Ceci n’est pas un snake

I am… not a snake. I am but a lizard. and I lof you.


Tori H, Baby, this goes out to you…



  1. Lindsay says:


    Reptilian cuteness! *squee!*

    That is utterly adorable. I have two leopard geckos myself, and can attest that – next to turtles – they’re the cutest damn scalies you can find! ~_^

  2. kikileo says:

    Uhhhh…you’ve definitely been lapping up the vino. Are you implying that the gecko plays guitar, hence the tabs?

  3. What a darling photo. And I love the webbiness of the front paws(claws, whatever).

  4. Michelle says:

    The upside is no one will be tempted to stuff this in their mouth. I’m not much of a reptile person, but I um… crinkly pink toes are kinda cute on just about any lil critter.

  5. won over says:

    strange. at first i thought this was a snake, and was like , “not cute.”

    but then i realized it was not a snake, and was all, “awww…”

  6. Just like us, they store fat in their tails.

  7. ¡Salud!

  8. And speaking as someone who’s watching the editing go on in real time — you’ve definitely had just the right amount of wine.

  9. look at the curly paw/hands. he’s so pround of himself with that smug grin and sparkly eye

  10. Aww, look at little grin. It’s like he’s saying – “Hi, mum!”

  11. Villeline says:

    *dies* That’s the prettiest little thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! 🙂

  12. Aww. What a sweet leopard gecko.

  13. if this guy tries to sell me auto insurance, i will buy it. he’s darling.

  14. Beauregard says:

    The fat tail, for some reason, kinda creeps me out. HOWEVER, I do think his little scrunched belly and silly claws are very cute. Not bad for a tipsy Meg!

  15. french girl says:

    should be writen like that

    Ceci n’est pas un snake

  16. ManekiNeko says:

    Only adding to their unbelievable cuteness are the following facts:
    – they are not scaly or slimy, but very soft and velvety, especially that plush fatty tail.
    – when the angle is right, you can look in one of their ears and clearly see light coming through; there’s only a thin membrane in between.
    Love. Them.

  17. snoopysnake says:

    Leopard geckos are darling! And if you think this one’s cute, you should see them when they are asleep. Especially the little baby ones! They have the sweetest little smiles on their faces, too. BTW, snakes are also cute! More reptile photos here, please!

  18. Touché! hic!

  19. Whoa, this lizzzzard totally thinks s/he’s a kitten. Aww. So fluffy (implied). And the caption is perfect, given the way the pic loads from the top down; I really did think it was going to be a snake for a bit.

    On another note (heh) — Kikileo — I play guitar a little, and you’ve totally lost me. Tabs? As in, tablature? Where do you get that? Mm-hmm… who’s been into the vino, now?

  20. (dangit, forgot to change the link again)

  21. Katiekins says:

    I’m sorry, I am just not feeling the reptiles. Not cute. I agree with Beauregard, the fat tail creeps me out as well.

  22. Yeahhhhh, I don’t dig on reptilians either. Basically, if it ain’t got fur or feathers, I ain’t interested, with the small exception of hairless cats. They’re freakin’ awesome.

  23. Further note — Kikileo — never mind, I figured it out. The comment was meant for the “Just the Two of Us” post, right?

  24. CurlyGirly says:

    Wahey! Leezard representation, and leopard geckos at that!!

    Reminds me of the two cuites I used to have …

  25. Not cute! Not cute! I put this in the same category as spiders and bugs.

  26. mejezabel says:

    And may I just add… what a lovley pedicure the person holding Sir Geck-O has. I am sure he appreciates it.

  27. To clear up some confusion– when I first saw this post, it was titled “Just the two of us,” with the lyrics and chords for the song, and the guinea pigs which now have that title and text were nowhere to be seen. Hence some of the early comments that make no sense now. It wasn’t entirely implausible that someone who’d been hitting the bottle might apply that title to this photo, given the expression on the gecko’s face.

  28. Snapszen says:

    This is not cute. I keep thinking about how his tail can snap off. Eww.

  29. That is not cute.

  30. Buttercuppica says:

    Awww! I love him! Scalies need love too…even though these guys aren’t really scaley…but still..awww

  31. I didn’t think this was cute at first, either…until i saw the little feets! 🙂

  32. AuntieMame says:

    That explains my confusion, Tina. Thanks!

    And I agree with everyone who said that they didn’t think it was cute until they saw the little hands and feet. I don’t know why it matters, but feet are cute.

    Otherwise, it would have been pretty rather than cute. (Except for that tail. Gahh!)

  33. E. Collison says:

    The tail is a bit much…

  34. Pleroma says:

    Is it . . . an insurance salesman?

  35. He just looks so happy and content. The little smile, the curled up feet, awww.

  36. Awww, just like my own little Inge. And, by the way, the tail is the best part. So soft and squishy.

  37. My apologies, kikileo, for the super bad netiquette of drinking and posting.


  38. AWWWWWW!!! *wispering to others on the board* Does he have a brother??? he is so darn cute!!! oh! and he looks so heathy! (and clean for a lizzard) i favor snakes myself, but this little guy is almost as good! 😀

  39. EEE! I love scalies! Bring on the scalies! X3

  40. oh, so sweet… my leopard gecko just passed away last month so this picture just made my day.

  41. falnfenix says:

    i agree with bluephoenix…more scalies!!!

  42. He’s doing his ab routine.

    I love Leopard Geckos. I want a pair of them so bad!

  44. Her hands are like a little lounge chair – he’s a lounge lizard! What a cutie!

  45. hahaha, so cute. It made me lof!

  46. look at that little pink belly *tickles*

    im getting one of these soon! so this image just made me all the more excited!

    also baby snakes are the ultimate in cuteness so we need to see some! those little faces are to die for xD

  47. yes to baby snakes. i personnally am far more inclined to furry and scaly!!!i like some insects too but not so much feathery and not too sure how i feel about outright hairless…ya know fyi.
    jes’ makin conversation….

  48. oh my ga, you speak french !!


  49. People who think reptiles are in any way whatsoever ‘cute’ need to be loaded up on trains and shipped somewhere

  50. PB — somewhere like the zoo, for instance?

  51. Casual Viewer says:

    Yech. He looks like Smaug, when Smaug boastfully rolled over to show Bilbo his glittering undercoat made of jewels.

  52. “yu mean…yu mean yu lof me, too..?! Ahhhh…”

  53. ick!

  54. Marianne says:

    SO SWEET! I love this.

  55. ibeenoperated says:

    That thing looks mean and not cute.

  56. looks like my leopard gecko. cute.

  57. Awww that lizard picture is so cute!! I love reptiles. =) The way he is curled up in his owner’s hand is just so sweet!

  58. Oh… This is the first time of my life to think a reptile is cute!! ^_^;

    At the first sight, I thought that is a snake! So I was a little bit surprised, but just after that I saw its foot and toes.

    Thank you for this cute and rare picture! ^^

  59. Alexandra says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! I sooooooooo luff reptiles ^-^ wiieej can’t get enough… must…have…reptiles! I don’t have any though =( I want snakes and other reptiles… and also frogs and stuff… but the pet I want the most of al: *drums* a dragon(real dragon… wings and firebreath and all) I know dragons still excist and i luff them! have 35 statues of them in my room (little statues)

  60. Talk about your exotic pets. I can never think about them without also thinking about Siegfried and (especially) Roy. Gotta do your homework and ALWAYS be careful. You don’t ever “tame” a dragon.

  61. Alexandra says:

    you don’t have to *tame* them… just befriend them ^-^

  62. THats no lizerd thats a geko

  63. falnfenix says:

    to all those who think these reptiles are icky, gross, shouldn’t be kept, etc – lighten up. they’re cleaner than dogs(by far…), they tend to take pretty good care of themselves(very low maintenance critters…), and they’re so tame that they’re recommended for CHILDREN. they’re so placid that even my mom – who’s terrified of anything with scales – doesn’t mind my little girl.

    feh. all you haters – may you be stuck in a reptile sanctuary without shelter in the afterlife.

  64. That is the most precious picture ever! She looks just like my Sheri. Check out my link, I have a bunch of pictures of my geckos sleeping like angels and doing other cute things. My little albino died of kidney failure last year, but I got another one who is doing great. She’s a little shy, but she’s still a good girl. I love geckos 🙂

  65. Stephanie Brenne says:

    Sorry! I typed the wrong URL in my above posting! It’s http://community.webshots.com/user/metallicat88

  66. i kinda think it’s weird. ugh!

  67. falnfenix says:

    that’s ok, lucia…i’m sure the gecko would think you’re wierd, too. 😉

  68. It IS a gecko, and it is also a lizard. Geckos are a group of lizard species. And while most reptiles definitely have a harder time being cute than the fur-and-feathers crowd, this little guy does it for me. It’s the vulnerable and relaxed posture, the feet, and the fantastic caption.

  69. lol lizard pimp

  70. that is a beautiful leopard gecko….Wow!

  71. that is a beautiful leopard gecko….Wow!

  72. turtled28 says:

    Tina, ‘Just like us, they store fat in their tails’ — Hysterical.
    Beauregard, ‘The fat tail, for some reason, kinda creeps me out’– I Agree!!!
    But the look on his/her/it’s face is charming