Oh Puh-lease!

Did you think you were just gonna waltz on to the grass and pull a pose like that and think no one would notice? Oh this is just GREAT.


Guster, the WonderPup, thank you.



  1. JessJess says:

    *rubs the adorable puppy belly*

  2. Jen Letourneau says:

    Dance with my darling!!

  3. Lauren C says:

    It’s like the puppy’s saying “you know you can’t resist me…”

    …and I can’t. *sigh*

  4. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    So sweet and innocent. How could a person resist this little one.

  5. “All right, lay back on the grass (*click!*) … toss your ears back a little (*click!*) … that’s good (*click!*) … now reach for me, reach for me (*click!*) … no, the other paw (*click!*) … work with me here, work with me (*click!*) … that’s it, perfect (*click!*) … now give me that look (*click!*) … yesssss, there’s the magic (*click!*) … who’s a good girl? Who’s a goody-good girl? (*click!*)”

  6. Puffy puppy paws! Delicious!

  7. How’s this for seductive?

  8. Awww, wittle puppy baby with floppy ears!
    *kisses puppy on the nose*

  9. is this the same guy who was running with the stick?

  10. Alright, that does it. New Rule of Cuteness #17: Pet Pornography.

  11. StormCat says:



    You’re killin’ me here…You know that right? You’re absolutly killin’ me!!!!

  12. Aaaah, to rub that precious little chest and belly…what rarified pleasure that must be!

  13. my puppy does that a lot, but i’ve never seen her from THIS view!it’s like laying on the grass with the puppy

  14. Hey Meg — is Mike on the list to get a hamster T yet? Or maybe a really sweet camera, at the very least?

  15. those feet are crying out to be held in my hands and SQUISHED!!!!

  16. The Guy Over There says:

    Didn’t Paula Abdul do that same pose for her “Promise of a New Me” music video?

    The Guy Over There approves of this new, cuter version!

  17. mejezabel says:

    Siren Song

    Puppy siren ~ I cannot resist your call.
    Giant paws of love beckon me
    then anerably stomp on my heart
    Velvety ears of trianglarness
    so coy, so aloof

    Oh sweet puppy siren,
    show me not that pink fat belly
    For I have not strength to walk away.

  18. toes – tickle the toes!

  19. Jessica says:

    oh my goodness what a pose! this must be the new cover of puppy playboy with “ginger” on the cover. she is quite lovely. I mean, look at those eyes! not to mention that puppy tummy. Oh its going to be a good issue this month!

  20. Ever heard that petting a dog lowers blood pressure?

    well this pup is raising mine by looking at this pic and being angery i dog have a doggie JUST like him! 😀

  21. Typo… “i DONT have a dog just like him.”


    V( .. )V
    ( o )
    (“) (“)

  22. :bows down before mejezabel:

  23. step aside kate moss, this little bitch is gonna be the new face of modelling

  24. S: Yes! I heard that in my head as Tyra Banks’ voice.

  25. rainbow says:

    resistance is futile

  26. mejezabel says:

    (blink blink blink)

  27. I feel like she should be the Pups Illustrated covergirl.

  28. E. Collison says:

    The paws are too much!

  29. E. Collison says:

    “Ear flop” should be a new Rule of Cuteness™ …

  30. spiffster says:

    ohhh that is just so adorable! and that stop taking pics of me look is just to die for!

  31. That one is in heaven. XD

  32. yes, i aggree, ear floppyness SHOULD be a new rule of cuteness. another one should be “the pinkyness of the paws factor” 😛

  33. hey!
    this pic is soo sweet 🙂
    i love it!!
    i have a pup, too.
    he is 12 weeks old and i love him!!!
    i love dogs *fg*