I cannot BELIEVE I have this stupid haircut.

OMG. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this poor dog. I think I’ve been laughing for a solid five minutes. Look at that haircut. He must be absolutely furious. LOOK at the fro with the trapezoid that is cut out to allow his beady eyes some room! OMG, ROTFL. And the poor other dog in the background is getting his hair cut the SAME WAY will have the SAME FATE. Oh, man, this is too much. I haven’t laughed this hard since, well, the last post.

Hot damn.


Thanks very very much, Kerry L. and the Chicago Tribune photographer Kuni Takahashi.



  1. that dog looks so angry, like everyone is going to pay for his hair being like that

  2. oh my gosh, it’s a bichon frise! i have the same dog. but mine is much much cuter. beyond comparison. i’ll send auntie meg a photo and you can all judge for yourselves… 🙂

  3. looks like plastic. poor toy dog.

  4. It’s Dog Ross!

  5. Thank god I stumbled upon your website. There was a serious lack of CUTE in my life.

    This dog looks SERIOUSLY pissed! Poor little guy.

  6. for gosh sake, people. the dog only looks angry because of the funny downswoop the “hairstylist” gave him above his eyes. . .I seriously doubt he’s anything but completely befuddled about what’s going on.

  7. it’s still a very funny picture, though.

  8. Espilonarge says:

    Looks like afro’s are back in fashion. 😛

  9. Rainbow says:

    they are not getting a haircut in the shot, its more like styling before a dog show, this is how bichon frise should look like in order to be eligible for such shows. i think the fur is very nicely done and fluffed up!

  10. Teehee – it looks like a grumpy smiley if you squint a bit!

  11. Jeee….this should be in the cute or sad folder!!

  12. kittypants says:

    i’m not sure if that’s actually another dog with the same fate in the background. looks like a mirror to me.

  13. awww – how awful! poor little dogs. (they look liket they’re made out of scuplted bubbles. haha)

  14. *like
    **sculpted (wish it was possible to go back and correct comments! i guess i’m just so excited about the cuteness that i don’t bother with the spelling check. haha)

  15. Bichons are much cuter when they’re not clipped this way.

  16. Yes, it is a stupid haircut, and an insult to this site. Please remove this crap from here. A bichon frise is too selective, not to mention it falls under the category of among the most despised dogs.

  17. [groomer:] “To Boldly Blow…”

    (namelink courtesy of Finn)

  18. (and folks, bear in mind, there are a lot of different Mikes in this world, including those that fall under the category of among the most… ah, you know. blah de blah.)

  19. mindbend says:

    ya, i’m gonna have to agree with Mike. people who like dogs like this are really at one end of the spectrum -> those who have tamagotchi’s as their best friend and others who borderline insane elderly.

  20. Doesn’t that dog host a show on PBS about painting?

  21. i don’t think this dog is “cute” as in fuzzy bunny cute – i feel bad for it so it’s another kind of cute to me. (fyi – my best friend is not a tamagotchi and i’m not an insane/elderly woman, arse.)

  22. “Doesn’t that dog host a show on PBS about painting?” – haha!

  23. Heh. Bitchin’ frizzy.

  24. lmao poor lil guy gettin the disco treatment and everything….but u know if someone did that to me i think id look rather pissed too…btw what the hell is a tamagotchi????

  25. poor thing =( but should be very hugger-friendly =)

  26. And people wonder why dogs like these as well as poodles are ticked off all the time. You would be too if someone did this to you! Poor pup!

  27. Tru dat, GolfWidow.

    Spiffy — click the namelink for Tamagotchi info. Late-90’s fad.

  28. Meow House says:

    That’s quite a ‘fro. It’s a little poofy for me, but doesn’t the body fur (easier to see on the dog in the background) look like a cloud? Or cotton candy? I bet it’s nice and springy. Makes me want to squeeze him.

  29. oh my god my dog used to look exactly like that until we got too lazy to get him properly groomed.

    it’s called the “sheep” look for poodles 😛

  30. Angela from Fordham says:


  31. Okay, I feel the need to point some things out:

    A thinker, you obviously do not live up to your namesake, as it is quite evident that the cut is what makes the dog appear angry. Now, some of the slower people would not immediately understand this, but give the smarter people a break! If you think you’re so high and mighty because you’ve pointed this out, then good, get a gold star and go buy a pair of pliers to help with dislodging that rod from your rectum.

    Kittypants, note the conduit going down to the platform, and the position of the man in the background. That is no mirror.

    Yes, I’m grumpy. 😡 Insomnia will do that to you. I probably look as angry as that dog. Just pay no heed to me and get on with the CO love. 🙂

  32. ANYWAYS… I think the pup is cute. 🙂

  33. Ouch, hashi. No harm meant. Sounds like you need to get some sleep. . .

  34. Yeek!
    Hashi, I found you a nap…

  35. good picture, theo 🙂

  36. “Just you wait till you see what I left you in your favorite pair of shoes… punk ass.”

  37. Woods walker says:

    I’ve seen vicious dogs that didn’t look that angry. If they had that haircut they probibly be more vicious.-Woods Walker

  38. My God, it’s Afro Ken, come to life.


  39. Woah what’s with the bichon hatin’? I know it’s “just a dog” but when you selectively despise a particular part of a species… well, that’s discrimination!
    Anyway, I have an adorable, fluffy, well groomed Bichon. We adopted him from a rescue organization and he is the epitome of cute.

  40. Christine: I’m sitting here eating my lunch, checking up on the CO comments from the morning. I start to read yours, like any other, and then you go and cap it off with “arse”! I just about spit out my lunch – too funny!

  41. Aw, I love the little frizzles that stick up.

  42. “*growl* Forget the happy little trees, I’m gonna paint your funky ass into a corner if you keep snipping on me like this, yo! *snarl*”


  43. man, those dogs are so soft. I don’t know if it’s the way they fluff them so much, but you can barely tell when your hand makes contact… sooooft.

  44. Okay is it me or does this poor pooch look like a Star Wars Storm Trooper from the original trilogy? (Yeah I’m a geek)

    The caption could read “If Darth Vader had a dog.”

    Poor thing, I thing the Dark Side has had an influence here. I say use the force poochy and bite’m in the light saber! No one would blame you!

    re: the PBS painter guy…

    “and a little green paint wants to live, right. about. here.”

    is he still on?

  46. Hahahah, awww. My friend has a bichon, which we always refer to as his “fluffy white puffball dog.”

  47. Actually, that is HOW bichons are supposed to be styled. Very good circled head, kudos to the groomer. Looks great too me

  48. arbed: arse is one of the best words — ‘specially in cases like that (when it’s true). haha 🙂

  49. That dog looks like it was created for an episode of South Park! Fluffy, but so, so, ANRGRY!

  50. Poor doggie! I don’t understand the point of having your dog look like a lifeless statue… which always seems to be the case with these shows. Free the doggies! Say no to shows!

    This dog looks EXACTLY like the guy on PBS! For those of you who don’t know him: http://www.bobross.com/
    I think he died a few years ago, unfortunately.

  51. We’ve got 5 Bichon’s and we purposefully do NOT cut them like this. Really, I’m not a small-dog person, but they won me over. They’re not your typical yap-yap; it’s all about love…

  52. I hate these dogs. Hate. Have lived with one. Yappy and evil.

    Eeeeeeevil. And ugly. Grrrr.

  53. Mike–please go away; Martha–I could not agree with you more. This site is clearly for animal lovers, and if a photo doesn’t strike you as particularly cute, keep it to yourself and wait for the next one. This is not a forum for hatin’.
    Bring back the REAL Mike with his clever witticisms!

  54. cute, but it lookes like someone glued cotton balls to his head. kinda like those projects in kindergarden where use of paste always went awrie. the groomer is just trying to get the visable elmers out of the puppy’s hair.

  55. Cody-kun says:

    OMG!!! so adorable!!! it looks like Barbra Streisand in “The Main Event” ^O^. I love it, love it, love it!!!

  56. The poor dog reminds me of Bob Ross. That’s all the time we have for today!

  57. “Bring back the REAL Mike with his clever witticisms!”



  58. I love trad bichon grooming, its so…awesome! I always love when my dog comes home from the groomer with what i call “angry eyes,” which is when they cut it so they look mad like that. i find it hilarious! and the dog doesnt give a crap, as long as its treated right it wont care. however if its cut super short or people constantly react to it a certain way it’ll know somethings up.

    thank you so much for posting a bichon photo!! i have always had bichons, and they have the best personalities, are the best of friends.

  59. Meow House says:

    He is poofy, but I much prefer the “lamb” style over, e.g., a regular French poodle cut. (Not that this dog is a poodle.) No offense to poodle fundamentalists.

  60. I agree no hatin’ use HUMOR! THAT is what its all about and life is entirely too short not to laugh. I can’t help but giggle at a poor puppy with helmet hair. Hell I would giggle at a human with helmet hair. On a dog… lets be honest people its just funny, proper or not. I can’t help but giggle at all the dogs styled in this manner it looks like they are wearing little fur suits.

    BTW… one question I must ask and pardon my ignorance for I ususally just review whether something is cute not what it is… (don’t care as long as its cute) but where the hell are this poor little guy’s ears?

  61. M- the ears are hidden like a sheepdog’s eyes.

  62. Ok, no. I cant stand Bichon’s!! Or poodles for that matter. Im sorry….I really cant!!

  63. Arse arse arse – yes, I DO love that word and yet rarely remember to use it. And I agree, it certainly was apt in the circumstance. However, I must apologize – I called you Christine, not Christina! As one who hates having her own name mangled, I should be shot – or at least forced to read more nottherightmike comments.

    And as for Bob Ross – man, that guy’s voice was mesmerizing. As a child, I was fascinated by him.

  64. pistache268 says:

    I want a bichon frise, but I don’t want it to look like that. They can be really normal looking when they’re not groomed like that. They are verrryyyy cute when they are not stupidified.

  65. poor bugger has been doomed to live the life of a q-tip

  66. LL Cool F says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! If I saw that dog on the street I would laugh it to scorn until it’s owner cried salty tears of shame.
    Again, BWAHAHAHA.
    Good day.

  67. The Guy Over There says:

    Putting new emphasis on the term: “Helmet hair.”

    Quick! Someone get that dog a pair of boxing gloves!

  68. bonaircat says:

    the little guy may have a fro going on, but he also has a cool macho, fu-manchu moustache…

  69. arbed- that’s okay, it happens all the time. i’m pretty used to it by now. heh heh 😉

  70. ok: you guys do a service by posting cute feel good pictures, but you blow it by being ignorant and rotten about things you don’t agree with. Bison-frises and poodles are very nice dogs, if you have ever known one, and they don’t give a damn really about how their hair is cut. Dogs don’t get stupid and judgemental about appearances, which is one of the ways they are better than people.

  71. BenPanced says:

    I could do that with my own hair.

    But then I think why innaheck I’d want to.

  72. Really? I met very happy poodles, with their flufly natural hair and some very mean poodles with their horrid shaved hair. Maybe they reflect their owners attitude. I just think is cruel, but that just me.

  73. Sorry for snapping. 😦 I snapped at a LOT of people this morning.

    I still think that dog rules my buns. Anger like that cannot be thwarted by any conventional means, no! Its like an angry old man who’s seemingly lived for hundreds of years, when you hear him recall times when young people respected their elders, and ‘horseless carriages’ weren’t full of rude people.

  74. That does it! I’m calling the Humane Society!

  75. i think we just traveled back to the 70’s, where everyone had afros…;)

  76. Hashi: it’s ok, I hope you are feeling better now.

    Theo’s picture should have cheered you up, if nothing else did. . .

  77. *snerk* I keep picturing an emoticon in place of his face! XD

  78. it did, a tad. 🙂 Cats rock my world.

  79. He needs one of those combs with a fist on top. That would be cool.

    *What u talkin about, Willis?*

  80. wow, that is seriously cute. nice site!

  81. M- the ears are hidden like a sheepdog’s eyes.

    Thank you Theo..

    On another note: This is about the fourth time I have seen this “you have to” stuff so I’m just tossing my quarter in the pond. A suggestion for everyone “insisting” that we must all be of the same mind about a DOG or anything else when it comes to an opinion… umm reality check people, if everyone liked the same damn animal there would be no homes for the others. I personally love rabbits and cats as well as any small rodent that is so damn cute you want to squueze it like a roll of Charmin. Other people like dogs and lizards.. thats called CHOICE, but really folks isn’t it more offensive to “tell” everyone they “must think” a certain way. Last I checked the majority of us have brains and are able to come to our own conclusions about what we like… Mina you don’t like certain dogs.. go you, adopt a cat… k8ir8 you do… fabulous there will be one less homeless animal without an owner to love it. Just do the rest of us a favor and give up calling people “ignorant and rotten,” its insulting a best and reflective of one’s own insecurities and ignorance at worst. Unless you pay my bills, are my mother or are married to me… I just don’t sit well with anyone telling me what I have to do. Besides its all in FUN!!! So spread some love, get over the fact others don’t think like you and embrace the fact that there will never be a shortage of what you love because someone else thinks its crap… WOOHOO.. thank you cat haters of the world I have two wonderful furballs for me to love because of it.

  82. It really saddens me to see CO’s comments section turn into another bath in Haterade. I love this site and I won’t ever stop coming to it – I have yet to see a pic on here that wasn’t rock-my-socks cute – but I think, after this ridiculousness over this adowubble fluffy Biche and his shiny black button eyes, I won’t be checking the comments section on anything. That makes me really sad! Thanks to the keepers of the site – keep the cuteness flowing, and keep rocking the lizards and snakes, please!

  83. Im sorry. Why do we all have to like the same stuff. I dont care if Bichon’s and Poodles have big poofy hair or not. I just think theyre ugly little dogs. There are PLENTY of dog breeds that I love….Beagels for one!! 😀 Cool your jets people. GOSH! :p

  84. I drink my daily requirement of Haterade.

    By 800%

    I am so well-rounded! 😀

  85. That is one truly ugly haircut. It’s hilarious.

  86. E. Collison says:

    Too funny! The pup reminds me of John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever.”

  87. E. Collison says:

    He (dog) looks silly, but he also has a downright “juicy” nose.

    Many thanks to Kerry L. for sending the pic and to Meg for posting it!

  88. I’m with you, Meg–I, too, have been laughing for like 5 minutes straight. I don’t know or care if that dog is “cute” but oh my gawd, he is funny.

    Dogs like that are the perfect example of what karma’ll do to you next life if you do something heinous in this one, like, oh, I don’t know, genocide or something.

    Poor bastard.

  89. Jan Spencer says:

    Mike and Marta and whoever else posted about the Bichon Frise…Unbelievable. I have a Bichon Frise, and she has been the light of my life for nearly 13 years. Now, we don’t do the “foo foo” cut on her, we keep the puppy cut on her. This is a dog show cut, set to breed standards. Actually, in 2001 at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a Bichon won, named JR, and was well deserving of the title Best In Show. I don’t always agree with the fluff cut, but I will defend Bichon’s personalities to the end. To the person who said their roommate had a Bichon and it had a terrible disposition, I am sorry, but that is the owner’s fault. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I would recommend Bichon’s to anyone, and have done so in the past. These dogs are hugely popular, and I love mine to death.

  90. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “It’s Dog Ross!”
    mocib that is a total HAhahaha! comment…Thanks for the chuckle!…

    Let’s paint a happy little dog right here next to this lonely maple tree, shall we? (spoken in a whisper soft voice.)

  91. Thanx a bunch theo! those things look like a waste of childrens brain waves but eh i suppose its better than them plopping their lil butts infront of a tv all day! lol but thanx for informin me

  92. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “is he still on?”

    He died a year or two ago but episodes of his “Joy of Painting” show still are shown here and there.

  93. I laughed a ton when I saw this!!! It’s killer cute!

  94. AuntieMame says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks a little bit like Marvin the Paranoid Android from the movie last year?

  95. I absolutely love Bichons they are so cute and I think his hair cute is cute 🙂

  96. Subhangi says:

    Dear Dog, This Is The Most Awesome Photograph I Have Ever Seen!

    I LOVE IT!

  97. honestly! with the hating! i have a bichon too, and to be honest, unless you show your dog you dont get them done up like this. he’s not angry. he’s probably ecstatic with all the attention and petting. and i got my bichon because he’s loving and sweet. not snooty, not stuck up, and my other dog? is a 75 pound german shorthaired pointer. any asshole who says anthing shitty about me because my dog is a bichon needs to slide back into the ooze they crawled out of.

  98. You dog people can be vicious about bichons. Hot damn, jigga! Its just a dog! :-p

    cats > dogs


  99. julianna says:

    re: norty – “and a little green paint wants to live, right. about. here.”

    thanks for making me smile, i still can’t turn the channel when there are bob ross reruns on pbs.

  100. i love the fact that their little legs just extend all the way to the table like little stumps! no paws in sight!

  101. If I did that to a dog I’d be afraid to fall asleep at night.

  102. swinneyswitch says:

    I wonder what the other end looks like?

  103. Bichons do have to look like that for shows, since dog shows are all about the dogs exemplifying what’s been written as the ideal for their breed. I think the bichons actually have a pretty good deal if you’ve seen some of the other cuts the other breeds have….ugh!

    But as my grandmother told me, as she’s raised bichons for years, is that since they don’t shed you’ve got to cut them every so often no matter what.

  104. Doesn’t anybody watch the Westminster Dog Show every Feb? According to the AKC, this is the way Bichons are supposed to look. I was privileged to own one when we were stationed in the UK and Holly was a very precious loving pet.

  105. Sad. Sooooo sad.

  106. E. Collison says:

    But see, the AKC show standards are so “????” Honest – this looks like a stuffed toy, not a dog.

  107. Terebi–but the comments are so funny! Definitely a highlight especially to laugh at all the people that get sooooo worked up over nothing. Ya’ll know that THERE’S A WAR ON, RIGHT?

    And you know what they say about arguing on the internet. (If you don’t you can click the namelink.)

  108. LOL!

  109. Ugh, some of those commenters above really irked me. Are they here just to make trouble? I thought the point of this blog was to post pictures that make people feel good. Not for some know-it-alls who think that everyone should accept their definition of the word ‘cute’. Get off this blog and go and rant in your own little hellholes. 😡

    Awww, cottonballhead!

  110. Lila Symons says:

    I am glad that the groomer trimmed around their eyes, so they can actually see out of that fro.

  111. Let’s all stop fighting and pretend we are patting its head…there..all better.

  112. OMG! I thought my boyfriend was going to absolutely have a heart attack when he saw this. I haven’t seen him laugh that hard in a while!

  113. kisekileia says:

    Bichons are adorable little fluffballs, but I’m not a huge fan of making them look angry. The dog is very silly and fluffy, though. I’m sure it’s cuddly. 🙂

  114. elisesylvieluch says:

    hey it’s mr T from rocky!

  115. Paddyred says:

    Nice Bichon groomer. Eye cut out alittle strange, should only shave the corners a bit. but nice scissoring.

  116. Hannah Jane Back says:

    Its so wierd… At first you want to squish him, then you wonder about animal rights…

  117. milly jones says:

    yay i have that dog! his name is toddy he is cuter…haha he had a cut today BUT i dont think u care do u…okay i’ll just stop now

  118. Someone stole Richard Simmon’s hair and put it on this dog!

  119. OMG, this is the funniest picture ever! I can seriously feel the dogs anger. I think he’s planning to retaliate, hahahaha.

  120. william congreve says:

    he’s furious because he looks absurd …not cute, absurd …this is an attempt by a surrealist to approach cute while at the same time capturing irony and sadness

  121. i think that you don’t know anything about dog shows.this dogs are learn on bathing, drying, on haircuts from their earliest age!some of them love to be on that table and they know how to “wear” that hair cut and they enjoy it!i am dog groomer so i know very much about it!this guy who laugh for 5 minutes-i bet that hi even don’t have a dog,he never been at groomer with him,and not to talk about dog shows.haircut of that dog on picture is beautiful.very little groomers can do it pretty like this.i would be proud if i could do that.don’t you see how that dog is posing for camera,he knows he’s beautiful!do you know what breed that dog is?do you know how it look when he doesn’t have hair cut?