and, repeat!









Ryan, thanks for the puphotos!



  1. first post!


    dogs playing with each other is the best! 🙂

  2. Meg, you must have gone out for 7 years in the wild-cute frontier like Jane Goodall and studied all the cute sounds, because you give the most fitting onomatopoeia captions.

    “Baroo?” :-p


  3. so cute!

  4. lovely.

  5. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww, Meg, your captions are priceless! Great onomatopoeia as someone said.

    Love the canines! Woof!

  6. E. Collison says:

    Little wolf-types – ahhhhh.

  7. I smiled. Then I thought of Balto. I squealed.

  8. they play tug-o-war when the owner’s not looking, and act all sweet when the owner does so they can get a tasty treat!

  9. one of my fave CUs yet.

    ryan, something tells me you’re well-acquainted with the cult of the BALL.

    but i wonder, how did your dogs stay so tidy in the snow? here’s my poor guy:

  10. Pups in the snow are always a good thing! 🙂

  11. lol – finn! your little boy is so cute!! aww!

    well i’ll throw in my pic of Ivy (aka Pooches) 😉 –

  12. Beautiful close-up of the brown pup!

    Oh and finn, how’d the snow get all clumped up like that? lol poor dawg!

  13. i dunno, mystery wolf — perfect chemical snow composition combined with lots of Rummaging in Snow (for the BALL of course).

    love the pooches shots, christina. did u have to dig tunnels for her?

  14. Finn, that picture is HILARIOUS.

  15. finn: haha, thanks 🙂 she actually ran around like a crazy girl…no time for either of us to dig her tunnels at the speed she was galloping. heh heh

  16. Timothy Maslow says:

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  17. u2andcomicbooks says:

    I was just thinking about how Cute Overload could desperately use some Border Collies! Granted, I may be a little bias! 😀 I loves me my puppies!

  18. onomatopoeia … hahahahahaha! that’s one of my favorite words… this site has been made all the more cute by the use of a cute word!


  19. These two to socialize well, I had two pups (mom and son) that did not do so well, although he howled all night when my mom gave her away.

    Now I’m sad….;-/

  20. Heee, “minesbee.”

    And pups.

  21. u2andcomicbooks says:

    Ok, looking at these pictures again, I think I’ve utterly fallen in love with the way the little brown pup’s tail shoots out in the second picture…all that effort! And the bigger one is hardly batting an eye! Serious love here!

  22. givitooomeeeeeeeee!
    haw! gotit!

  23. I love the “Baroo”.

  24. mejezabel says:

    oh my gawd….picture #3. THAT FACE!!
    Talk about world peace…that should be the next t-shirt!
    he is my new wallpaper.
    he brown and snowy.
    i love him.


  25. wook at da puppy’s

  26. Awwww. I love the brown one especially.

  27. Is that brown puppy an Australian Shepherd? He looks sorta like one.

  28. Awww! They’re behaving a lot like scuffling siblings here. The bigger one is a border collie, but what is the smaller one?

  29. They are both border collies. The puppies are my parents. I sent in the pics. I didn’t take the pics though (my dad did). The black and white one is a little over 2 years old and the redish brown one is 7 months or so old (it’s hard to remember since I don’t live there anymore hehe). If anyone wants higher res pictures post on here and I’ll get some links up.



  30. “The puppies are my parents.”
    Quick–someone get this boy an apostrophe!

  31. Haha. My parents own the puppies. How about that? I just woke up before I wrote that… 😛

  32. Ryan, they are just lovely. Thanks for sending them in so we all could see them!

  33. mejezabel says:

    THEO… my grammar hero!

    I knew those pups were cute but I was amazed that they could type.