Announcing: Our First T-Shirt

It’s here, People! Thanks to your votes we created a T-shirt of the winning hamster. I can’t believe I just wrote that. The fine folks at Glarkware are now accepting orders.

Now listen, the shirts are a skosh more expensive than Cafe Press, but the quality is far better. Don’t fight me on this! I’m looking out for you People.

Order now and your shirt will ship in the end of April. Check it OUT

But wait, there’s more.

If you buy a C.O. shirt, you can get 10% off other sections of Glarkware (excludes TWoP and GFY shirts.) with the code: "cute."



  1. OH MY GOD I AM THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT! I’m going there to check them out right now!

  2. fistsoflove says:


  3. Nifty!

  4. That is an AWESOME design. Very spiffy. Love it.

  5. fistsoflove says:


  6. E. Collison says:

    Trés, trés chic, Meg!

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Really cute shirt!

    But since I’ve just been banned from TWoP, I’m not really inclined to wear anything associated with Glarkware…

  8. Banned from TWoP? Oh, do tell! What happened?

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I was already on notice for off-topicness, so when I took exception to a rude comment another poster made about a makeover contestant, I guess that was the last straw. They sure don’t give you much leeway on that board.

  10. I’m there!

  11. Crystanna says:

    I want the blue one!

  12. Puddingpop says:

    Awesome, I’m definitely picking one up! And THANK YOU for not going through Cafepress- I’m so glad this little bit o’ cuteness isn’t gonna be of crappy quality!

  13. Beauregard says:

    Auntie Mame! Scandalous! Your name sounds so familiar. Which forums were you in?

  14. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww. I want one too, but I live on another continent. 😦

  15. Cute! But you need ’em in kids’ sizes.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I posted mostly in the TV Potluck forum, but I didn’t use this nickname. I posted as Rozinante.

  17. I’d like to thank Akagami for graciously supplying the photo freely for the T-shirts. (I suppose I’ll thank Tsuki for posing, though!)

  18. zozirushi says:

    How much is the shipping cost to US?

  19. They’re so pretty! Damn, I looove that hamster to bits. I personally think the white on brown one is more striking, but both are cute. 😀

  20. Beauregard says:

    The reason I ask is because I’ve found that although I appreciate the good grammar and lack of jerks around there, I also find that sometimes the mods get too ban happy as I have been warned for a minor thing before.

  21. NICELY DONE. Four polydactyl dewclaws up!

  22. Oh wow… the image might even be cuter than the picture itself. Congratulations on an amazing shirt!

  23. Why do companies always make their shirts in the “t-shirt” style? No one ever offers their shirts in a v-neck. I would love to own one of the blue ones, but due to some medical issues I can’t wear tshirts or anything that touches my collar bone. So sad….

  24. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Cute… but why no plate o veggies like in orig pic? Not enough space I guess…But t’would have added more perspective.

  25. Wow, I love the image! I wasn’t expecting to turn out so good (no offense, but I’d voted for another image… but I’m so happy with the way this one turned out)! Except, UGH, I wanted the girly in brown! MEH! maybe in the future..?

  26. I’m told by the fine folks at Glarkware that a lot of chicks order the regular T—I think it’s very much a unisex fit. I’ll have to check their website. I want a brown T too!

  27. Great, just great! I’m getting one as soon as I can feed myself and all my pets without borrowing money…

    By the way, I don’t see the Web address on the design. What’s up with that? I hate really prominent addresses, but shouldn’t it be there somewhere?

  28. very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I want the brown one but…I’m from Germany.

  30. Oh man, this is great. The brown one looks awesome. I’d like to have one, too! I’m from germany like Chu 😦

  31. do you think the could do the “cuddle fest 2006” pic next??? (i would love that. along with the pic of the dog with the cast on his arm! )

  32. Binky — the CuddleFest 2006 pic might not be ideal for T-shirt-i-zation, for a couple of reasons: 1) The picture itself is cropped down pretty tight, and doesn’t lend itself to the tidy, logo-esque graphical treatment that the World Peace Hamster received. Of course, the picture could just be transferred whole, like a photo iron-on, but… 2) Honestly I don’t know the source of the image. I believe it was 1 of nearly 500 pics in a collection at (and Meg, correct me if I’m wrong) which posts no background info on its photos at all, let alone credited sources. So while it’s unlikely, I’d hate for anyone to get in trouble for profiting from it, without express permission.

  33. were does cuteoverload come from then??? I come from Holland and I want one too, is this not possible?? I like the brown tshirt, it’s so cute! Is there also a brown girlie tshirt??

  34. Hey folks, I work for a distributor of American Apparel and I wanted to warn you: Am App fits VERY small. Order at least a size above what you normally wear, especially if you’re ordering Girly. Those of you who want kid sizes should just order the small Girly. I don’t want you to be disappointed with these lovely shirts.

  35. Just double checked, and indeed, the brown is a unisex sized shirt.

  36. Beeyooteeful! Does it come in Hamster-size?

  37. Adorable to the max! Thanks Meg, things around here just keep getting more wonderful. I’m going to be proud to wear that shirt come summer 🙂

  38. Adorable to the max! Thanks Meg, things around here just keep getting more wonderful. I’m going to be proud to wear that shirt come summer 🙂

  39. AWWW i need this shirt!!!! it looks so good. now im sad i didnt win the chihuahua contest so could’va gotten a free one. well yay meg on getting so far w/ this site to make an actual t-shirt

  40. is there a special code for the 10% off dealy? it didn’t calculate any discount during the checkout process for me. 😦

  41. To all those not in America: yes they do ship to other continents and its affordable (7$ to have a t-shirt send to Germany)

  42. Yes, the 10% off code word is “cute” . 😉

  43. If only it was the “baby rib” girlie style. Then I would order it. I can’t wear any shirt that isn’t skin tight, it’s a rule. XP.

  44. I really wish the girl sizes came in brown. I’d wear that way more often than the light blue.

  45. Meow House says:

    Re the 10% discount: I believe that is only for OTHER merchandise ordered from the site, not for the World Peace t-shirts, right? That’s why nothing recalculates when I put the word “cute” into the Discount Code field.

    Also, for girls who want the brown shirt: just order a unisex – it’s probably the same shirt but in men’s sizes. I wish they had the blue t-shirt in the “Unisex XXX-Large” – good to sleep in.

  46. Cfroggie says:

    The code does not work. I shop from glarkware all the time and use codes more often then not. As for the sizing the unisex med is a size between the girlie large and x-large. I’ve switched that one (I used to love girlie).

  47. I like now anonymous it is; no giant disturbing logos or slogans, simply…

    world peace.


  48. Hey Meg, I was wondering, where is the cute-headquaters? Is it England?

  49. AuntieMame: Before I even read your post, I thought, “Oh no, Glarkware–I HATE Glark!” I was never banned but Glark was incredibly rude to me once when I emailed him about something. I can’t even remember now what it was about, but the moderators on TwOP are INCREDIBLY bitchy and attitudinal. And they really are insanely rigid about their rules. They really need to get over themselves!

    So, just wanted to say: I totally hear ya!

  50. Jackie — I can answer this one. Cute O HQ is in Silicon Valley. All these comment timestamps are in Pacific Standard Time.

  51. Wow. I thought you guys were just gonna silkscreen the pic right on there! And now you’re gettin all artsy on our asses!

    I love it!

  52. Wow. This is just too cute. ^-^
    The only problem I have with it is the line next to the eye… it bothers me… o_O

  53. Kat – that line is one of the whiskers.

  54. I wanted to buy one of the shirts, but apparently it’s not being sold in the larger girlie sizes. American Apparel sizing info says that they make shirts up to 3XL for those of us better “endowed” women, but Glarkware only lets you order up to an XL — and I don’t want a brown, unisex shirt!!! Is there a way to get the girlie sizes increased? I’m used to paying the couple of extra dollars they tack on for big sizes…

  55. If you want to see the original picture of the cute little guy (a.k.a. World Piece)and all his friends who were contestents for the t-shirt, you can see them on or, more specifically at

  56. Sorry for the poor spelling – should have been “World Peace” and “contestants”.

  57. Happy to see the world likes brown… better get mine before they run out!

  58. I just saw this! =(

  59. oops- let me make the link more obvious: