Saturday chillin’

This is sooo Saturday. (oh, and add a bathrobe and coffee) The flop + paws up is the best part, and the fact that he’s 182 pounds.

Fatcat and Lanie S., brilliant.



  1. It takes a *lot* of Fancy Feast…

  2. chubby kittah.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Awwwwww. I wish I, too, could lay down in the sunbeam and cuddle!

  4. he’s really 182 pounds???

  5. pistache268 says:

    Fattyyyyyyyyyyy. Good fat.

  6. No, not really 182. *sips coffee*

  7. kevin h. says:

    That cat poops like a man.

  8. ew!!!! *spits out coffee* LOL.

  9. OMG he’s soooo precious, i just love fat animals. I know it sounds cruel that the more obese an animal is the, cuter it is to me, but i cant help it. U just want to cuddle up to them, either that or brush it ALL DAY. so cu te.

  10. You could probably get a couple of sweaters out of that thing.

    And a hat.

    Just saying.

  11. Bet that tail actually belongs to a racoon the cat fell on and crushed to death. Someone should go check.

  12. Nice flooring, though. Obviously resists buckling.

  13. StormCat says:

    You have to be careful those…He’s laying pointy end up…Just in case you want…do something cute, I mean stupid, like rub his belly…or play with his little tootsies… Yep, gotta watch those animals laying pointy end up…

    But he’s so cute…and um, that tummy is so endearing…Makes… me….want…to rub….MUST resist!!!!

  14. chubbers animals rock. something about having to help them turn over. you can almost hear him say “eh” as he gives up trying to move and just passes out instead.

  15. Lol “pointy side up” – from Get Fuzzy right?

  16. is he dead?

    He looks like one of those Lucky Cat statues you find in Chinese/Asian restaurants.

    O’ Bless us with your Good Luck, Fat Cat!

  17. That is one HEALTHY cat!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Doubleclick says:

    I hope the owners wise up before that cat dies of cancer or kidney failure

  19. I usually love the photos here, but this picture isnt cute. Its sad. That cat is unhealthy and its actually animal cruelty to feed a cat so it gets that fat.

  20. Have to agree with the last two comments. Neglectful owners does not equal cute. If this cat was as skinny as it is fat you’d all be horrified.

  21. miogirl says:

    I love cats way too much to wish diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis and heart condtion caused by obesity on any of them. Not cute, sad.

  22. StormCat says:

    TM, you’re right!! You get the Fuzzy prize!!

  23. lmao thats one adoarle lil porker!

  24. Does anyone think it could be pregnant?

  25. Emily — maybe — but I really think this cat is just tubby. Gravid queens tend to look more pear-shaped. (And I agree that this cat is more than likely female, actually.)

  26. Is this cat all white with a raccoon tail? Gorgeous!

    And some cats just have slow metabolisms. Get over it, folks. My ex-husband has a “pillow cat” like this. She really doesn’t eat that much (I know, because I used to live with her!), but she has two speeds — extra slow and off!

  27. Villeline says:

    Ooooo! Look at that lovely fur, that kissable tummy, that incredibly beautiful tail – and I haven’t even mentioned the pose yet! *kiss, kiss, kiss*

    Emily – no, this one is not pregnant. Just, fa… uh, chubby. On pregnant cats – even hairy ones like this one (which I suspect is a male, by the way) – you see the nipples clearly when they’ve gone this far. And, the roundness covers only the lower two thirds of the body. This baby is fa… errrr, chubby all the way up to his chin.

    I can’t get over that TAIL!!!

  28. Pathetic..and no way is he 182 lbs. I know I have a big boned German Shepard and he only weighs 102!

  29. Doods, that is not a fat cat. THIS is a fat cat:

    Just sent in by Megan K.

    Holy smokes!

  30. I once attempted to put my Maine Coon on a diet. After what has now come to be known as The Sofa Arm Ambush, I gave him his canned cat food and backed away slowly. He lived to be old and toothless and when he slept on the sofa arm, his fat hung over the sides and he was fine with that.

  31. That’s not a chubby cat. *This* is a chubby cat!

  32. Terpsichore says:


    *rubs the kitty’s belleh*

  33. E. Collison says:

    Cute but scary, I think.

    The Cat That Ate Jersey City! (And parts of Staten Island – the Newark Airport, too…).

  34. Wow, that is some serious relaxin’.

    And James, I think your Flickr cat is not fat–just very furry and spread out. I know a lot of cats that look like that and they are actually completely normal weight.

  35. *belly scratch* !

  36. That is one chubby furry-licious, cuddle-licious cat.

    makes me want to cuddle it to death >.<

  37. I have never seen a Maine Coon housecat that wasn’t at least chubby. Or a British Shorthair either. Some breeds, once you spay or neuter ’em, poof!

    A woman I used to work with showed us all a picture once of her holding her huge red tabby cat, who she said was 34 pounds (and he looked it). What I thought was funny was that the woman herself was tiny, probably around 90 pounds soaking wet. She must have had to do special workouts to be able to pick him up without getting a hernia.

  38. i have a maine coon and he’s not fat at all. he’s 16 pounds and the vet said he could easily put on another 4 pounds. he looks big, but he’s all fluff. fat kitties, while cute, can have so many health issues. 😦

  39. Mostly sad. The owner could try to take better care of her animal. I’ve never seen an obese cat for real, all the ones I know are healthy.

  40. OO! This must be a baby Harp Seal, pretending a cat!

  41. Being ‘chubby’, I know from personal experiance that it is NOT cute or fun. :((( That poor cat, it’s morbidly obese. That’s the medical term for it.

    You might want to be careful, by the way. When a ‘chubby’ cat, dog, or any other living thing lies on their back and are that large, they risk sleep apnea. It’s not just a human condition.

    And for gods sake, if you don’t believe that the cat’s uncomfortable… try strapping on a fat suit and living in it. Then tell me you felt cuddly and cute.

  42. Tony James says:

    Before we start getting righteously indignant about whether Senor Lardass is unhealthy, let us bear in mind that “substantial” is a natural state for all cats, on account of their inbuilt buddhist tendencies. I’ve never overfed my cats, and they’ve all been “cuddly”, around 20lbs, and live to about 16, which isn’t a bad age for an outdoor/indoor cat.
    Ands please stop calling him “fat” – he has feelings, you know 🙂

  43. Dude that cat is straight chillin’, fat or no. Don’t hate.

  44. If Santa Claus has a cat that is exactly what it looks like.

  45. 😦 Poor cat, it’s gonna die young…
    That’s not healthy.

  46. eww thats gross

  47. eww thats gross

  48. eww thats gross

  49. eww thats gross

  50. eww thats gross

  51. eww thats gross

  52. Subhangi says:

    Listen, that cat is FAT. The only thing cute about him is his posture. I’m not making any bones about it, coz my dormitory warden’s Daschund is obese too, and I can’t do a darn thing to help him out coz he tries to nip me all the time. This cat better get some exercise before he can be called ‘cute’.

  53. Look – I have a big fat Maine Coon as well … no matter what I feed her (which, in reality, is small half cup portions of chicken, rice and veg supplements twice a day) she’s just … FAT. She’s also fifteen years old and her vet says she’s going to live a GOOD long time. Just like people, some cats are naturally bigger, with slow metabolisms. So actually I do think this cat is cute, just like mine.
    Where do you think the expression “Fat and Happy” came from?

  54. I’m going to have to agree with the “just big boned” camp on this one. This cat will be fine.

    Now, can we just picture it trying to roll over? How it would take that little bit of extra torque, and it might get stuck? I love fat cats!

  55. gnatish says:

    I think the cat just has a super tiny head-very cute!

  56. Maybe it’s another law of cute? I’ve noticed that all cats with white tummies, especially those of the pudgy persuasion, feel the need to display them this way. For example, my former cat, a female, weighed 13 pounds at her heaviest and always had to show the world her big white tummy. She lived to be 16, btw, and died of lung problems. Meanwhile, my little skinny Aby girl was the one who died of kidney failure.

  57. I like the white belly theory. I had a black and white cat, and he was very fond of exposing his beautiful, furry, white belly to everyone who’d look. Just don’t try to touch it for more than 5 seconds! My other cat, a calico, is extremely private and doesn’t like anything except her head and back touched. Unless her daddy is around, when she begs for belly rubs.
    Yes, pointless info, deal with it. 😀

  58. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “…Obviously resists buckling.”

    Ooo,good one Theo!

  59. Haha! I looked at this one someone sent in and thought it was wearing a belly ring! Time to brew the coffee and go for an eye exam :o(

  60. fastdrivinwoman says:

    i used to own a 22 pound cat, when i asked my vet about his weight, he said even though he was large, he was perfectly healthy, and not to worry.

  61. HO-LY COW!!! (or maybe should that be “holy cat?”) That is ONE HUGE CAT!!! (I kinda doubt that 182 pounds thing, though…that just seems impossible. Gimmie that cat next to a 2 year old!! lol)

  62. Well my friend’s cat Thomas is an old curmugeon with a flat face and a lazy disposition, but he loves to have his belly rubbed by just about everyone.

  63. Seriously, don’t hate. I have a cat who likes being in a remarkably similar position and is around 24 lbs:

    He’s the happiest cat I know. He likes that position because humans who see him are incapable of passing him without tummyrubbing him. Furthermore, you can keep scritching him absentmindedly for hours and he’ll never, *ever* zap you…just start licking you if you stop rubbing him. I had a cat who was almost this same coloration and topped out at 22 lbs live to be 21 yrs old (human years) with no serious health problems other than going deaf at age 14 (which made him happy as a clam in a house with two teenagers).

  64. OMG i think i might be in love, i just want to cuddle that cat so much right now!

  65. Aelfwyn says:

    that’s not a cat, that’s a hearthrug with feet. Just put some Barry White on the hifi and snuggle down…

  66. That’s not CUTE. That’s disgusting. The owners should be arrested for neglecting their cat’s health.

  67. HA ! i want the same !

  68. I’m a kitty-cat! And I sleep, sleep, sleep, and I sleep, sleep, zzzz….

  69. Jessica says:

    oh what a fatty fat fat….maybe I can put a harness on you and we can go for a run, eh? you need to lose a few pounds. hey! im just sayin is all…i love you no matter how much you weigh, but dayuuuuum!

  70. I just feel bad for the raccoon that got squished :-/ HAHA

  71. haha my fat cat lays like that too! its adorable..

  72. As you should all know, it’s not Saturday… It’s Caturday!!

  73. Villeline says:

    He’s lovely! I LOVE THAT TAIL! And he’s not really fat, only a bit on the chubby side. Fat cats are rectangular. They look like foot stools. Seriously. This one is also very furry – makes him look a lot bigger than he really is. And, please relax – he’s nowhere near 128 piounds. Meg was joking.

  74. lol carlisa that pic is awesome but ur right at first glance the kitty does apprear to have a belly ring!…but seriously folks while mr. kitty here is a bit..round in the middle, im sure hes a very healthy very happy “lil” guy! we had a cat here who was about 28 lbs he was a porker and had markings liek a cow to match…and dipiste him looking like an overgrazed bovine he was a very very healthy cat the vet said there was nthing to worry bout cuz he just had a slow metabolism and other than that he was as healthy as any other kitty could be..he lived to the ripe old age of 20 and died of old age! so please adore the tubbyness! he’s a very happy cat and I’m sure a very healthy oe at that too!

  75. cats…i’m a kitty cat… Just like the Kitty Cat song!

  76. Gillian says:

    Feline obesity is not cute. Obese cats have many of the same health problems and risks that obese people do, including plaques in the arteries, arterial hardening, an unnecessary burden on the heart, diabetes.

    If for some reason an obese cat stops eating because of illness or an obstruction, their excess fat collects on the liver creating a condition called hepatic lipidosis, which unless reversed, can cause liver failure in less than a week. If this is due to an obstruction like a hairball, the cat is doomed because you cannot put a cat that is that obese under anesthesia in order to remove it.

    This cat has been given a death sentence.

    The cat’s thyroid should be checked, and he needs to be put on a light kibble formula immediately.

    The only altered pets that become obese are the ones who are allowed to overeat and remain sedentary, both are the responsibility of the owner.

    I’m annoyed that Cute Overload which pretends to have the best interest of animals at heart would encourage such irresponsible pet ownership.

  77. Gillian says:

    No, it couldn’t be pregnant. Healthy pregnancy in cats doesn’t look like fat any more than healthy pregnancy in people.

    If it were pregnant, her nipples would be engorged, and her belly would be firm and distended, not squishy and soft.

  78. Pugs n Kisses says:

    He’s like that cat in The Cat Returns… Reynaldo Moon!!

  79. “…encourage such irresponsible pet ownership.”
    Gillian, are you encouraged to be an irresponsible pet owner by this picture?

    That’s quite a stretch. But then so is the cat…

  80. Gillian says:


    By calling the result of irresponsible pet ownership “cute,” yeah, that does encourage bad pet ownership. Not for me, because I know better, but I’m not especially inspired when I read messages like the ones above where people write things along the lines of “the fatter, the cuter.”

  81. Gillian. You’re getting on my nerves.

    I was born into this world, and so was handed down my own “death sentence.” For someday.

    The quality of this cat’s life & outlook is clearly far better than that of, say, an emaciated parasitic alley cat. She isn’t svelte, true, but I’ve definitely seen (and held) fatter; and the amount of fur she’s got makes her look bigger than she is.

    I’m personally more concerned about the folks that breed dogs for fighting than I am about people who overindulge their poofy woogumses. *Neglect* concerns me more than this pic. Yes, she could be slimmer, which would mean a smaller chance of health complications, but I very much doubt this cat’s future is as grim as you’re suggesting.

  82. Christine says:

    I’m a pull a Jerry Springer guest on all you posters:

    You don’t know this cat, you don’t know what s/he eats or what its exercise is or is not like.

    And now I’m going to add another anecdote to the series, my cat is 16 pounds, we feed him a quarter cup of Science Diet dry food for inactive cats twice a day (don’t even try to tell me that is over feeding him), and he plays with the laser pointer at least every other day if not every day. We have no explanation for his weight.

    Meg, I like your posts, each and every single one of them. Keep ’em coming.

  83. Meow House says:

    Yes, feline obesity is a serious issue. But instead of assuming that this cat is being fed to death by its irresponsible owner, why don’t you assume that this cat had some lunatic who kept it imprisoned and force-fed; but then a kindhearted loving new owner found him and immediately began a vet-supervised diet, plus complete additional medical care that cost thousands of dollars, all willingly paid for by the new owner, and now this cat has lost 5 pounds and is well on the road to fantastic health?

    That would be just as likely a scenario as assuming that this cat’s owner is abusing it by overfeeding, which no one here can possibly know for a FACT. There, now don’t you feel better?

  84. You could also assume that the cat bites the owner when her dish is empty. My cat’s on the cubbier side and it’s because she chews on me when her dish is empty. That’s fine when I’m at work and she can’t find me, but while I’m at home, in bed, sleeping, I can’t stand the cat either:

    1) crying outside the bedroom all night
    2) chewing on my neck while I try to sleep.

    My cat’s evil and she when wants food, she gets food.

  85. kitcata says:

    I don’t think there’s anything cute about obese cats either. Especially if it’s due to neglectful owners and the poor darling cat has health problems from it. And I’m pretty damn sure the cat couldn’t possibly be 182 cats. I mean, come on. Are we supposed to be that stupid that we can just buy that. How is that even possible??

    The cat is cute, but his obesity is not.

    As for the whiteness with the racoon tail, that’s exactly what my adorable 13 pound cat (a bit heavy maybe, but he’s healthy and loved) is like. In fact, one of his nicknames is Racoon Tail. And he loves to show his belly too.

  86. “And I’m pretty damn sure the cat couldn’t possibly be 182 cats. I mean, come on. Are we supposed to be that stupid that we can just buy that. How is that even possible??”

    Um, it’s a joke. You know, exaggeration for humorous effect?

    Regarding fat kitties, I had two cats who ate out of the same food bowl and one was slim while the other was a porker. This cat’s weight has nothing to do with the irresponsibility of the owner–some cats are just hefty.

  87. my mum has a cat that’s that big. she found her on a farm, she was a barn kitten. i have no idea what she was bred with but she’s gibungus (and kinda fat) and she looks A LOT like this, but grey and white. it’s just genetics………..and maybe a bit of snacking. my mum’s not the most rigid of parents….

  88. Goodgoogalymoogaly! Big Kitty!

    If it makes the naysayers of tummy exposure feel any better, I have two cats one is chubby 12 lbs and not much of a belly exposer and the other a small 9 lbs a belly flasher extroidinare. They both have the same access to food, the same build and the enviroment. The ONLY difference is the big one is black and 12 the other is 6 and albino. Both are healthy and fine. Much like people different animals have different metabolisms. To assume by mere surface observation that one may completely diagnose anyone or any cat’s metabolism is arrogant at best. Having a medical background I can say that any vet worth their salt will give a brief “maybe” diagnosis of overweight but in no way have the audacity to tell someone the biological well-being of any creature without giving a complete evaluation of blood levels, body ratios, etc. Sooo, no offence but, for everyone who “knows” the cat’s fate, please offer up your evidence other than surface observation this cat is doomed. Otherwise maybe the judgement should be reserved to cute, big, etc. and leave medical diagnosis to the professionals and the assesment of the owner out of it.

    It is easy to smuggly cast a stone without thinking where it lands. Just be careful it doesn’t come flying back at your head. Think before you throw.

  89. this reminds me of my Emi-chan ^_^

  90. Ugh. That fat cat is not cute.

  91. This reminds me of the Cats n’ Racks comment thread [speaking of, i should see if its been updated…]

    Eh, its not too cute to me, small head-to-boy ratios kinda kill it for me :-p

  92. Upon a second look, it does look cute. 😀

  93. Ponygirl says:

    Most of that is horizontal spread. I bet this little porker is not so flabby standing upright. Just as cute though!

  94. Didn’t the ‘pointy side up’ actually start with Calvin and Hobbes?

  95. CurlyGirly says:

    Theo … you are my hero.

    I have a fatcat (14 lb girl) who was that way at 2 years old when I adopted her. I am NOT a neglectful owner. She gets the good food, and I take her to the vet every year (which is more than some say I need to for an indoor cat with no other health problems) and the vet is stumped as to how to get her to lose weight. What it comes down to is that she is not good at playing, and prefers her chair to her toys, despite my MANY attempts to get her butt moving. She also hates anything but kibble, which doesn’t help.

    Having gotten that off my chest … she loves to sleep in the exact same position as this lovely and have her ample belly rubbed.

  96. CG – if you’ve never tried to get your cat to chase a laser-pointer spot, you haven’t yet lived. It’s like focused catnip with them. Seriously, it’s kinda creepy.


  97. CG – if you’ve never tried to get your cat to chase a laser-pointer spot, you haven’t yet lived. It’s like focused catnip with them. Seriously, it’s kinda creepy.


  98. Oops.


  100. The cat seems to be 95% fur and the angle the pic was taken is going to make him look even fatter! Meg posts the cutest pictures on this site and that’s what it’s about. I’m sorry, but I think if anyone is offended by any of the pics they should just stop visiting the site. I think the cat is cute and I’m sure he has a very loving owner!

  101. For some reason this cat reminds me of the bus in my neighbor totoro ( )

  102. *SQUISH!* eee!! <3 so fluffy and full of love. :)

  103. Looks like Garfield’s been raiding Jon’s pantry again.

  104. Michelle says:

    Oh, look! Seems his personal trainer put him on a strict exercise and low carb program. I’ve heard he’s already back into his size 7 spandex bicycle shorts! Whew. And I thought I was going to have to call the ASPCA:

  105. I just hope this “Bruiser”
    is healthier than he looks!!!

  106. Michelle! Sweeet!! It didn’t even occur to me…

    :: bows down ::

  107. theo u rock!

  108. His tail doesn’t match the rest of him. He looks like he squashed a racoon!

  109. I have a 20 pound diabetic, neutered, male cat. He gets 1/3 cup diabetic prescription food twice a day, no treats, no other types of food.

    We play with the laserpointer, take him on walks (yes, with a harness), and have play times of 30 minutes each 5 times a week.

    He’s still 20 lbs.

    He’s insulin levels are maintained, his sugars are in normal ranges. It’s just how he is. Other than the diabetes he is a very healthy, happy, spoiled fatty who enjoys being larger than most small dogs.

    Our pets have such short lives. As long as the pet is truly not overfed, is properly cared for with good food, vaccinations, and neutering (or spaying) let it live it’s life. Very few cats and dogs are fortunate enough to find loving homes with people who take care of their pets properly. The ones that do are lucky indeed.

  110. No way he is 182. o.O

  111. rainbow says:

    hunk-a-hunk-a burning love. just want to bury my face in the soft fluffy belly love.

  112. kitcata says:

    “Regarding fat kitties, I had two cats who ate out of the same food bowl and one was slim while the other was a porker.”
    One was clearly getting more food than the other one. Just because they ate out of the same bowl doesn’t mean they were eating the same amount. One could still have been hoarding more food.

    “This cat’s weight has nothing to do with the irresponsibility of the owner–some cats are just hefty.”
    Sure it has to do with the irresponsibility of the owner. Some cats are just hefty, but also sme cats are just overfed. It’s the same as with humans. It can have something to do with genes, and a lot to do with diet too. Neither was my answer absolutely true, nor is yours. I was just appalled at the fact that people find cat obesity funny. Whether it’s genes or owner neglect, the cat still needs some help. And as for “hefty” this cat is not just big-boned. It’s not like he/she is a Maine Coon. Those cats are “hefty” large cats. That cat simply looks obese.

    If the cat is actually sick through no fault of the owner, then I take back what I said about owner neglect, but it just seems like the first possibility. Either way, the sad state of the cat’s health is not a funny issue.

  113. kitcata says:

    Doods, that is not a fat cat. THIS is a fat cat:

    Just sent in by Megan K.

    Holy smokes!”

    Totally. That one really is a fat cat. Now I think this one is skinny in comparison. They’re both cute and deserve all the love possible anyway, but I just wish they didn’t seem so unhealthy. Poor kitties.

  114. wt. That’s not a kitten (the source URL must be wrong), it’s a pillow, or a horse, or something.

  115. freddy freddy says:

    what does ur owner feed u??

  116. awww come on, it’s cute. You’re all over analysing the whole thing. I have a 15 pound cat, and yes, he’s a fat ass, but he’s also 17 years old, which is pretty old. He’s been fat pretty much all his life, but that’s the way he is, and it’s fun to cuddle with him..he’s like a big fluffy pillow thing. Besides, I’d rather see an immensely obese kitty than an immensely obese person.

  117. To assume this cat is unhealthy is a stretch (pun intended). I have a 16 year old cat who my vet calls “robust” (to avoid offending the cat, of course). I have asked repeatedly if she needs to be on a diet, the answer is always no…vet says she is healthy and happy. Just “robust”. 🙂

    She is a relatively large-boned cat & stocky, so it apparently is just her body type.

    Meanwhile, I always worry about my other cat because she is so “petite” (not unhealthy, just a small cat). The vet tells me she is healthy as well – not bony, just a bitty kitty.

    HOWEVER, my older cat does not eat all the food (there is always plenty). The younger one is just concerned about her girlish figure, apparently.

    I had a small, skinny cat before who eventually died from kidney cancer, which he apparently suffered from most of his life (although he seemed healthy so he was not diagnosed until 6 months prior to the end o his life). So you never know…

  118. this cat is cute!! I bet if it rolled over, stood up, and walked around, it wouldn’t be as fat. Maybe it’s just really stretched out.

  119. I have two cats. One is thin, the other is, well, not. We went to an all wet food diet, and the older, thin one’s tummy couldn’t take it. So we went to part dry and part wet. The chubby one is still chubby, and the thin one is close to average. Can someone please tell me how to feed the cats differently? Because if you can come up with a way to do that, I’m sure you’ll make a mint.

  120. ayy fatty bum boom!

  121. All of you who say having a fat cat is cruel have never owned a fat cat. I have a cat that weighs 20 lbs. Very much overweight but she is very healthy otherwise. She doesn’t eat that much but gets very little exercise. It’s kind of hard to make a cat exercise. Have you ever tried to do that? 🙂

  122. Some people are getting waaaay too upset about this. Sure, the cat could probably use some exercise…but having the owners ARRESTED?

    It’s not like they’re feeding the thing Cheetos. The only way a cat could get that fat is if it had caring owners who feed it enough. It might be an older cat that’s starting to slow down. He also just looks like a big cat, maybe a Maine Coon, and the fact that s/he’s all spread out probably makes him/her look larger than s/he really is.

    I had an overweight cat who lived healthily and happily and subsisted on DIET cat food for a couple of years without losing a pound before she was pts (cancer). Overweight cats are like overweight people…sure, some of them got that way through poor eating habits, but some of them just tend to gravitate around a higher “set point” than the rest of us.

  123. One of the things that worries me in this thread is the apparent glorification of fat by some people. I know there are some conditions that lead to obesity, as in humans, but it seems to me that, like humans, there is a greater percentage of fat cats in the USA than there is in the UK. I have lived around cats for all my life, and have only ever SEEN one cat that is fat. I think it’s to do with lifestyle, and a ‘fat’ culture.

    You CAN exercise your cat, cats CAN be trained not to pester their owners for food, most cat obesity CAN be treated by proper diet and exercise. I apologise if you’ve truly done everything to bring his weight down, but Meg, Please PLEASE start learning how to make him slim again. There’s plenty of material on the web if you choose to look for it.

  124. spacedcowgirl says:

    One of our cats is a 7-year-old calico and one is a two-year-old black longhair. They have two food bowls, one diet and one regular. I add 1/2 cup to each bowl each night. There is always food left (they both “graze” rather than eating meals). They usually get 1-2 Pounce treats a day too, but no table scraps or anything. Yet Saima (the calico) is probably up to 14 lbs. (that is even with the increased exercise she has been getting by sumo wrestling with the kitten) and Freya (the kitten) is about 6-7. I mean, granted Saima probably eats more than Freya in the final analysis. But they both appear to be eating the amount they want. Nobody is gorging (they just wander in sometime after I pour the food and have a snack, then wander back out and eat more later) and nobody is begging me for food. I just really can’t get too upset about it. The vet once told me to cut Saima’s food to 1/4 cup a day, but a) now she would just eat the kitten’s food, and b) said vet’s office seemed to contain an awful lot of kitties so thin I could see their ribs. So I ignored her. Anyway, does anyone have any statistics on how often obesity in cats leads to the complications that have been described in the first place? Saima’s life expectancy has got to be far better than if she were an outdoor cat, and she’s happy and her movement is not hampered at all. So who cares?

  125. amy/lydia says:

    That cat is the biggest one ive ever seen in my life. Was he really born that way or what? Freaky……..

    how many pounds did he weigh when he was born?

  126. anonymous says:

    it’s abusive to overfeed your cat. people think it’s cute, but it’s really just lame and sad.

  127. lol the chub-ness its killin me!!!!
    it looks like something out of an anime

  128. how can anyone be so mean to an animal????????
    fat animals are not happy animals….