Nobody likes me…

…everybody hates me,
I think I’ll go eat worms

[end singsong]


Thank you, Amie and Gaocheen.



  1. Aaaand I’m dead. SO! CUTE!

  2. Ok, the dog is not too cute, but the caption and that picture made me laugh. XD

  3. Beauregard says:

    I know that not everyone is going to like this pic so I will say now, AWwwwwww lookee dat face-in-sons! Cute lips!

  4. isn’t it
    “nobody likes me,everyone left me, they’re all out without me,having fun”?;-)
    Grreen Day

  5. worms are tasty

  6. Awwwwww. Don’t eat worms, baby. You’re too good for the worms. Unless of course you like’em.

  7. Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen,
    Nobody knows my sorrow…

  8. Puppy misses someone really bad!!

  9. “What wrong puppy?”


    “You sure?”


    “Want me to scratch your ears?”


  10. Celebrate the fact, that we’ve seen the back, of another black, daaaaaay…

  11. Rafael—LOL!

  12. Is that a Tibetan spaniel? It looks just like my old dog, so cute!

  13. adorable!!!

  14. AWWW hes so cuteee!!! aww at first i thought eww grandma dog but hes so cutee!!! =[)

  15. OMG. HAHAHAHA. It’s the CAPTION that killed me. Meg you have the BEST BEST captions ever. I laughed SO hard at the caption.

  16. hehe That reminded me of the dragon-dog thing from Neverending Story

  17. Awwwww, you poor widdle puppy. Come here.

  18. Matt–you’re right! He’s a baby luck dragon like Falcor!!

    All he needs is a few scales underneath his fur…tee hee!


  19. not *that* cute… is that a Pekinese dog?

  20. o/` Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I’ll eat some worms! Long ones, fat ones, skinny ones, small ones… o/`

  21. haha that is hifrickin larious. poor bebee! all sad and alooone! i just want to hug him and dress him in a baby dress, and a bonnet, and even matching booties. i would push him about the city in a little baby buggy, and he will not be sad any more

  22. Awwww…Poor doggie. *pats him*

  23. awww… cheer up, Emo Pup!

  24. It’s almost certainly a Pekingese (Tibetan Spaniels have a bit more of a snout), but I’ve never seen a white one before. Whatever it is, it IS cute, damnit!

    I’ve had pugs (a close cousin of the Pekingese) and, let me tell you, no one does “woebegone” like a pug! They just look so saaaaaaaad, even when they’re happy. It’s totally adorable.

  25. Kinda reminds of Michael Jackson, who’s not qute at all.

  26. OMG, I could just eat him up… adorable!!

  27. matt, dead on… I thought Falcor too!

  28. Rafael: best caption ever!

    Poor puppy. *pat pat*

  29. Also, this should def. be cross-posted in “cute or sad”.

  30. I think the way Meg has things set up, when she makes a post, she chooses what category [categories?] it goes in as well so it automagically goes there, too 🙂

  31. Nope! I’m wrong! Meg, typepad stinks! code your own backend admin tool 🙂

  32. xpityparteex says:

    ive seen cuter.

  33. So you’ve seen me? 😉


  34. LOL hashi..

  35. “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
    think I’ll go and eat worms.
    Big fat juicy ones,
    slip-slop-slimy ones,
    watch them squiggle and squirm.
    Bite their heads off,
    suck their guts out,
    throw their skins away.
    Everbody wonders why I live on three fat worms a day.”

    It worries me that I can still remember that…

  36. Awww! That poor baby! He ooks sooooo sad… I’m almost crying over here for him! *sniffle sniffle*

  37. Shannon R. says:

    Anyone who says any dog is not cute… has a problem with their own reflection. How would you like someone to judge yuor pic and call you ugly and laugh about it?lol. Pretty darn nasty to say stuff like that if you ask me. Judge yourself and not anyone or anything else. This dog is beautiful

  38. that looks just like my puppy…only not fat