Little Sheepykins here is looking for an envelope to jump into and [singsong] send himself to yoooooooou!

Sweet Star Trek outfit, too.


Soooo Rule 14, Virginia R.! Thanks, Cheviot Miniature Sheep Farm!



  1. why did the baby cuteness deliver his own mail?
    he was sheep aaahaha

  2. E. Collison says:

    Oh, this is SUPERB!!!

  3. Adrienne says:

    EEE!!! I want one of these as a pet! I LOVE sheeps!! They are so sweet! So a tiny sheep would be the greatest thing ever.

  4. E. Collison says:

    Everyone say “PYGMY GOAT” *real* loud and maybe we’ll get some pics of the cuties…

  5. Is that real?

  6. oh my gosh that is CUTE.

    I want to hug it.

  7. Is that a wool sweater?

  8. dark_angle says:

    its kinda cute, butt its kinda ugly!

  9. mejezabel says:

    Holy Crap!

  10. The poor little sheep looks
    totally petrified.

  11. It’s nice he has a coat to wear when it’s chilly. Somebody must love him a lot.

  12. Uck! Breeders! That spells puppy mill.

  13. “…Meanwhile, back on Sheep Space Nine, I found some intergalactic envelopes and decided to mail myself through a wormhole to the other side of Lush Pastures Galaxy #42, where I heard the grass was greener…”

  14. Virginia R. says:

    For catcher, who asked if it was real, and happy bunny, check out the website for the farm (Meg gave you the link). I think they look like responsible breeders.

    Some advocates of adopting unwanted animals call all breeders “puppy mills,” but this isn’t helpful. It blurs the important distinction between responsible breeders –who care appropriately for their animals and have their best interst at heart–and true “puppy mills”–which disregard the health of the animals and often sell diseased, malnourished or genetically screwy (incest-produced) animals to unsuspecting buyers. I don’t know the Cheviot Miniature Sheep Farm people personally but I wouldn’t insult them gratuitously wihtout any evidence.

    Excuse the soapbox. Enjoy the sheepie! 🙂

  15. E. Collison says:

    A sheep in a sweater – anyone else notice the irony here? 😉

  16. Heh! It’s not the first time a sheep has worn a sweater.

    Check out the ebay auction in the name linkie.

  17. The Guy Over There says:

    It’s a sheep in Old Navy Fleece!

    If that little one could retract their legs, then it would look like a blue bottle.

  18. Eeeeeee he’s just like Shawn the sheep from Wallace and Gromit! I didn’t realize it until I saw AuntieMame’s auction. Thanks for the memory jog.

  19. OMG!!!!!!!!oh my god!! more sheep, more lambykins. i’m an aries and i love sheeps…they’re so curly!

  20. Jan Spencer says:

    I use to have a baby sheep, er, lamb, when I was little…they are soooo sweet.

  21. If someone sent me a little sheepykins, I’d probably eat it.

  22. Awww. When I was little mommy and daddy put clothes on me too.

  23. a sheep in sheeps clothing

  24. Little Sheepykins, if you’d hop in that envelope and send yourself to newark, DE that’d be just great. cos my border collie turns 6 next week and you’d be a super birthday present.


  25. note to self…don’t eat and look at this photo is adorable,and I was fine until i read the bit about the Star Trek coat. that’s when I spit my taco all over the monitor.

    I (big) heart!

  26. Beauregard says:

    Wow, that link has got some cute sheeps on it. I love the fact that they lopped the arm off of an old jacket and poked holes in it for the lamb to wear as a jacket. So smart and green!

  27. chackler says:

    Mail lambykins to me, he can live in my backyard and graze in my backyard and live a long happy life!!

  28. “send himself to yoooooooou!”

    Don’t you mean “send himself to ewwe!”?

  29. pardon me, but isn’t that a goat??