Squirrel Jr., reporting for duty

Sanna "Fantasty Fan" P. sent in delightful Flickr photos of beady-eyed squirrel Jr. She also has some delightful white fluffy pup photos that are well worth the click for a look-see!



Thank you, Sanna P.!



  1. aww…what a cutie….

  2. Bubee squirrel.
    That puppy’s really beautiful too.

  3. look at that raggedy looking squirrely squirrel!i want him, is he for sale?????

  4. Oh and I love the cow! That’s how all cows should live. She looks so content.

  5. what cow?

  6. “what cow?”

    In the flickr album the baby squirrel’s in.


  7. Oh.well u don’t have to be so mean about it, gosh!!!!!

  8. Squirrelly.

  9. and don’t mimic me like that!!!

  10. Awww damnit… thats just slaptacular cute! It hasn’t even grown into its tail or feet yet… so scrawny and awkward.. somebody just shoot me!

  11. to CUTE

  12. he’s just so tiny and poofy. and i love his widdle nosie.

  13. ohhhh LOVE!!! <3 *squee*

  14. This is all your fault, Meg! Now every time I see a squirrel, I imagine him speaking with a Cliff Claven voice… :))

    Cute little fuzzy, though 🙂

  15. omg i want one!

  16. My son and I just “awwwww-ed” in surround sound. We WANT the squirrel. :o)

  17. The snow white pup is way cutter, but this little baby deserves a memorable mention.

  18. anmlvr21 says:

    That cow is absolutely beautiful!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! The farm is gorgeous too! Good shots! (The cow picture is in the additional pictures)

  19. E. Collison says:

    This is priceless:

    I want that puppy!!!

  20. Aww! I love his crazy baby fur!

  21. Hes very cute! Ive never seen a red-headed squirell before!!

  22. awww hes just a lil fluffy bundle of adorableness! he reminds me of the squirrels i used to hand feed at the park! they had one their named big mkie if he knew u had food hed chase u all the way back to your car! ahh what wonderful days those were!

  23. *votes for squirrel category*

  24. I just “awwwwwwwwed” so loud it woke my husband up lol. Thanks a lot, Meg!

  25. Eeeeeeeeeee! My namesake! See, I knew I had a good nickname! Skwerls RAWK!

  26. sweet squirelly (sp?) love

  27. Awwww. Minisquiggle!

    This seriously improved my boyfriend’s and my day. It’s even better than the bunny with the big feet…

  28. Thank you for you comments 🙂 I was really suprised this morning when I woke up and saw that one of my puppy shots had over 2000 views over night.

    Those cows are my fathers and are from my childhood home.

  29. Allie Pyper says:

    This is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.


    Adolescent squirrel!! Look at the bony feets!

    I heart him.

  31. Oh…oh…oh…the little fussy red haired cutie pie…oh…oh…

    OK, now that I’ve recovered, I just GOTTA say it–Foamy just got one-upped on his SQUIRRELLY WRATH!! *snicker*


  32. Foamy… er… maybe oughtta be relegated to this blog:

  33. I just looked that cuteoverlord blog. There was also one of my pics, but without permission nor information where it was from.

  34. hahaha, I laughed at how baffled Fantasyfan was about “I can’t but wonder why did this photo get over 2000 views over night?” on the flickr page. hahahahaha.

  35. oh SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. KatieK. just sent me here. They’re adorable and just what I needed to brighten my day.


  37. little miao says:

    what cute little ear tufts!

    In German, one word for squirrels is “oak kittens”, and that’s a perfect description of this little baby.

  38. So cutesy-wootsy!!!!

    I think this one is a European red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).