I’m here to clean your ears

Dude, I’m the second Kiwi born in the history of the Smithsonian, and I’m hella sweet!

So lemme see those ears—Any small worms or berries in there?


Thanks, Stephen D and Michele L.



  1. Ill be the first to comment on this adorable lil guy, how cute is he!! Look out woodpeckers, you have competition!

  2. *covers ears*

  3. E. Collison says:

    Awwww – can we have a platypus, too? Pleeeaaasse?!

  4. ooooh, it’s a hairy egg with feet and eyes and a beak. . .

    too cute!

  5. One thing we will probably NEVER see posted on Cute Overload:


  6. Snapszen says:

    Really not cute.

  7. Wait before we go for the platypus I must spread my wisdom of weird facts… (please pardon my facination with weird animal facts, I can’t help it) …did you know that the platypus is one of only two poisonous mammels? It has dangerous back toes apparently so becareful you footsie lovers. (Yes I know very bizzare but you should hear what a certain turtle can do!)

    Now back to the kiwi… hmmm I have to go with odd … very odd.


    Oh, and the kiwi was well-described by A thinker 🙂

    (3 hours of sleep, but the endorphins are in overdrive! woooooo!)

  9. good to hear, hashi 🙂

  10. Courtney says:

    Oh, that little kiwi is adorable!

    I love kiwis. I love how it looks like they have no wings (they do — just very stubby and well-hidden). They’re also the only bird with nostrils on the *end* of its beak! (so it can snuffle up buggies!)

    I also like how the kiwi looks like a kiwi fruit.

  11. Erica E. says:

    Lobsters can be cute…

    My friend has these adorable lobster finger puppets.

    They aren’t fluffy… (well, that one lobster was fluffy..) but there is something pitiful about them.

    Case and point… the episode of the Simpson’s where Homer freed the lobsters. lol!

  12. ‘Nuf chitchat: LOOK at that Foot to Body ratio!!!

  13. StormCat says:

    A Thinker: I saw the pic for that lobster this morning and all I could say was EW!!! Frrrreeakky lookin’!!!

    Now, to the Kiwi, he looks so shy…someone should cuddle him and make him feel better…Me, I’m a cat person, so someone else should do it…Otherwise I’m liable to try and play with the ears and feet… *grin*

  14. sheepie says:

    Now that’s what I call feet! So adorably cute… 🙂

  15. Beauregard says:

    YOooooaaaaaaawwwww! How cutie! I think most birds are super cute, especially right out of the egg!

  16. Terris Branborough says:

    I don’t think I had seen a picture of a kiwi since elementary school…. I didn’t recognize it till I read the headline. I didn’t know they were so adorable! This one doesn’t look birdlike to me; more like a rodent! I want to cuddle it.

  17. aw! so adorible. i am SOOOO enthusiactic

  18. Fhernhachen says:

    Its definitely cuddly but cuddling a kiwi is perhaps not such a good idea. Not with that beak. I heard they could even win a fight against a cat!

  19. poor li’l guy looks so bewildered, id crisis…like he wants to disappear… and those feet! kiwipedia.

  20. Jaypo: LOL.

    Very good.

  21. p.s. I nominate Jaypo for a hamster t-shirt.

  22. mejezabel says:

    MEGS!! So much cute today! I start my day with one darn meeting and now total overload! I haven’t even squeezed all the cute out of the snow pups yet. Clearly, those files aren’t getting filed today!

  23. Kiwiness! Yay for the representation!

    Thanks Cute Overload, you guys made my day!

    (A Kiwi, aka a New Zealander)

  24. The second born in captivity at the Smithsonian zoo, not in the world.

  25. to weak can’t take the cute *fants*

  26. Wow, no wonder JALG hates you when you post pics from his blog and don’t give him props…

  27. Weird, but cute! 😀

  28. Kat — who’s JALG? This kiwi is linked from National Geographic, so… huh?

  29. Also… I think that this little alien puffball would like to sip my brain through its schnoz straw.

  30. HEE!! KIWIIIII!! I love those huge footsies!


  31. Theo, obviously National Geographic just stole the pic from “JALG”s blog. Those cheapskates are always doing that.

  32. theo, JALG is my wild cute animal fix. justalittleguy.blogspot.com

  33. KIWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    o my gosh you just made my day!

  34. Subhangi says:

    Awwww. It looks like a hairy ball with high BEF!

  35. Woods walker says:

    Theo if that thing can suck your brain through it’s beak you must not have very much between your ears. TwoDragons those feet seem to big for it’s body, adorable.-Woods Walker

  36. But Woods Walker — what of the suckage? Think of the suckage!! OMG, the suc… wait.

  37. *fallos out of chair laughing at Theo and WW*

    Y’all owe me a new keyboard. Throw in a Kiwi bird and I might consider sparing your lives… 😉


  38. …and by “fallos”, I mean “falls”. Remind me to not type anything until after I’ve had my coffee, ‘K? Thx.


  39. Big feet are way too cute!!

  40. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the cute Kiwi pic! It makes me homesick! (Im a kiwi too, but a human one)….

    These little guys are endangered in New Zealand…

  41. im sooo happy that there are other kiwis(people,fruit, and birds!)out there!
    YAY for kiwis!

  42. me too! go us kiwis! this little guy is super cute love the ginormous feet!

  43. I think Nick Bantock might have misplaced one of his critters…

  44. Good heavens! That thing is positively hideous! Why on earth would you put such an ugly animal on CUTEoverload? More like ugly overload.

  45. Good heavens! That thing is positively hideous! Why on earth would you put such an ugly animal on CUTEoverload? More like ugly overload.

  46. crystal says:

    What an ugly bird.

  47. Lacrossedragon says:

    It’s a Kiwi!!! OMG so coootte.

  48. little miao says:

    Awwwww, baby kiwi is too adorable! Look at those big feets!

  49. So cute!! may be KiWi bird?