Prepare for your brain to be invaded…

…by this impossibly redonkulous Guinea Pig Philosophy of Life Song. I hesitated to post this, but this penetrating, horrible-arrangement-of-a-song-with-no-real-ending creepy-crawled into my brain over the weeks, begging to be posted. I have annoyed all peeps within earshot—completely. And just what the hell is "Timothy Hay" anyway!?


Bart T…. Bart T…. Bart T… Look what you’ve done. Oh and yes, I can "dig it."



  1. chunkstyle says:

    Yes!!!! Made my friday, so hilarious…or redonkulous as the kids say. My favorite is when he says “Vitamin CEEEE”

  2. *goes to open up a bottle of wine*
    Now this _really_ calls for the w/e to start…

  3. It’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to. I give it a 10.

  4. Oh, too true…

    catchy song and I already suspect I will be humming it all day.

  5. Statler & Waldorf says:
  6. michelle says:

    cute. but I think there are some evil messages imbedded in that song.

  7. The only guinea pig I know is nowhere near as friendly as that song suggests.

  8. maymee, my sis says that all the time! And I’m liking the nice pig showing lately. It’s about time!

  9. lol timothy hay… those piggies loves it, but who IS this Timothy, and why does he get his own type of hay?

  10. My background as a farm kid allows me to inform you that timothy hay is just a variety made from timothy grass. It’s sort of fancy, expensive hay for high-stylin’ cows and such. And, apparently, guinea pigs.

  11. Hey, what’s the direct link? I want to forward this. Please and thank you!

  12. toshiro_mifune says:

    It’s cute, but nothing can compare to the awsome might of Kitty cat dance

  13. ah, takes me back to the old hamsterdance days…

  14. StormCat says:

    Toshiro, I had JUST gotten that Kitty song out of my head about two weeks… Thanks, now I have to start all over again!!!

    “Dance, I’m a kitty Kat and I meow meow meow, meow meow meow”…


  15. StormCat says:

    And he mentions his little feet!!!! OH gosh, I think my Cute-O-Meter just went over the top!!!

  16. i know TWO “timothy hays”es, neither of whom have had the pleasure of being nibbled by guinea pigs.

  17. Staler and Waldorf, you’re absolutely right! 😉

  18. Christ in a chicken basket…that’s some funny pig.

    Thanks also for the use of the term “redonkulous,” which deserves far wider recognition. What’s more ridiculous than ridiculous? Redonkulous, of course!

    And as for the probable rhetorical query…timothy hay is also called timothy grass, and there’s a picture here:

  19. Toshiro….thanks….now I have THAT one in my head. And in response to to that, I give you this.

    And the guinea pig is cute…for a pig.

  20. as for the kitty cat dance, this piggy has been doing a good impression in his own dance:

  21. Jan Spencer says:

    TOO FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS! MY CO WORKERS WANTED TO KNOW WHAT I WAS LAUGHING AT. (they want to take me away in a straight jacket I think)

  22. LOL! Timothy hay – diet staple. Looks nasty to me, but indeed the GP considers it a muy tasty treat to be nibbled (or rather, inhaled at barely sub-light speed).
    And curse all of you for getting Kitty-cat stuck in my brain once again! Curses I say!

  23. E. Collison says:

    Oh, you should never have held out on us, Meg! This is as much fun as that ILoveEgg song – love the chorus pics, too. (But that unresolved ending bothers me, too.)

    “It’s all about meeeeee!!!”

  24. Aaaaaaaaaaaghh my headache is back now….

    Seriously — wait, no, wrong word. *Honestly,* this ranks right up there with that Llama Llama Duck animation.

  25. E. Collison says:

    I can’t stop hitting “replay” – what have you DONE to me (us)????!!!

  26. Jan Spencer says:

    Meg…it’s caught in my head now, that song…anyone else???

  27. that person totally read my pigs mind. He knows he has me wrapped around his little piggy paw.

  28. Ahh my friend Bonnie made that of her guinea pig Bing! (

    Timothy Hay is what guinea pigs eat, it is a grass hay.

  29. it’s fun to record it and play it in slow motion to hear the original. hahaha.

  30. OH MY GOD! I was laughing so hard at work my co workers though I lost my mind! I EVEN snorted! That is hysterical. This site is EVIL I tell you, pure evil!

  31. Katrina says:

    Bing is the best. I’ve seen his videos loads of times. He and his videos are popular and well known to guinea pigs lovers! :p

  32. Oh, man, that was hideous.

  33. and i just lost my sanity….now. my coworkes think i should have my computer taken away becuse of all the giggling. curse you CU! curse the cuteness!

  34. Eh… it was kinda creepy :-p

  35. ShadowBlasko says:

    Bing rocks. My guinea pigs know that Bing is their spokespiggie, and worship him. (Well, that and the girls all think he is dreamy!)

    Veggies and Timothy for all!

  36. While we’re on the subject of stick-in-the-head songs:

  37. Well, I’m flummoxed!!

  38. Ok, WOW. That was weird.

  39. I love it! It made me smiley – so cute!

  40. omg that is freaking retarded

  41. and cute in a scary way

  42. Cuter than the Llama song! and just as infectious!

  43. Dustbunny says:

    Darcy, that badger song is weirdly hypnotic. In a very disturbing kind of way : P

  44. army kitten says:

    i just don’t even know what to say. but this does start the weekend off right!

    it’s all about meeeeeeeeee!

  45. army kitten says:

    i just don’t even know what to say. but this does start the weekend off right!

    it’s all about meeeeeeeeee!

  46. I almost hate to post this one. Click the name link for the Sponge Monkeys…

  47. AAAAAAAHAHA! yeah that crazy thing came from my crazy little hands.

    so yeah. anyway. apologies to all who hated it or now have it stuck in your heads lollll and thanks all the Bing fans who posted above me!!!! I love you guys! Hugs from the Binger.

  48. Katrina says:

    Its the best thing ever!!! People who don’t like it are losers. lol. How can you not like it???

  49. Editorial comment to AuntieMame and Joel Veitch:

  50. I played the song backwards and listened to it. Now I worship Satan.

    All Hail Satan!

  51. Dustbunny says:

    I played the song backwards too, but now I worship Santa.

  52. I want the link so I can send it all over, too!!! Who has it???

  53. That is soooooo wonderful!!

  54. SICK!

  55. That link is not working!

  56. adrianna says:

    i keep finding myself drawn to that piggy’s song.

  57. I LOVE this piggy vid!
    Too bad there’s no credit given to it’s creator

  58. Bing is the Best! My Pig Henry was featured in his “Bing Cavy” Video.

  59. E. Collison says:

    Gads – I know all the lyrics to this song now!

    Luv the vids, Bonnie. I guess I’ve been brainwashed into thinking “The Guinea Pig Way.”

  60. It’s a conspiracy of cute creatures to enslave us! I knew it all along! Now if you’ll excuse me, I must fetch my ax and tinfoil hat and go slay some vile guinea pigs.

  61. Evelina says:

    The piggy song is my new favourite. I listen to it every dayyyy!

    By the wayyyy…
    Timothy hay is called Timotej in Swedish…

  62. the guinea pig song is amazing! not only did it inspire me to live the guinea pig waaaaaay and skyrocket me out of a 3-year depression, but it converted my self-consciously male housemate to cuteoverload! he likes the hamsters best!

  63. Mama Cat says:

    I love this hamster thing, it gets in your head…takes over your thoughts….by the way, I LOVE the kitty cat dance too. I sing that to my cats all the time.

  64. Hypnotic pig! MiNd CoNtRoL!

  65. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    I didn’t know Timothy Hay was a type of Hay o-o;; I always thought it was that Guinea Pig’s owner ow sumtin lol.