Built-in blush

I love the name "Noodle". What a prosh name for a bird. The fact he has built-in blush is the best—he’s always saying "You really shouldn’t have…. no. Really?"


Thank you, AWarnack!

P.S., I think we should keep the lil’ piece of crapulence by his foot and not Photoshop it out.



  1. holy crud! CUTE!

  2. one time, at christmas? i had the flu really bad and when i did a #2 it was green. like algae. i thought i was turning into the Swamp Thing. i got better though.

    this bird is an absolute peach.

  3. “P.S., I think we should keep the lil’ piece of crapulence by his foot and not Photoshop it out.”

    It’s an apostrophe! What’s this little bird short for?

  4. No no, it’s an inchworm…The little bird is saving it for his snack later…

    What a cutie!!! I don’t normally like birds all the much…Not as pets anyway.. But he’s cute!!!!!!

  5. He looks just like the bird that’s part of the Cute Overlogo. Awesome!

  6. sqweeeeeee!!!! love it! what a cute lil birdie!!!! thanks!!! <3

  7. pistache260 says:

    What a pretty birdy!

  8. Maybe he’s “blushing” because he made a oopsie on the floor… 😀


  9. Rosy cheeks! A friend of mine used to draw everyone, girls, guys with rosy cheeks, until his mom made the mistake of thinking all he drew were girls. He does not draw rosy cheeks anymore.

  10. beautiful plumage

  11. “a friend of mine.”
    yeah, whatever, hashi.


  12. I love birds — we have 7, but no lovebirds (yet). Perhaps it’s an editorial poo — my cockatiel sometimes bombs me if he’s annoyed about something (like how long my dinner is taking to cook and serve to HIM!) He looks healthy and happy!

  13. Hey, I have to bag on said friend as much as possible; his art bumrushes mine and feeds it to the homeless.

    I am le sucky. 😦

  14. Yeah! Keep the poop! It’s like he’s blushing that he went for a poo!

  15. hardly, hashi.

    and marty, you are spot-on! Noodle _is_ the Cute Overlord.

  16. Normally, birds make me think of parasites and crusty feet so I am unable to enjoy them. This little Noodle, however, is superbly cute and didn’t make me think of bird air or anything else disgusting.

  17. Eeeeeeeeee! A wee pinky cheeked birdie! Oh, glorious Monday.

  18. Cute Overlord? I’m seeing a vote and a new section.


    sounds very… epic!

  20. Hoooold yer horses people… someone’s already got a “Cute Overlord” blog. Be linking of the click.

  21. Then how about Masters of the Cute-iverse!

    *hopes Hanna Barbara doesn’t see this*

  22. I like the twinkle in his eye. He knows he’s cute!

  23. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE *door slams*

  24. OH HOW PRETTY!!!!!!!

  25. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! What a pretty and sweet little bird he is. I >chirp< you, Noodle!

  26. oh my god i looooooooooove loooooooooovebirds.(That’s a loooooooovebird, right?)

  27. TWEETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Does Noodle have a girlfriend?

  29. And the Cutest Birdie Of The Year Award goes to…

  30. Keep up with the cute birds! I love ’em!

  31. John Salmon says:

    I’m noticing a disturbing shortage of bunnies, kittens, and puppies. Can’t go wrong with The Big (i.e., Little) Three.

  32. Amen John S… Amen to the bunnies

  33. What a little sweetie! It looks like it’s made of marzipan!

  34. “Pretty birdie! Pretty birdie! Pretty birdie!

  35. I’ve got *counts in head* 4 of these suckers and *counts again* 11 eggs being sat on total! Lovebirds are LOUD and a PAIN, but of course adorable, and we love them. Le sigh. Ours aren’t this blushing though! We’ve got some sort of crossbred kind.

  36. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna squeeeze it.

  37. Hey Norty & John —

  38. Birds are love! More birds!

  39. What a color scheme! Wow, he’s gorgeous… Damn me for having cats… But hey, I have a rat too (soon to have two more), so maybe I could make it work.

  40. I’ve made ‘complaints’ previously that prior bird entries haven’t IMHO been cute enough. I think this entry has sorted that particular gripe.

  41. AWW! my bro has a bird! (he favors me though. 😛 ) it makes me want to sing! *in sing song voice* I’VE GOT SUUNNNSHIIIINE! ON A CLOUUUDY DAAAYYYYY!!!!….

  42. like this?….

    < (')
    ^ ^

  43. like this?….

    < ( ' )
    ( ( )
    ^ ^

  44. Binky — ASCII art doesn’t really work in TypePad blogs; they don’t seem to allow multiple consecutive “space” characters in a comment.

  45. OMG! IT’S SO CUTE!!!

  46. Does anyone know — the species/can identify — what kind of bird this is—too cute not to know! Thankx! 🙂 Leslie

  47. OMG!! i cannot believe hoe gor-juzz that lil birdie is!! 😀 im in love!!

  48. garrett m says:

    It looks like a lovebird.

  49. “aren’t I purdy”

  50. idk if someone said this already, but scarlet macaws can actually blush 🙂