What’s more delicious? this kitten stack from *Roes* Flickr Photostream or THIS 100 by 100 stack of In and Out Burgers??!

Thanks, Anne L.!



  1. I have the triple kitty burger, with kitty bread please!!

  2. oh . my . god
    shoot me. shoot me now.
    I’m in fuzzy heaven.
    how comfy can you get?!

  3. The kitties, the stack to well! Cuuuuuuuute!!!!

  4. omg the rest of the pics from the kitty stream are adorable too

  5. Definately the kittens. Poor moomoos 😦 It’s repulsive, just looking at that hamburger is making me nauseous.

  6. its a veritable kitty-totem!

  7. Dude, how did she get them to sack out like that?

  8. As long as none of those kitties touch anything metal after their nap.

  9. Meow House says:

    It’s the Dionne quintuplets!

    Now, who’s up for Kitten Pie???

  10. Pink noses! Pink noses! Pink noses! I have reached Pink Nosevana!


  11. Pink noses! Pink noses! Pink noses! I have reached Pink Nosevana!


  12. Oops, sorry about the multiple posts. Feel free to delete one if that’s possible.

  13. OMG that is too cute, I want them all. Look at their cute pink noses too.


  14. I think the kitties are all actually lying on their sides. They snapped the pic and then tipped it on its end.

    Either that or the kitties are in space…*grin*

    Either way, those fuzzy faces are making me melt…


  15. sadie_asher says:



    GOODNESS!!! *Falls off chair*

  16. 😮 5Xcuteness!

  17. *gasp*
    Those kittens are beeyooootiful!!!

  18. omgomgomgomgomgit’slikefivelittleBouncesomgomg!!!!
    >>>’aaaasp!< <<
    Um. Our orange tabby tom is Mister Bounce. He was once the size of one of these and would curl up on my desk & go to sleep around my mouse hand. He still thinks he’s small enough to ride around on my shoulder.

    Don’t miss the Pallas Cat later in the same photostream, too… round pupils, short ears, looks like it ought to be named Confucious…

  19. A cat riding on your shoulder, ok I need to see a pic of that!

  20. re: shoulder cat… all I have on the hard drive is the “icon” version that I’ve used before; the source is on a CD somewhere that’s still packed. (namelink)

  21. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    How sweet this is.

  22. This is just too cute. TOOOOO cute. I’m a sucker for kittens and FIVE all snuggled up together is almost kitten overload! Although, I cant help but be skeptical. Do kittens naturally stack this high?? Maybe the pictue is sideways like a previous post suggested. Maybe they are DRUGGED and ARRANGED thus so?? Huh? Huh? May be! Gosh, I hope they are alive! Ew. Ew. Now its not cute anymore. Wake up kittens! Pleeeze! Wake Up!!! Waaaaaaaa.

  23. The photo is obviously taken with the cats lying on their sides. No way could they actually be stacked that tall without falling over!

    What I want to know is, how’d she keep them still for that long? Kitty-B-Calm, perhaps?

  24. Awwww….this is really cute!

  25. OMG this is so cute, love red cats! And all piled up on eachother//Annie


  27. “… and now for convienience sake, our product is stackable….”

  28. “Family Hug!” Aww that’s so awsome + cute. . .

  29. “Honey, I wanted to get a couple cats so I went to Costco and bought the club pack.”

    I thought the baby tuxedo tucked under his mommy’s chin was the ultimate kitty picture. This one definitely challenges that. Seriously cute.

  30. “Awright you guys. I KNOW this was a six-pack when we left the store…”

  31. How to Stack Sleeping Kittens (A Suggestion)

    Get catnip, ball of yarn, and energetic 5 year old girls. Let them go at it for oh, two or three hours.

    Remove girls. Add warm milk to kittens.

    Wait. Nappage should occur. Arrange kittens carefully on their sides.


  32. Okay…that’s just awesome.

    Imagine how loud all the purring must be?! 🙂

  33. Stack in your back and you got youself an cheap and easy massage! Although I think this might have come about from natural stacking. I mean cats can be very light sleepers, at least some of the ones I know.

  34. Get ready to pass out …from near lethal cuteness! Who cares if they’re really not stacked??

  35. i’m quite impressed by the stacking. stacking sleepy kitties sounds like a good potential new hobby

  36. Emord Nilap says:


    (…I just LOVE Palindromes!)

  37. Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod.


    Ahh…so cute…

  38. Looks like if you insert a quarter you get the one on the bottom, and all the others click down a notch.

  39. Also, what are the odds that all five kittens in a litter turn out to be redheads? Do both the mother and father cats have to be redheads for that to occur?

  40. Together they form the ultimate kitten!

  41. Spooning: not just for Civil War soldiers anymore

  42. This is proof that, indeed, you can herd cats.

  43. I AM CRYING TEARS OF JOY HERE. THIS SITE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. If the house was on fire, I’d probably just sit here staring at the kittens and smiling stupidly to myself. *_*

  44. Wow, pure kittenny goodness! The rest of her pictures are really beautiful, too–she’s an excellent photographer!

    This blog is such a positive force for good in the world. After reading the news/political blogs, I come here and magically I’m no longer going crazy about the state of the world!

  45. Heh, Thalia… CuteOverload, the new soma.

  46. VonEldritch says:

    Reminds me of the Far Side ‘stackable livestock’ cartoon – viewable here:

  47. Wow! That is the cutest, fuzziest, horizontalest totem pole I have ever seen!! 🙂

  48. OH MY GOSH. “Cat Stacking” is one of my favorite online games. And here is REAL cat stacking!!! LOLOLOLOL

  49. I would much rather eat the burgers…the cats don’t even have cheese on them:×100.html

  50. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! There is nothing cuter than smooshy sleeping kitten faces!!

  51. WhatUpWilly — kitties always trump yummies. You eat them with your EYES.

    > > poit < <

  52. So the namelink breaks. Again.
    So here it is. Again.

  53. I always wonder how they manage to get these pictures. I think the cats are drugged or dead.

  54. Anonymous: Prolific literary figure throughout the ages — but without a clue as to cats.

  55. nadine22 from melbourne says:

    whoever took this photograph has intelligence and is quite creative!you rock!
    as bon jovi says have a nice day!

  56. More stacking…

  57. Oh my god how cute I love cats and this so so cute

  58. SO CUTE! Such a great site, I love that there are some decent sites out there 🙂

  59. mouseluver says:

    awww can i have one?

  60. Love it! Its so original.Just too cute for words.

  61. haha yea very clever composition and rotation!

    the ‘bottom’ kitty appears like she’s about to give…
    2nd to last appears like she can’t breathe…
    and the others…just ‘ooomff…aa the comfort of 3 pillows underneath….’

    reminds me of the fairytale of the king and the pea under his gazillion mattresses :]

  62. hehe,very good!

  63. Beth Burmahl says:

    Such angels…all of the pictures are beautiful, but you should submit this one to a calendar company….

  64. EEEEEEEEEEEEaaaargh!!!! Why am I seeing this only a year later?!!!

  65. No wait – I *saw* this pic. I just didn’t comment. Bleh.