Just the Two of Us

OK, maybe I’ve had too much wine tonight, but this *really* makes sense right now, and I’m crankin’ the Bill Withers:

I see the crystal raindrops fall
And see the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you some time
And I want to spend some time with you


Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us, just the two of us [mice singing backup]
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I


We look for love, no time for tears
Wasted water’s all that is
And it don’t make no flowers grow
Good things might come to those who wait
Not to those who wait too late
We got to go for all we know


Just the two of us
Just the two of us
We can make it, just the two of us
[mice singing backup]
Let’s get together, baby

Just the two of us
Just the two of us
We can make it, just the two of us

Just the two of us

We can make it, just the two of us
[again with the mice]


[Repeat last two lines to fade]

Paul S. Here’s to you!



  1. omg lol sooooo cute

  2. And I was just thinking, “Cute Overload needs more guinea pigs!”


  3. JessJess says:

    GUINEA PIGS!!! *cries* I miss my guinea pigs that passed away years ago. They are the sweetest little things, mine would always snuggle with me and eat vegetables out of my mouth and give me little guinea pig kisses.

  4. adrianna says:


  5. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww. Cute guinea pigs accompanied by a love song. I’m in tears.

  6. Those two are almost as cute as my guinea pigs. I love the little guinea pig lips!

  7. Oh the cuteness!!!!

  8. Cutest. Guinea pigs. Ever.

  9. Aaaaahhhhhh! I am in the same boat as JessJess! I miss my guineas! Moogie would snuggle under my chin and watch TV with me. Loafy was my big baby. GPs are so sweet.

  10. What a cute baby you have!!! i think they are pretty alike. http://www.qoobee.com check it out…:)

  11. Guinea pig lips are pretty cute – perhaps only slightly cuter than guinea pig ears.

  12. meggums, is your hunny away?

    do you need Rufus?

  13. Awww they lub each other. <3

  14. PIGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Guy Over There says:

    …and yet, I can hear “The Great Escape” theme playing in the background as I look at them, trench climbing through the ravines of blankety hills to escape detection from the enemy.

    Fight hardy, yon piglets! America is counting on you! And we’re counting on you to buy war bonds!

  16. Jessica says:

    piggy nosies!!

  17. Gah — Meg — deliver me from the *70s* !!

    (Kidding. This is sublime and a gigglefest.)

  18. Oh jeez — Guy Over There, and Finn — L to the O to the motor-scootin’ L.

    I am going to get NO work done today.

  19. thats the way
    uh huh, uh huh
    i like it
    uh huh, un huh


    I miss my babies now! <3 Cute O was in definite need of more cavies.

    I am in complete squee mode now.
    /me dances around.

  21. Katrina says:

    awwww I love guinea piggies! I have fourteen at the moment 😀 They are so snuggly and lovely pets!!!

  22. StormCat says:

    Great, now I’ll be singing that song for the rest of the day!!! ARGH!!!

    BUT those little piddys are sooooo cute!!!!!!

  23. Why work when you can look at tickley piglet whiskers?

  24. Bastidges! All of youse!

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  25. AAAIIEEEEE!!! Guinea induced coma!!

  26. This one almost made me cry it was so good.

    My Mom used to sing that song to me when I was itty bitty, good mo’ fo’ times.

    Meg. YOU ROCK!

  27. Oh the little guinea-pig-nose! Awwww, love it! <3

  28. mejezabel says:

    OH MY GOD!!

    Guinea Pig NOSE!

  29. Meow House says:

    Piggie snouts of brown and pink
    Piggie love can make us think.
    If pigs can show show such true devotion
    Cannot mankind make similar motion?

  30. Jan Spencer says:

    (In Chris Rock voice from Dr. Dolittle)
    “do a little dance,
    make a little love,
    get down tonight! Get down tonight!”

  31. from the sublime, to the ridiculous.

    Cute Overload, I Love You.

  32. Yay! W00T! Yay!

  33. Bonus! March is national “Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month”

    So if you can provide a good home – why not jump in? Cuteness awaits!

  34. third picture is definitly the cutest! (even though there’s just one) <3!!

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Nose! And lips! Looks like a little old man. Hee!

  36. E. Collison says:

    That little downturned mouth in the final pic is something else!

  37. They are so precious! Now I want to post pictures of my baby pigglet

  38. Meg, there’s gotta be a new category: Animal Lips.

  39. Er..I mean Rule of Cuteness.

  40. Marty — two words of caution: CHIMP LIPS.

  41. goodie.

    sorry, denita.

  42. Thank you for the piggies! Piggie lips are the cutest thing ever.

  43. Aw, the brown piggie looks just like my little Wilbur (here with his big brother Cesar): http://www.radicalmirrors.com/albums/Peegs/peegsmooch.jpg

  44. I love piggies! This makes me want to leave work right now and play with my pig.

  45. AW! my sis had a guinie pig that was black and white. i just wanted to SQUEEZE these little guys till their eyes poped out!!! 😀

  46. Beastie poigs!

  47. Do guinea pigs bite? My cousin had one and he always looked dirty and was wild.. Mommy wanted one but was afraid because our hamster would always bite her and she didn’t want another pet she couldn’t snuggle with.

  48. adrianna says:

    they have such worried-looking eyes.

  49. That’s because they know they’re food.

    (My goodness, was that *me* saying that? Tut tut.)

  50. Alexandra says:

    OMG, I *MUST* put my patriotic piggie Tiger on this site!!!! {she was born 7/4/05}TOO BLEEPIN’ CUTE!!!!!

  51. head explodes

  52. there is beauty in the bellow of the ginny pig!
    there is grandeur in the growling of the kitty!
    there is elequent outporing when the birdy is a roaring and the puppy is a-lashing of his tail

  53. In response to Taco – of the five guinea pigs I’ve had, only one has ever been a biter. And she only ever bit when she was startled or upset, which was rare. My last guy, Zippy, was the sweetest creature in the world and had a GREAT personality; very friendly and cuddly. He loved people and would stand on his hind legs and squeal when I came home. He passed away a couple of years ago, and I still tear up about it!

  54. Basically, be nice to that animal, and it wont’ bite you O_O And by be nice I mean bonding with it and letting it know you’re not dangerous.
    Nothing is born a ‘biter’ or a ‘tamed’ pet, they all according to need. ^_^ I have had 6 hamsters and currently having my 7th. A lot of people are like: But hamsters bite and nip ..etc! o_o my hamsters have never bit me before…just treat them right and they’ll do the same ^_~

  55. AWWWW! The nose-and-lips closeup is what did me in!

  56. sock monster says:

    they’re soooo adorable! i absolutely love their beady black eyes and little pointed noses.

  57. Their eyes are so huge and liquid! They really look like best buddies. Awwww.

  58. That tan and white one reminds me of our “Guinevere”. RiP

  59. Yay! More pigs!!!! I love them 🙂

  60. “i neeeed them. i need them or i will expload. that happens to me sometimes.” my feelings best expressed through gir.

  61. After seeing those lips I’m so happy I could pee. I think I’d be an environmental hazard if I saw that piggie munching some of his hay away. Geez. Some things actually ARE better than sex.

  62. yes! cuteoverload needs more guinea pigs!

  63. Luciane says:

    They´re so cute! I miss my guinea pigs…

  64. SO CUTE. Yay for cavy lurve!

  65. Curlygirl says:

    Had to post a comment cos these are my guineas! YEY! The brown one is Fidgit & the little ginger/white one is Gizmo (like the cute guy in gremlins!)You should see the pictures of them standing up -Fidgit has a fat belly – sooooo cute!!! Guinea pigs ROCK!

  66. These are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why, I just have an immense hatred for guinea pigs. They have those huge snouts and tiny beady eyes. Ick.

  67. Curlygirl says:

    Response to Blondi – You have to be the most miserableist person ever!!!

  68. Cute ones !!!

  69. Alex Sermon says:

    Ello paul, cant wait to look after the girls on friday .

  70. Anybody's says:

    Dear guinea pig lovers,

    Oh so cute guineas!!!!!!!!! I have one that looks just like the blackish one in the pic, and Wilbur too of course, pigs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. Anybody's says:

    Curlygirl, Pleeaasse!!!!!!!! Put your pigs in these pics standing up, your right,guinea’s rock!!!!!!!
    U rock,

    You need medical attention, how the hell can you say such a thing you miserable bastard!!!!! You say these things cause animals don’t like you and that’s why you hate them you miserable unwanted son of a bitch.
    Hate you,

  72. omg i have a guniea pig that looks exactly like the little brown his name is phisae hes so cute

  73. omg i have a guniea pig that looks exactly like the little brown his name is phisae hes so cute

  74. omg i have a guniea pig that looks exactly like the little brown his name is phisae hes so cute

  75. Curlygirl says:

    These are now famous piggies (hehehe :o) …a picture of them was used next to a little article about Cuteoverload in a Canadian magazine called Homemakers! Yey! You can see more pics of them at http://www.rockinguineas.co.uk

  76. Matthew Hanna says:

    OMG! I have the exact same guinea pig as the brown and white one! Mine even has the little black mark under his nose! The color pattern looks the same, the little tiny tuft of hair that pops up over the ears, and of course the cute wavy ears themselves! It is amazing! I adopted mine from the animal adoption league in MiddleTown, RI. He is named King Ghidorah or just Ghidorah for short. He and his buddy Mothra are living it up in their 5’x3′ double-decker cage.