Just a spoonful of Hammie

makes the Cuteness go down! [sing in Julie Andrews voice]


Look how clean his little feets are! You could one-gulp him, easy. From Sharon918’s Flickie stream. Thanks for sending in, B to the C.



  1. i’ll take a scoop! <3!! so cute and wee!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    “O Lord, for this kibble we are about to receive, may we be truly thankful. Amen.”

    Or, alternately…

    “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub!”

  3. He’s getting into the spoon so we can eat him!

  4. I spy a nice plump kernel just down and to the right of Hammie. What a feast!

    And if Hammie nibbles cutely enough, he just might make it on the next C.O. tee!

  5. JessJess says:

    Thank goodness! I love the new shirt design and all, but I was really missing all the little cuties! Now I have all the different songs from that movie in my head >_<

  6. teensy silky baby

  7. Brittany Woodard says:

    That is the cutest thing in the world (how did you get it on the spoon?)

  8. CMiller says:

    I love these guys ^___^

    – They are definitely in my top 5 cutest animals *nods*

  9. Jessica says:

    i have this as one of my flikr favorites!

  10. Ah! Thank goodness! She posted another pic, I was fixing to have a fit.

    I could just eat him up! God Meg, your captions rock. ^^

  11. deeeelicious!!!

  12. So fuzzy 🙂

  13. I’ll have what he’s having!!!!

  14. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww. I want the lil’ guy to snuggle up under my chin!

  15. Woods walker says:

    Good thing it isn’t eating a spoon full of liquid. It might drown and we would all be sad.-Woods Walker

  16. Oh man — he’s all loaded up like a cafeteria catapult.

    >> SPOING < <

  17. omgawwwwd…. what a cutie, that’s another one that’s goin on my desktop!

  18. EEEEEEEEEE!!! SO CUTE!! *gobble*

  19. Dosage: One spoonful of HamTrex(tm) Nighttime Formula before bedtime. For occasional use only as directed. Side effects may include itching, scaling, dry mouth, bed head, morning breath, memory loss, memory loss, tennis elbow, brain freeze, the heebie jeebies, memory loss, the rockin’ pneumonia and/or the boogie woogie flu, an uncontrollable urge to describe all objects as “iddy biddy cutie wootie” regardless of size, and memory loss.

    If HamTrex(tm) Nighttime Formula supplicates itself before you, as if begging the tender mercies of a vengeful god, discontinue use.

  20. in the most delightful waaaaay

  21. in the most delightful waaaaay

  22. Note to self….check cereal box for prize before digging in.


  23. There’s nothing *cute* about a hamster doing drugs! LOL…

  24. Teehee, too sweet! It’s sharon918’s Pearl’s litter that made me get a pair of hamsters myself. 🙂

  25. BenPanced says:

    Yum! Hammy now available in convenient bite-sized bits!

  26. nyam nyam nyam nyam

  27. Mike wins. Again.

    So dude — we’ve got at least one commenting person here at Cute O who does the writing for various cartoons on TV. You’re *consistently* hilarious. Makes me curious: what is it you do?

  28. huh! i always imagined theo and mike working in the same office……but i’m still convinced theo works at the same office as one or two posters

  29. S – if only it were true, what a wonderful office that would be… AuntieMame, Finn, Denita, Mike, Meg, Hashi, and we gotta hire Michelle, who just slimmed down the fatcat… I feel like I’m at the Oscars.

    CuteOverload does seem to attract a good crowd. Feel the luuuuuuuv.

  30. oh hes so tiny! kinda reminds me of that old saying ” just a spoonful of love”….atleast i think thats an old saying….if not…uhm..it is one now! ha!

  31. Spiffy — if you’re talking about the band Lovin’ Spoonful, I think there’s a different double-entendre happening here, along the same lines as “Hot Tuna” and “Pearl Jam” and (shudder) “Whitesnake.”

  32. what a precious bite-size morsel. ::genki evil fluffy-eater(TM) grin::

  33. Cody-kun says:

    it’s so adorable I wanna slam the spoon! ^O^ I had two hamsters and they were adorable!!! cutest rodents ever so are mice (the Cinderella ones ^O^)

  34. that just macks my day a whole lot fuzzer

  35. it’s a gerbil

  36. Nothing is cuter than mini feet. :3

  37. omigosh. that little thing fits in a plastic spoon. it a wittle fuz ball of luuuuvvvvvv

  38. Oh hell… is a cutegasm possible?! I don’t care what this little guy is… but it is so damn cute I… I don’t know what to think…….

  39. alexandra says:

    Holy Bleepelino!!
    That dog looks like it will bite you if it doesn’t get a redo!!! STAND BACK, THAT DOG IS DYNAMITE!!!!

  40. alexandra says:

    Sorry that was ment for the dog w/ the ‘fro

  41. I think this must be what my cat dreams about.

  42. theo – ittruly would be the greatest office, we’d totally have a cake break everyday, with animal parades around the office and CO trading cards and no work would ever be done (unless we were working on important political cute-ing proceedures for the UN or just the betterment of humankind)

  43. S — don’t forget the photoshopping and/or GIMPing. We’d need to have *some* controversy.

  44. Can you say Rule #14? I LOVE IT!

  45. flick the spoon