snuggles if it’s the last thing I do.

  6. what does mr. snuggles smell like?? butterscotch? creme brulee? timothy hay?

    maymee, pls report back when yr done.

  7. Courtney says:

    I am so jealous of that kid! 😦 I want a tiny brown bunny to squish and kiss.

  8. oh my goodness.

    he’s got that typical bunny “oh dear I’m several feet above the ground and this is NOT comfortable at all” sort of look.


  9. i love piccie #3, ’cause i want to squish kisses into mr snuggles too

  10. annoyed says:

    uh, theo, what do your comments have to do with ANYTHING?????

  11. look at the little squinty eye and the “i’m tolerating you” look on his face

  12. Theo: WTF?

  13. Has Theo been Cute Overloaded?

  14. annoyed says:

    looks like yes, he has, but why post nonsensical links to make his point? really annoying. lets stick to snorgles and the like, please?

  15. i think he’s been…. replaced!! dun dun dun!

    v gorgeous bunny btw, no.3 is adorable. Aww.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I’m assuming that Theo’s circuits have shorted and the random links are the result.

    You know, such as when your computer acts up and you get a lot of gibberish instead of the expected result.

    Culminating in the final overload…gzzt… gzzt… gzzt… gzzt… gzzt…

  17. it’s just sad when the jokes have to be explained, isn’t it, Theo?

  18. Is there a vocabulary list pf CuteSpeak somewhere? I’ve figured out “prosh” but what are “snorg” and “snorgle”? I’m guessing it contains an element of snuggle, but where does the “or” come in? Thanks for your help…

  19. annoyed says:

    it’s not a joke, katey, see? it’s simply theo wasting our time looking at stuff that is not even remotely necessary or related. we get it. it was dumb. let’s move on.

  20. chets momma says:

    snort with happiness + snuggle = snorgle!

  21. lol at poor theo and his cuteoverloading

    that little stripey nose… ooooh! I want to smoosh a sloppy kiss right on it! and those wittle feets again.. enough with the feets meg… I can’t handle them!

  22. Bunny getting snorged:

    “Alright already! Sheesh! I will go to your show and tell! Are you happy now!”




  23. chets momma says:

    i love the “kick your ‘tocks!” lol infinity!

  24. HOLY bun bun Batman THATS a cute little fluffball!!!

  25. Michelle says:

    Why, oh why must he have dat widdle white snip on his nose/lip/chin where the pink shows through? Gah! ::flips backwards out of chair::

  26. Finn, He smelled EXACTLY like butterscotch and creme brulee…how did you know? Also, I think I detected faint wiffs of timothy hay on his breath. I suspect you and Mr. Snuggles have snorged!

  27. very cute!

  28. Might I suggest a new Cuteness Category? Tiny tiny little pink nosies? Extra points if wet?

  29. zena marie says:

    In the 3rd picture, the bunny is saying “oooouch! that girl has her nose in my left eye!”

  30. Tilli… AuntieMame… Katey… Norty… all quite correct… oohhh……

  31. Wow Theo: Snorging on a corporate level! That’s major snorgage.

  32. E. Collison says:

    Doing bunny happiness dance while gazing on beeyouteeful pics…

  33. OMG! I NEED a bunny. I want me a bunny!!!! So cute 🙂

  34. sadie_asher says:

    Words cannot explain the shear, overloading bliss I feel when I look at that cute little bun! I WANT MORE!!! MORE BUN!!!

  35. this has completely melted my cold little heart for the day.

    i am mush.

  36. bunbunbunbun – please share bun with me! Way to cute for work so I’ll go home now!

  37. Space Pastry says:

    Oh my Gosh! Now I want a bunny! Oooh, I wish I could just reach into my monitor and pick him up and have a big happy snorgle fest! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee ish sho cuuuuute!


  38. Jessica says:

    oh little squishy! I just want to snuggle and huggle you! can I touch that little nosey? awww

  39. Ok now I’ve totally lost control and made repeated kissy faces at my monitor though I stiffled the “SQUEEE OUEOUEOUE whos a wittle bun!” down to a squeak so my coworkers suspect nothing. Oh soft wittle baby bunny now I want to go home and see mine, or over to the SPCA and love on all the homeless buns. Poor babies. I got kicked in the face for doing the supercuddle in pic 3 the other day. Gotta remind ourselves they really dont like that, no matter how cute it is. furry foot in the face helps.

  40. Bubbles says:

    One of my coworkers just came in and said, “What are you smiling about?” At least I’ve mastered silent squealing so as not to alarm the office.

  41. I want me some Mr. Snuggles… especially today!

  42. Vanadis – Gotta remind ourselves they really dont like that, no matter how cute it is. furry foot in the face helps.

    I must thank you for the laugh and reminder. I get the foot when I have an attack of luvins and kiss my older cat on her nose. She however is kind enough to let me get away with ONE free kiss, a second gets the paw… if I still persist its the paw with claws… at that point she wins. But how can we resist the pull of cuteness?! I’m an addict of the cuteness…

    Hi… I’m M-…. I’m a cute addict…

  43. *squeak*

    that’s all that comes out when i gaze upon this anerable bunbun…. *more squeaking*

    …maybe if i put a link of my ferrets on here, meg’ll finally approve of their cuteness… *linkage*

  44. oh soooooo cuteeeee !!!

  45. LOOOOOOVE the bunny! So cute! I want to kiss a bunny too… it would make me feel better. To whoever the owner is, could you give Mr. Snuggles a few kisses for me? smack smack smack, I feel better already.

  46. bunnies says:

    oh i… i just died in your arms tonight… must have been some kind of bun…

    sweet jesus i love the bun pics

  47. mejezabel says:

    Does Mr. Snuggles have any bones?! He looks like he is just a fluffy ball of soft lovelee-ness with eyes and ears. I’ll have two please!


  48. Yummm…. RABBIT!

  49. I Luv Cute says:

    I just melted.

  50. Woops… double post. Oh well! There’s four rabbits?!

  51. demonluvr says:

    i will hug him & squeeeeeze him love him and call him george!!! ***thump, crash*** i think i just fell out of my chair marvelling at his absolute cuteness!!!! <3

  52. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Oh say there Theo…What’s your link’s gotta do with it…Gotta do with it?

    & Hahahaha very funny to the poster who wrote “Could Theo be Cute Over Loaded?!” Classic!

  53. AreYouKiddingMe says:

    Can i ask how old everyone is that is posting these comments .. cause if you are all over the age of 7 then i suggest you go get professional help!

  54. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “Oh say there Theo…What’s your link’s gotta do with it…Gotta do with it?”

    I posted that comment earlir Theo but it dawned on me that you were refering to another poster on another day! Another pic.

    So…Scratch my 1st posted ? to you here…Alas I gets ya meanin’.

  55. Dustbunny says:

    Is a snorg anything like a snog?

  56. PeopleR CRAZY says:

    I agree with the above comment. Ya’ll need some professional guidance!

  57. I suddenly find that I have an uncontrollable urge to snorgle something.

  58. Almost as good as the bun bun pics is the bun bun rap! Pure awesomity!

  59. He has such big beautiful eyes! 🙂

  60. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Sugar & cinna mini bun!

  61. Mr. Snuggles needs a German Giant 😀

  62. There should be a CD sold, “cutest animal songs ever”.

  63. dear, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME”,
    guess what – welcome to cuteoverload.

    okay…why can’t we have a bunnies and racks section? c’mon – can’t someone out there step up???


  64. Subhangi says:

    I’m just speechless.

  65. E. Collison says:

    ( )
    ” “

    Bunnyness is next to godliness.

  66. Awww, curly ears….

  67. “You can try and snorg me but I will resist” haha the best ever.

  68. “okay…why can’t we have a bunnies and racks section?”
    John — it’s called Playboy. Knock yourself out.

  69. Jan Spencer says:

    I’m over 7, and I love snorgling! 🙂

  70. Jan Spencer says:

    BTW…LOVE your post, Theo! LOL

  71. omg he is soo adorable i cud look at him everi day.. wat type of bunnie is it plz rite bak to my e-mail addi if u know xxx

  72. that is one cute bunny.
    pic #3 wants me to do the same to all cute bunnies ^_^

  73. oooh, high squishability factor! very cute. i heart that creme brule bunny. it will be mine.

  74. !!!!!!
    That is *MY* rabbit’s name!! 😡

    He is Mr. Tobias Michael Snuggles

    my Mr. Snuggles is grunting out of anger, jealousy, and cuteness.

  75. Ehhhh….ehh…wants bunny…ehhh.

  76. LLCoolLisa says:

    Mr. Snuggles rocks the ‘tocks!! I wish there were a pic of his cutesy-utesy bun-tocks . . .

  77. LL — this one should be good for your bun bun jones:

    (and don’t forget the feets)

  78. LLCoolLisa says:

    Theo — I DID love that photo which started the whole ‘tocks ball rolling!! Thanks for reminding me of its bootyliciousness . . .

  79. Awwww, I want to cuddle the snuggly thing and burry my nose in its soft fur, and then…sniff! Yay for the cute bunny, you’ve made the mouse very happy! Eak!

  80. what is a snorg?

  81. Aurhora says:

    !!! The girl in the third pic looks kinda like me… I wish she was me so I’d be snuggling that little precious bunny!!!

  82. AHHHHH!!! cute overload head exploding!!!!!!!!