Mondee, back to, uh, work there

[Cliff Claven voice] Yep, that’s a little known fact the longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds. Yeeeeeeeeeep. Well, I’ve got to get back to work. Yep, all in a day’s work here. Just a feeew more acres and she’ll be, uh done for thee day. Caaaan’t push it too haad—gotta let that soil rest, there, Sammie. Yep.




  1. thanks, meg — it’s good to see a chick on a tractor. who knows, maybe hillary’ll even make it into the white house, rove & co. be dammed.

  2. i lurve it! (“gotta let that soil rest” – lol)

  3. This picture has so many rules of cuteness!

    14, 6, 10, and half of 12 (fuzziness!)

  4. I can just imagine him planting the seeds and kicking soil over them! Awwwww.

  5. Finn, can you please leave politics out of it and just enjoy the cuteness…?


  6. lol meg, and lol finn. 😀

    lookit his huge grippy feet! so gorgeous.

  7. denita, have u not heard of the Politics of Cuteness? or, was that Dancing. oops. my bad.

    anyway, a chick can dream, caint she?? 🙂

  8. Sigh… some of us are still ‘crats or ‘cans or, um, ‘eens (?), Denita. Personally I’m not thrilled about either of the figures Finn mentions (and I’m employing restraint, here). But TEH QUTE, it remains our proverbial Common Ground.

    I guess mostly I’m just befuddled by the chick-on-a-tractor/Presidency analogy.

  9. Gah — deliver me from the ’80s, Finn…

  10. i was thinking more along the lines of Reflex (namelink). yes i am that old.

  11. I didn’t find the pic especially cute (I mean, it’s not NOT cute, only…) but I really like Finn’s comment with the chick on the truck! Get yourselves some humour! :o)))

  12. Denita et al. —


    (I may have had some “help” with this one.)

  13. Woods walker says:

    finn maybe you should get some sleep. Dreaming with one’s eyes open is called halucinating. Chickens by the way are some of the dumbest creature on the face of the earth. That chick is probily going to plow some food looking for it.- Woods Walker

  14. Theo, that is marginally frightening.

  15. Theo, that is marginally frightening.

  16. Finn, Hashi is marginally frightened.

  17. [that’s my cue.]


  18. -.-

    oh come, now. :-p

  19. [giggling like an idiot]

    So hey, whoa, there’s a CHICK ON A TRACTOR up there, waddya know about that, eh?

  20. C’mon–I’m just sayin’ I come here to get AWAY from politics, yanno? I look at enough rabid frothing on both sides of the spectrum already–and I’m just trying to remain politically neutral, even!

    I don’t care WHAT political affiliation someone is, as long as they’re respectful and help old ladies cross the street and don’t kick puppies around and treat their kids right. 🙂

    I will stop breaking the thread now…I pwomises…


  21. The only politics I deal with are the politics of the DM making bad calls, and one of us ends up forcing d4’s down one another’s throats.
    TwoDragons knows exactly what I speak of! mwa ha ha ha ha!

  22. Yikes. Pointy.

  23. Theo, brilliant. I don’t know what that image means, but it’s hilarious.

  24. That little chick is cute, but I think that tiny International model tractor is worth way more….

  25. Meg — I can’t take credit for that one (and you know where the Watership-Down-esque source image comes from). You might check with the Director of Goo.

  26. god were dose the cutness stop aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. Great commentary as always, Meg. You’re the best!

  28. Awwww, look at the determination in his beady eyes! Looks all set for Forumla 1.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    I like his (her?) Egyptian eye paint. He (she?) looks like Cleopatra!

  30. Meg…I just thought about it and I want to apologize if I was out of turn in your comments. In the end, it’s your site and I’m sorry if I started playing comments police there. As for everyone else, I apologize too. I can only claim PMS and a momentary burst of overprudishness for my actions. (Though I still defend my attempts at political neutrality…) Forgive me…?


  31. Denita, it’s cool, no worries.

  32. It would be great if it was a John Deere tractor, but its still good.

  33. dark_angel says:


  34. mass chruch says:

    can we fix it