Is this little guy’s schnozzle almost the biggest thing about him? Baby Pan-Pan in an incubator. Thanks to Natalie "I Won’t Rest Until You Post This" I.


P.S. Hello, curved back leg action!



  1. Pan-cubator!!!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Awww! Another entry for the “cute nostrils” category.

    He’s working so hard to crawl to the edge of the incubator box! Ehn!

  3. Panda pushups.

  4. Keep fighting, my monochomatic friend, keep fighting.

  5. elephantitus of the muzzle!

    that back leg is a trip, I must admit : )

  6. Subhangi says:

    OMG! So *little* and so *cuuuuuute*!!!


  7. piggyphish says:

    thats so not cute. sorry, but its not.

    is it just me?

  8. I have to agree with piggyphish that this is just sort’ve…..not cute.

  9. Gillian says:

    That’s a face only a mother could love if ever I’ve seen one.

  10. It’s actually kinda scary looking, but I’d still cuddle it because it looks like it needs the love.

    Oh, alright! I’m going to bed already, sheesh! If y’all could only hear the scolding I’m getting right now…Cats!

  11. Hey, GREAT talking cats at:

    😀 Can’t.. stop.. repeating.. it.

  12. Not cute.

  13. I’ve never seen such a tiny little baby panda before! LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FEETS!

  14. Cute……..tho it’ll be cuter in a couple of weeks…bless this lil babe!

  15. Aww! Poor little thing! ;-; It must all be so hard…

  16. oh has to be really tiny.. pandas are lovely

  17. keep feeling inc-u-bay-shon
    warmish bear-tocks
    growing strong
    keep feeling inc-u-bay-shon
    sniffing squinting
    inching on

  18. michelle says:

    I vote cute — especially when you consider the little guy/gal is probably a 5/6 inches long!!!

  19. michelle says:

    not 5/6 in, but 5 to 6 inches 🙂

  20. upward facing panda!

  21. Sweet little fuzzy-wuzzy baby-waby.

  22. Oh my GOSH.

    It doesn’t look real.

  23. and btw Mike G. I think he’s “dichromatic”. . .although thinking about it more, you may be right.

    It actually might be more like non-chromatic.

  24. Jan Spencer says:

    He is precious…any fur baby is precious.

  25. Beauregard says:

    The curved leg- it’s like a cheez curl! Cute!

  26. Move over Butterstick
    There’s a new Panda in town…

  27. Oh man. All I can think about is letting that little fuzzers walk on my back and give me back scratches with those itty-bitty claws.

  28. Villeline says:

    Cotton wad fluff!

  29. It’s cute because it’s a tiny helpless animal. I have a feeling it would be cuter in motion, though. 🙂 That big schnozz cracks me up.

    …good grief, I’ve just commented on cute overload. I’m going soft…

  30. Proof positive that every species has its “awkward” phase, humans have their teens, pandas have this. I call it cosmic balance, pandas already have huge cute factor as adults. It relieves me that at some point they have less sway over the internal cute button they so merciless push in me later. I suspect however if it makes some adorable little baby sound I would be screwed. DAMN the panda mind control!

  31. Yes, pandas are cute, including this severely awkward little preemie. His weird little crimped hair is even cute. Soon, he will be even cuter, rolly polly-ing around with bamboo in it’s mouth. Makes life worth living.

  32. Finn—briliant! Thanks for getting *that* song stuck in my head now. Thanks.

  33. E. Collison says:

    More baby pandas! More!!!

  34. Love ugly-cute baby animals! Poor little thing… Go lil’ panda, go! Ehn…!

  35. rainbow says:

    i am boarding a plane this second to be a kindergarten teacher for pandas.

  36. “Hello, curved back leg action!”

    This quote is the perfect icing on said pasty of cute-itude.

  37. Ralph–

    Nice yoga reference. Is it “pandasana”, do you think?

  38. Very cute! Look at the massive claws compared to his body! lol!

  39. I LOVE baby pandas. They’re even cuter when they’re newborns, all wrinkly and pink. They’re about as big as a stick of butter… it’s amazing to watch their mothers holding them in their palm.

    For more amazing panda goodness, check out the Panda Cam:

  40. lol… I actually dont find it so cute :\ i do love pandas though! but, club feet = cute?

  41. Tiia’s talking demon cats have totally freaked me out. Plus, I’m jealous none of my cats can do that.

  42. Natalie "I Won't Rest Until You Post This" I says:

    ** covers little baby Pan-Pan’s ears**

    Dudes and Dudettes, come on now… Let’s be a little more sensitive here. This panda is so unbelievably cute it makes me want to scream…


  43. Fall;;Out;;Boy says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    my head just imploded
    sooooooooo cuuuute!!
    < <<<<3333333

  44. evil_muffin says:

    O.o errrrm. it’s kinda ugly.
    annnnnd it’s leg gives me the creeps O.O in a few weeks it might be cute, but now it’s not >.>

  45. On (in Stinkoman 20X6) Pan-Pan is a fat panda. This is cute, but not fat! Still,

  46. omg




    love the shnoozle