Remember in Moonlighting when Cybil Sheperd was filmed with a fabulous lens coated with a haze that made her look extra fabulous/luminous? Well, they borrowed the lens for this shoot.


Thank you, Brenda R. 😉



  1. First post? ^^ Oh so cute… and glowing.. and fluffy… awwwwww.

  2. identity-crisis says:


  3. wow, it looks so … holy grail-ish.

  4. *sigh*
    work is crappy today, but the glowing bunny has made it all better…

  5. The world needs more glowy bunnies.

  6. Erica E. says:

    I don’t believe I’ve told you how much I LOVE your site. :o)

  7. Jessica says:

    maybe just maybe its a bunny angel from above… to bring us love and joy during the winter months. thank you angel bunny

  8. Subhangi says:

    I’ll think I’ll throw out my table-lamp and work by Bunny-light instead.

  9. Finally, positive proof that bunnies are indeed from heaven! *g* So sweet, so cute… resisting the warm and fuzzy feeling growing within…

    too late.

  10. mahoganie says:

    I love the glowing bunny this me want a bunny even though I’m two days old.

  11. Wait, you mean Cybil wasn’t really that pretty?? :o)

    I adore the bunny photo.

  12. A bun in the grass is worth two in the bush? 🙂

  13. aaaaaaaaaah ahhh aaahhhhhhhh
    bunnie from heaven!!

  14. no wait! i know thee lord, you’re the Chosen Bun!

  15. “Every time it rains, it rains
    “Bunnies from heaven…”

    (Deliver me from the ’30s??)

  16. It’s like a bunny slipper — without the foot! Therefore, I shall name him “Lefty.”


    My daughter said the bunny is just as cute as she is.

  18. it’s like a wonderful, fluffy dream come true.

  19. omg its like an angel! when you walk up to it the angels sing in a choir, and there is bright light all around.
    lol s, the Chosen Bun hahahaha

  20. i want to live in this picture.

  21. Jan Spencer says:

    TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  22. E. Collison says:


  23. gnatish says:

    It’s a little vanilla scoop of god in the garden.

  24. “a little vanilla scoop of god?” I love that.

    Anyhoo, the reason they shot Cybil that way was to hide the wrinkles and imperfections. I doubt this little bun-bun has any imperfections.

  25. Ok, this is kinda cute but is not the reason why I’m writing.

    The reason of my posting is that I think I have a problem: Last night I was dreaming of some sort of super cute puppies and all I could think of was (in the dream): “uh oh, I gotta get the camera right now! CuteOverload is gonna love this puppies”.

    Dammit you CO! you’ve reached my unconscious!!

  26. “the reason they shot Cybil that way was to hide the wrinkles and imperfections.”

    lol @ Wendy


  27. This photo is REALLY boring.


  28. This comment is REALLY boring.


  29. AuntieMame says:

    This boring is REALLY photo.


  30. please tell me what kind of bunny that is!!!??

  31. Sealpoint Seraph, clearly.

  32. This bunny looks magical.. I bet he’s sitting on some type of chocolate egg.. Bok!

  33. OMG, Theo and AuntieMame, you are TOO much.

    I thank you.

    The Amerrrican people thank you.


  34. adrianna says:

    “It’s a little vanilla scoop of god in the garden.”


  35. AuntieMame kinda puts my brain in a twist. But in a good way.

    And in hindsight (heh), I think mine would’ve been better as “I NEED A PROPER SPANKING.”

  36. E. Collison says:

    I think this is a Netherlands Dwarf (or is it Dwarf Netherlands?) One thing I do know for sure: it’s luminous and bee-yoo-tee-ful.

  37. hairgirl73 says:

    Loooovvveee it. And on a bunny side note…because of all the bunnies on this site, I considered buying a bunny pet, but my hubby felt our lovey beagle would have issues with this…so I instead just read the book “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” to my children. If you looovvvveeee bunnies, you must read. Beautiful story. Rivals “Watership Down”.

  38. “This comment is REALLY boring.


    yah whatever

    but the photo is still lame

  39. Speaking of spanking…

  40. nadine 22yo melbourne chicky says:

    i once went out with a guy from malta and he
    had a whole lotta pet bunnies, his dad cooked one, it’s name was thumper and it ended up on my plate and yer i am a vegeterian now…
    well okay flexeterian.

    vote one not eating rabbits!
    so they can keep cute!

    i was thinking of the moonlighting thing today actually! didnt know it was a lense, just thought thats how the cameras were in the olden days!

  41. i like flexitarian. can i use it?

  42. or however you spell it

  43. Great picture!

  44. Jeff_from_MD says:

    “yah whatever

    but the photo is still lame”

    try not to whine too much, geek.

  45. hairgirl73 – don’t buy a bunny – adopt one! So many darlin’ rabbits need loving homes, and they’re *such* great apartment pets. Rabbit.org can help you find your new bunny buddy.

  46. E. Collison says:

    There’s a great little kid’s book that’s not just for kids called “Esterhazy.” It has a marvellous bunny hero, very nifty illustrations, and is highly recommended.

    Thanks, hairgirl, for the book rec.!

  47. People who do not appreciate or otherwise recognize “cute” such as this photo (and furthermore, have to COMPLAIN about it..)really have no business checking out a site like “cute overload”. Go to some other site you find more “exciting”–like “thegloriesofbeingastickinthemud.com”. Gotta go appreciate more cuteness. Thanks for all the effort you put into the site, Meg.

  48. I like the photo, though I prefer dogs and cats. Hope this comment is OK. I see that everytime someone posts an opinion that doesn’t go with the one the choir spouses, he/she is criticized.

  49. “I see that everytime someone posts an opinion that doesn’t go with the one the choir spouses, he/she is criticized.”

    Uschi – the fact that a “choir” exists here at all is pretty amazing. I think it’s safe to say that every blog tries to create something out of basically nothing; few succeed. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the local fan base gets kinda protective and territorial.

    I’m definitely about the cats, myself. And otters. And baby pandas. And then there are the occasions when an exceptional chihuahua pic suckers me in.

    (PS to Jeff from MD — “geek”? That’s an insult to you? I *introduce* myself to folks as a geek, both professionally and personally. If you’re trying to dismiss your adversary as aesthetically deficient, maybe try “clod.”)


  51. Doctaah Eee-vil says:

    Fluffiness this kind should not go unpunished. I’ll squeeze this thing out of its cuteness. And its rays of happiness shining all over my face.

  52. Rainey: the Chosen Bun moves in mysterious ways.

  53. AuntieMame says:

    Uschi, it wasn’t that the post in question disagreed. If you look at the gecko comments you’ll find a lot of people who don’t think the picture is all that cute. But their opinions are expressed, 1) as *opinions*, and 2) politely.

    Bob’s post was neither opinion nor polite. So he got ripped for, and deservedly so.

    Free speech doesn’t mean you are obligated to let everything that pops into your mind come out your mouth. Or your fingers, as the case may be. There are times when it is completely appropriate just to STFU. Such as, when all you have to say is “this picture sucks.”

  54. E. Collison says:

    Oh c’mon, folks – this is a site for cute animal pics, nothing more!

    If you want to rip into each other, maybe you could find another place to do it? (Please!)

  55. E.Collision: Well…

    I’d argue that CuteOverload is more than just a box of pix. See my namelink for a more pure example of that. There’s community here, and I (for one) don’t take kindly to people who piss on my party. I’m NOT saying that’s what you’re doing, by the way.

    Anyway, c’mon, admit it… isn’t it at least a *little bit* fun to dish it out, when it’s called for?

  56. E. Coli, would you feel better if theo allowed you to spank him?

    cos, he might.

  57. It is possible that I may have been misinterpreted.

  58. E. Collison says:


    BTW, my last name only has one “i” in it.

  59. Wups, been reading that wrong this whole time, then. Collison it is. (“english_lessons1” — how apropos!)

  60. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “think I’ll throw out my table-lamp and work by Bunny-light” way cool statement!

    “Vanilla scoop of icecream from God” way sweet statement!

    And to the one wondering which name tis…Netherland Dwarf not the reverse way…

  61. Jeff_from_MD says:

    Well Theo. Someday I hope you find a bunny just like that in a flowery setting just as cheesy in your backyard. And before you have a chance to chase it, it runs away!!

  62. Sadly, Jeff, bunnies generally chase *me*. Wuddyagunnado.

  63. who’s talking about ripping e/other’s entrails?
    I just discovered this site and I’m sorry I said anything about the “coffee tastes like ass”. Now someone said that he doesn’t find the bunny cute and he’s being off the mark. Listen folks, sorry, but whenever someone doesn’t find something cute and says it, there’s nothing wrong with it. I won’t darken your very cute site’s doorway anylonger. Go ahead, all together now ‘It’s CUUUUTE’. Bye.

  64. E. Collison says:

    >>And to the one wondering which name tis…Netherland Dwarf not the reverse way…< <


    BTW, I really *do* come here for the cute animals and the funny captions. (And nice graphic design.) I think Meg’s doing a great job!

  65. G BABiE says:


  66. Brenda R. says:

    So G. Babie, why isn’t the picture of your bunny posted here instead of this one? A true animal lover finds all animals, big and small, beautiful. My animals are beautiful and so is everyone else’s. I don’t see what gratification any person gets by putting down an innocent, harmless animal. I guess that’s why I have more respect for animals than I do for most people.

  67. Mr Fluffy says:

    So THAT’S where my cotton ball went…

    Mods/Admins: we need a CottonBalls™ Category for all of the Round And Fluffy™ Animals.

  68. Brenda — universal truth: Everybody’s own pet/kid is ALWAYS cuter than everyone else’s.

  69. Oh look I forgot my slipper outside… Oh no, wait. That’s a bunny.

  70. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “BTW, I really *do* come here for the cute animals and the funny captions. (And nice graphic design.) I think Meg’s doing a great job!” E.Collison

    To whom is that statement directed? Not to me…but included with the “thanks” for clearing up the name thing…you’re welcome BTW.

    Please consider for mix up possibilities and assign individual posts for individual responses if not made clear…If not then could be mis understood by readers to
    follow. Thanks…

  71. E. Collison says:


    ( )
    ” “

  72. (I still think “E.Collision” sounds way cooler.)

  73. E. Collison says:

    Theo, it was announced like that on the radio after I was in a car accident. So – I don’t THINK so. 😉

  74. E. Collison says:

    ” “
    ” “

    Sorry, I just *had* to do that again! (Giggles.)

  75. Well it’s better than “E. Coli” anyway (*cough*FINN*cough*).

  76. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    ( )
    ” ” Good one E.Collison!

    I get it!

    I tried puting quotes around the copied for this post bunny shape you made but the ” ” moved it out of allignment…So to keep it as is no quotes around it. Thanks for the laugh!

  77. E. Collison says:

    Theo, that’s too funny!

    dwarf rabbit owner, glad you enjoyed the punctuation marks… and Finn, I think so, too…

    How to Say Rabbit: http://www.rabbit.org/links/translate.html#id3112731893

    I’d better quit now – no more guinea pig animations for me! 😉

  78. Rabbit: Pass a hairbrush.

  79. Meg — mundane question — what happened to the large version of the Little Vanilla Scoop of God? “IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE” is what I get when I click (as of date/time stamp), and there’s no other source link…

  80. E. Collison says:

    Same here, though I figured that was intentional?

    Theo, thanks for the link to the hedgehog pic! I wants it, I does.

  81. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Thanks E.ColEison for matching comments to names…Clear as a bell now!
    LOL this is turning into a never dead Thread…Even after it archieves off of the front page folks are still finding it to add more comments!LOL x 2!

  82. E. Collison says:

    We like bunnies, that’s why.

  83. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “We like bunnies, that’s why.”
    Yepper! The first links I go to after seeing the fresh pics on this site, are any & all bunny links here!

  84. I’m still waiting for mon cherie amor to post something about Darth Bun Bun (aka Willow the Pillow).

    Schmoop? ‘ello?

    (btw — E.Coliaison — I’d hire you at my Cute O “Dream Office” too.)

  85. E. Collison says:


    Theo, you and I can make beautiful animations together…! (Tee hee hee.)


  86. Uhhm, Eco Lizard, I’m pretty sure you’re not my schmoop. No offense, but Le Schmoop Du Theo is Jaye, who is among other things a house-rabbit fan. (She’s otherwise quite nice.) 😉

    The “btw” part was addressed to you, in reference to a different post.

  87. E. Collison says:

    Just messing’ witcha, Theo 😉

  88. Okey dokey. Am a bit short-circuited today.

  89. E. Collison says:

    Ah, eet ees de site, cherie – eet makes me like to talk een Frawnch voice, no?!

  90. jesse gallagher says:

    this bunny is the cutest thing ive ever seen

  91. hasn’t this rabbit just been squished?

  92. Wut the–??
    What happened to the original Vanilla Scoop of God bunny?

  93. MEG! MEG!

    Same filename as new picture, I think. . .

  94. Err, Meg – this is not the glowy bunny!

  95. Robert M. says:

    Yeh, this image has been mysteriously replaced with the Hatty from Japan photo. The sooner fixed the better – Hatty’s darn cute, but I really want to see the original photo too – !

  96. Hunter D. says:

    I don’t see it glowing. Where’s the heavenly glow? 😕

  97. Tweegan says:

    What happened to the original flufflighting pic?? This one looks really bad, all stratched out. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!!