Dude, I have HAD IT!

All right, that is IT! I’VE HAD IT. I am BEAT. I’m taking a nap, and you can’t stop…. me… I’m so tie-tie, I don’t even have time to put my arm down… so… tie-tie.


Extra points for the tongue, Denise S.!




  1. SNOOPY!!!

  2. Is that a springer spaniel?

  3. I totally want to rub that little guy all over my face.

  4. I want to rub the belly.

  5. wittle paws…. ooooooch
    wittle tongue…. *slumping from chair to floor*

  6. I cracked up when I first saw this. A fine mixture of cute and utterly hilarious. I know I definitely have days like that. I feel ya pup.

  7. what a super cute puppy belly…awww its so round and huggable!

  8. He is so cute, his little thong out make him look dead!! *Give a big hug to the little puppy*

  9. Little pup, never let anyone tell you to suck in your tummy. The world needs that belly just the way it is!

  10. Meow House says:

    Oy, the round belly. I want to squeeze it.

  11. The tongue is out . . .
    The tongue is lolling out . . .
    The tongue . . .

  12. this may very well be the cutest thing i have ever seen. *swoons*

  13. Awhh… pup’s on cloud 9.

    Maymee — you’re right; Snoopy never did look very beagle-y.

    Ashley — [snicker] maybe you mean “tongue” here? The other might be just a wee out of place.

  14. there needs to be a new category for lil’ pups who sleep like babies.

  15. Puppies can sleep in the strangest ways. Too darn cuuuute!


  17. Niecy (Denise S.) says:

    There should be a section with pups sprawled out bellies to the sky. I have seen soooo many pups do this 😀

  18. “Zzzzzzz… tho thired I thon’t even hath the enerthy thoo puth my thongue in my mouth…”

  19. Stuffed puffy! ^^

  20. …oh god – sleepy poppy cuteness!!!

  21. Typical dog…

    *ducks for cover*

  22. I’ve never had a dog before so when I first saw a pic on this site of a puppy sleeping like this one, I thought it was an anomoly. Now I see that lots of puppies do it and it’s hilarious.

  23. It looks like Snoopy. Cutest picture I’ve seen in a long while. Thanks for posting it.

  24. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    I love it! Love it! Love It!

  25. Lick My Pickles says:

    New section in the site maybe?? ‘Posing Puppies!’

  26. Beauregard says:

    Gah! So so so cute. And Meg, more props for “tie-tie.”

  27. JinxtheCat says:

    I feel like that most days after work. But I’m not that cute. 😉

  28. I’d like to propose Rule of Cuteness #17: Sticking your tongue out makes you cute. See: this puppy, the recent hedgehog, and the Bunny Tongue in the t-shirt contest.

    I’m going to look over those again, just for a refresher 😀 Too cute!

  29. D’awwwwww. Animals exhibiting humanlike behaviour = CUTE.

  30. Woods walker says:

    Just when I think you couldn’t outdo yourselves you outdo yourselves–again- Woods Walker

  31. We used to have a Russian Blue who slept with her tongue out…We used to play with it while she was asleep…GAWD that was cute…

    This little guy makes me miss her… What a cutie and makes me want to lay back down and go to sleep…

  32. Sometimes being so cute is tiring!

  33. LoL!! cute! XDXD


  35. Jan Spencer says:

    My maltese, Brandii, use to sleep like this on the couch. I miss her, just like you do yours, Stormcat. We lost ours just recently, the day after Christmas. Awww! I want a puppy now!

  36. he looks like one of those really cute expensive stuffed animals on display in the mall.

  37. Now THAT”S total and absolute r-e-l-a-xation.

    I’m going to visualize this photo when I get stressed at work and need to chill. 🙂

  38. No kidding, Otter–if I could relax like that, half my stress level would evaporate instantly! I need to print this out in poster-size and hang it in my living room!

    What is it about babies of almost ANY species, that they can sleep so bonelessly…? And almost ANYWHERE, no matter how loud or bumpy or whatever. If we could do that as adults, I’m sure world peace could be a reality. 😉


  39. That is so cute that it makes me makes sounds that only dogs can hear.


  40. Awwwww sooo precious! What a sweetheart!

  41. thanks two dragons – i agree with you about being able to relax like this. i will make this little pup my new guru. also yes a new category of babies with their tongues out lying on their backs.

  42. tounge! extra points for tounge!

  43. chunkstyle says:

    yessss, i needed that today. what a little sweet puddle of relaxation. we should all make a video called “don’t suck it in, be relaxed the puppy way!”
    keep it coming!!!!

  44. Note to self:

    Always wait at least an hour after you eat before visiting this site. The overwhelming cuteness of this picture made me convulse with glee, then I started to cramp up. Totally worth the pain, though.

  45. I think that just might be the most precious thing I have ever seen!

  46. Omg how cute!

  47. This is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!! I just want to rub his little belly!

  48. I think it’s dead.

  49. nadine22 from melbourne says:

    i agree snoopy ! snoopy ! snoopy!
    all you need to do now is get him covered with insurance and glue him to a top of a barbie doll house! i have a great imagination-but you have a better 1!

  50. Talk about playing dead.

  51. OMG! so cute i love the tongue & its stomache!!

  52. Sooooooo Cute

  53. are you sure it’s not a trick and the puppy is actually standing up with it’s eyes closed?!

  54. Anne860…that was my reaction. Even after 10 minutes, going to tell my husband, washing the dishes, looking at it again…I’m laughing til it hurts!! Tears of laughter everywhere. My stomach hurts! I LOVE IT!

  55. Beth Burmahl says:

    What a doll….