Welcome to Cuddlefest 2006

Where everyone wins, Yay!

honkshu, honkshu, honkshu [tiniest snore sound]


Thank you Theo, Mr. Linktastic!



  1. oh my gosh. that is too amazingly perfect.

    animals are incredible in their capacity for love–both for humans and each other.

    and isn’t that kitten’s tiny open mouth the best!

  2. Oh yeah… I’ve seen this one before. Got it in an email and it was so cute I actually downloaded it.

    I LOVE that little open kitten mouth.

    I’m suddenly feeling very sleepy.

  3. omg…. seriously.. like i had to just stop and stare…. that makes my bad mood melt.. at least a little. i love kitties. <3

  4. why can’t my cats be like this????????????!?

    i’d be much kinder & gentler i’m sure.

  5. melissa says:

    Thank you so much for this, and all the other unbearably cute photos and great commentary. I don’t know how I used to make it through the day without you, Cute Overload. You just make me so happy!

  6. I just sent this my boyfriend and was like “hey baby, down for some of this action toight? Oh yeah”

  7. Oooooof! I can feel the heat radiating from the center of their cuddle! Meep!

  8. leah, i am right with you. our PHP programmer is looking like a good snugglemate right now…

    BAD C.U. BAD!

  9. mejezabel says:

    Is that kitty wearing kitty slippers!!?? (check lower right of photo)

  10. OMG — They’re Tigger slippers! Too much…

  11. snug snug snug snug

  12. Love love love love love love!
    …the KITTIES!

    Sooooooo welcome.

  13. Cute Core reaching critical mass!!!!1111

  14. hug me hug me hug me hug me

  15. this picture is so fantastic, it makes me want to get a cat just so i can take a nap with it.

  16. Oh let this picture be burnt on my retina for ever..*goes all mushy*

  17. This pic makes me want to call my mom and tell her that I love her.

  18. while this photo is adorable, cat snoring is not. my cat snores. It took us a while to figure out what the noise was when we first started hearing it.

    that being said, I now feel all warm and tingly inside. And my supervisor makes fun of me for going to this website…

  19. Tigger slippers! And cute kitties!

    *melts out of chair*

  20. great. now i have to have them. i wonder if i could hide a kitty from my very allergic roomates?hmmm.

  21. Ponygirl says:


  22. rainbow says:

    it’s the arm/paw over the baby one that just kills me. now i want to go home and snuggle with my kitty boys. purrrrrrrrrrr

  23. Awwwww…. I wanna wittle kitty to snuggle wif..

  24. “Five more minutes Mom!”

    Hits snooze button.

  25. Jan Spencer says:

    My long hair grey cat snuggles with me, she lies next to me in bed, and I put my hand/arm around her, and then she takes one paw, puts it under my hand, and her other paw, and puts it on top of my hand, like she is holding my hand…and then she sighs, and does the teeniest little kitty snore. OMG I wuv my kitties! (runs from computer and snuggles with them!)

  26. When my kitty was a baby, he used to snore and it sounded more like a ‘honk-meewww’. Literally. Adorable.

  27. Adrienne says:

    EEE!! These kitties are the bestest! I want to have a nap and snuggle something now!

  28. Mister Bounce is a world-class nap buddy. We luvs him. Although… he does like to do a lot of pacing back and forth on top of you for 30 minutes before he sits his fuzzy ass down, then does Happy Paws for another 10 (prickle prickle), and then of course there’s all the damn drooling.

    Still. We very much luvs him.

  29. A friend just sent me this and I thought of you…


  30. My Maude snores. At first it was cute, this little wheezy kitty snore you could only hear if you got really quiet and listened. With practice, however, she’s gotten really really loud, to the point where sometimes it actually wakes me from a dead sleep. And if it doesn’t quite wake me it creeps into my sleeping mind and I dream about it. I actually had a dream once about some deranged bird making horrible noises outside my window, and when I woke up it was just Maude.

    Whattayaknow, she’s sleeping near me now and she just started to snore. How did she know?

  31. No fair, my cats don’t sleep with me, they sleep ON me. I need to reprogram my cats that I am not FURNITURE! Oh sure they look all cute and adorable until their evil plans come to fruition. Dare to fall asleep around them and they will gently climb on top of you only to doze off and when you foolishly roll over in the night then…. BAM… you become a human pin cushion! (I have the scars to prove it.) I love my evil lap-slutting, foot-attacking, panic-attack ridden, nuclear poop machines. They may be evil demons in cute little cat suits but they are my demons… *pout*.. just wish when they look like little angels all snuggled together I didn’t know that they are really hatching world domination plans by osmosis! Don’t be fooled by their crafty cuteness or we are all DOOOOOOMED!


  32. ++++++++

    this picture killed to me


  33. E. Collison says:

    I think Meg is actually trying to hypnotize us with these photos of sleeping cats and pups. “You’re getting sleepy… you’re getting *very* sleepy…”

    After seeing this pic + the one below it, I literally ended up taking a nap. 😉

  34. M- I could not stop laughing. I stayed with a friend of mine for a couple of weeks and her cat would sleep with her but then she would wake up around 2:00 a.m. and go nuts all over the apartment.

  35. My fiance showed me this picture early in our relationship. How could I NOT fall in love with him?

  36. My husband showed me this one when I was pregnant with my son. It’s a wonder the resultant hormonal overload didn’t cause me to spontaneously combust.

    Several dozen light-years from Earth, alien communications devices are picking up the sound of my delighted “SQUEEEE!!”


  37. holy fuck, i want to be a cat

  38. That’s insanely cute. Showstopper right there.

  39. Caitlyn says:

    OMG. The cute little kitten…with the little open mouth…I am dead. That is so cute I can barely handle it.

  40. God, I love this Website.

  41. oh, this makes me think of my 19 yr old kitty who died last July. I wuvved her so much and she slept with me like that, her head on my shoulder and her little arm stretched across my chest. Time for ni’-ni’ my sweetie…i send her a little spirit hug…

  42. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww. I want my mommy and daddy.

  43. This is so cute, I’m not even sure if I want to bang my head or run around screaming.

  44. AuntieMame says:

    “But Mama, I’m not sleepy! Leggo! I wanna get u…*snozz*…”

  45. Curlygirl says:

    How completely adorable is that picture?!!!! They have to be the happiest looking cats I’ve ever seen!

  46. I think that’s the best one on the site so far!!

    I can’t imagine anyone looking at it and not instinctively saying “Awwwwwwwwwwww!”

  47. IP-EH01B-5Q1D3-J1MP4-D404M-785764

  48. his widdo mowf be opennn!!! nyeeeee!

  49. my cats hate each other. why can’t they be like this?!?

  50. mer. whdddddd. mer. whdddddd. mer. whddddddd. mer. whdddddd.

  51. Is this LOVE or what?!?!

  52. Marianne says:

    I want to join in!

  53. AAAHHHH!
    Cutest. Thing. EVER.

    I shared this in my online journal and it lifted many spirits. Hooray!

  54. en español:

    increíble la foto.
    demasiada ternura en una imagen.

  55. Andreas says:

    + listens too Natasha Bedingfield – I Bruise Easily + falls asleep right now +

  56. I don’t think those are Tigger slippers, I think it’s a Tigger stuffed animal lying on the bed with the kitties.

    If someone can tell me where this photo came from, who the photographer is, etc. — I’d be interested to hear it. As the person named for bringing it to Meg’s attention, it just seems like I ought to know, at the very least.

    Thank you thank you honkshu…

  58. i love your blog, the photos are great!

  59. eeehehehe!! the little tongue is sticking out!!
    so cute! :((

  60. its so CUTE – well derr
    i wishi was the big cat and i was cuddling my fluffy baby!