Let’s cure cancer, People!

Below is an excerpt from an article in NOW Magazine on cute images—and how they make you feeeeel.


Confessions of a Cute Junkie
Turns out my addiction to pix of furries and fuzzies is medicinal

by Elizabeth Bromstein

"…Anyway, I’m going to entertain the idea that pleasant pix are good formy health even if I can’t find a whole lot of research to back this up.It’s obvious there’s something here, though, when you look atadvertising. Has anyone ever wonderred what bunnies have to do withcellphones?" Read more

Thank you for sending this in, Dr. Nick and Sparky 😉



  1. woah

  2. Why can’t the fact that it makes you feel good be enough? Feeling good is good health, no matter what substances it provokes in your brain 8)
    Liked the article though, and I’m almost as addicted as her.

  3. Whoa, she even mentions you in there! I know that cutesie stuff makes me feel better, and I don’t really need any medical experts to back me up on that one!

    You should feel awesome that people ALWAYS love coming to your site and ALWAYS end up smiling!! You’re really onto something here 🙂 Good job, Meg!

  4. have there been any pix posted of fox cubs (or are they called “kits”?) to CUTE OVERLOAD?

  5. yes! cuteness will being world peace AND a cure for cancer!

    “Feeling good is good health, no matter what substances it provokes in your brain 8)”

    and remember that other article, saying cuteness affects the brain similarly to crack?

  6. This is so true. I’ve been asking myself these same questions as i enjoy my own cuteness addiction…

  7. I remember *hearing about* the cuteness = crack article too, and I haven’t been able to find it on the interweb!

  8. We rule!

  9. I agree. I know I feel better when I see cuteness. I can almost feel good chemicals released in me.

    This site is good for a cute fix for people like me. Not everyone can have a rabbit, a puppy, etc. I have a wonderful cat, Jackson, and I am grateful for him.

  10. I heard a little while ago that just being in the same room as a cute animal can lower your blood pressure– why shouldn’t looking at cute pictures do the same?

    And on the addiction front, you’re only addicted if you spend time doing it that you’d rather spend otherwise!

  11. Yeah. I can stop anytime I want to.

    “One bun at a time” bumperstickers anyone?

  12. it’s like taking your visual vitamins. makes yr brain all warm and fuzzy like so many bunnies.

    likewise, i’m completely addicted. and i love spreading this joy all over. -grin-

  13. I love coming here first thing in the morning – it just starts my day off right! And if things get rough I’m right back here, looking at the cute & fuzzies. 🙂

    Thanks for such a “feel-good” site, Meg!

  14. I love those bunny cell phone ads – wish they played them here in the US!! http://www.telusmobility.com/coolstuff/advertising.shtml

  15. Elizabeth Bromstein says:

    Neat. I’m on my favourite site. Just to clarify, there is a lot that the space limitations of my column don’t allow me to say. It’s fine to say “why can’t the fact that it feels good be enough?” but what I am actually getting at is almost no research has been put into this while PLENTY of dollars have been thrown into the impact of violent imagery. And I am thinking in terms of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure which are major killers. I seriously think there might be something here. There has been some resesarch into the physiological reaction of a smile and a laugh which is pretty neat. See the laughter clubs of India. Thanks for posting me and you rock.

  16. Way to go, Meg! That’s recognition well-deserved.

  17. Meg for Nobel price!
    Also I think your site proves that good things still go far without being spindoctored…

  18. i have had a lot of school stress and boy-related disappointments recently. when a friend of mine (again) pointed me toward something adorable on this site, and i (AGAIN) broke out into a smile and/or giggles while surfing through…

    i decided this site needed to be on my daily schedule. 😉 my poor therapist is gonna go broke!

  19. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and I love cuteoverload with every inch of my being, but I think the opposite might be true. After all, anything that makes you feel as good as this site can’t be good for you.

    I have been very healthy all my life, I have rarely needed to see a doctor for any reason. Since reading about cuteoverload I have suffered from allergies that I never had before, a sinus infection, random pains and aches all over my body, and an infected cyst on my face (not cute AT ALL!). I have visited my doctor and he said that I should limit my cuteoverload usage to no more than three times a week.

    I have not been able to follow his orders. The least I can bear to visit this site is 3 times a day.

  20. Satyr: Please provide your doctor’s office address. We shall unleash the Tribbles.

    Stay strong!

  21. Hows this cute?

  22. It is true about cute pics making you feel better. I found this site a month ago. At the time I was ready to quit my horrible job (Property Management) But now I just come home and unload all my pain and suffering with cute pictures and I truely feel totally re-energized and all better.

    Thanks for all the medicine!!!