Tasty Snuggling

This is a great lil’ video of a kitten (who grows up, ahn) with his cuddly chicken pal. The snuggling is the best. At first, the chicken is all "WTF is this?…oh. OK."


Thanks, Gromenawer B., great video.



  1. OMG turkey-kitty love!

  2. ^_^ oooh i’ve seen this before, it’s so cute how it sneaks in at night. As if it’s embarassed to be seen sleeping with it’s cuddly friend XD

  3. oh my god this is so cute. I love kitty when it goes under the hen’s wing.. sooo cute!

  4. wow, seriously heart warming…if birds and cats can get along…can’t we all just get along?? **looks up anime-eyed at the audience, single tear**
    so cute…almost an overload of cute if you know what i mean

  5. That’s… that was…

    The best part for me is that the big ol’ chicken doesn’t peck at the cat even once, pounce after pounce. Just kinda moves out of the way & keeps going.

  6. Awwwwww.. just remember folks! Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. Too cute!

  7. +10 cuteness points for cute Japanese voiceover on the video. kawaii ne!! >^_^<

  8. Wow, you’ve got a thing for cute birdies today!

  9. Does anyone know the lifespan of chickens? that chicken is currently 6 years old, how much longer will it be around for the kitten? =O

  10. VonEldritch says:

    Godsdammit my head just exploded and showered my coworkers with grey matter – that is so freakin’ cute!!!!!!

  11. so cute! they are adorable snuggle-buddies!

  12. Oh my. THE FORBIDDEN LOVE between Kitty and Rooster.

    I feel so naughty.

  13. Aww! I hadda share that vid with everyone I know. That’s so, so sweet. I just love those “odd couple” pairings. Thanks for the heartwarmth, Meg.

  14. Wowee! So cute!

  15. When they snuggle and sleep it is the cutest thing ever!

  16. So, my kitty always sticks her head in my armpit, and my husband always says it’s because she’s maybe special ed. But this kitty is sticking his head in the CHICKEN’s armpit, so maybe it’s just a thing that cats like to do?

  17. YUSHI:

    When chickens are taken care of, they live to be about 15, I think. And so they should be okay for a while.

    One of the cutest Cute Overloads EVER!!

  18. aw, i love how the kitty loves to snuggle underneath the bird’s wings. 🙂 the animal planet is always showing these kinds of friendships on “amazing animal videos” – a dog with a bird, a kitty with chicks, a horse with a dog, and even a bird with a horse.

  19. Sarah: one of our kitties likes to snuggle his head in my man’s armpit. I think it is a cat thing. They (the cats) like his smelly gym bag as well.

  20. Awwwww x 10E6!

  21. First this, and then TurKitten at Thanksgiving.

    My SPLEEN.

  22. OMG, Gryph! Serious panda cuteness!!!

  23. Couldn’t get the link to work; could someone post the direct link so I can try to view the video? Theeeex!

  24. oh noes, cuteness overloaded youtube!

  25. Aw, the cutest part was at the end when the kitty’s all grown up and still trying to snuggle under the chicken’s wing, even though she’s now as big as the chicken.

  26. pistache268 says:

    Aaaaah kawaiiiiiiii. And chub chub panda video. Aiiiieeeee!

  27. Cute. But I don’t rate that kitten’s future chances.


  28. army kitten says:


    i never thought i’d see a grown-up cat playing cat-style with a… chicken?! wow. kawaii neko!

  29. CurlyGirly says:


  30. E. Collison says:

    This is hilarious! The snuggling *and* the cat trying to eat chicken food… (Hee.)

    Love the sneakiness, too.

  31. Found this link on the latest b3ta.com newsletter. “Hen Cam” from the U.K. Yes, it’s a webcam in a chicken coop.

    I’ve been watching for hours, but so far, no cats…
    (namelink as usual)

  32. aww sweet

  33. WTF?!? i’m not able to watch it! i clicked on the thing then a window popped up and then i just couldn’t watch it!! has this happened to anyone!

  34. Aww. The hen must think the kitten is a unusual looking chick and has adopted it.