Um, bunny got back?

Nice find, Ms. C 😉


Stheriously, this is not Photoshopped, you guyths.

Way to go Mig328!


  1. rabbadonkadonk.

  2. We’ve got a not-so-dwarfish rabbit that flops out like this when he’s out of his cage. This droopy little dude has more ear tho.

  3. ooooohhhh baby!

  4. I need to learn to relax like that.

  5. yay theo’s back. we missed u ystrday.

  6. Ba-dunk-a-dunk and some junk in that trunk! 😀

  7. holy bun bum!
    this bunny’s too bootylicious for ya babe and she doesn’t even know it, sweet

  8. Bun-dunk-a-dunk!

    She’s stretching before she heads out to da club to do her thang, baby.

  9. Meow House says:

    “Photoshopped”??? Silly wawbbit, twicks are for kids. You are obviously all weal. Squee!

  10. woah, super cute!!!

  11. Meow House says:

    I think that bunny is trying to blend in. You know, to camouflage herself from Scary Predators in the Great Living Room Jungle. I bet if you mixed the color values of all parts of her fur together, it would be the exact shade of the carpet.

  12. bunnybutt! bunnybutt!

  13. That Guy Over There says:

    She wants a bunny back massage! Excuse me as I go get the lotion.

    Why would anyone think this is photoshopped? o_O

  14. That Guy Over There says:

    She wants a bunny back massage! Excuse me as I go get the lotion.

    Why would anyone think this is photoshopped? o_O

  15. “it puts the lotion in the bas-ket.”

  16. Lotion fur?… eww. (This isn’t the Playboy breed of bunny, y’know.)

  17. I propose a new rule, any animal that falls aleep FLAT is CUTE, like the puppies


  18. I think she looks like she’s saying “I just can’t move another hop!! I want so bad to get to that carrot, but if I hop one more hop, my legs will fall off!!!”

    What a cutie!!!!

  19. Woods walker says:

    That bunny’s through multipling for the day- Woods Walker

  20. Wow, super cute!
    If I was in that position. I’d be called lazy hehehe.
    Nice site you have here. Everything is mucho cute!

  21. it reminds me of my cat when she does that. aww.. I miss my cat. 😦

  22. we used to call it the “Superman pose”; she would put her front paws as far forward as possible. ‘Twas so cute.

  23. what? is that a tumor or somethin? that’s quite a bit of excess baggage for a lil’ bunny.

  24. Holy crap! Have you seen the tweaked versions of this pic? There’s a whole thread… (namelink)

  25. bunny buns!

  26. give the bunny a 10…

    give the photo a 3.

  27. E. Collison says:

    Bunny chillin’ – love it! 😉

  28. The Guy Over There says:

    ! :O

    You, Theo, are thinking the wrong things, you naughty naughty person. The bun does look like she’s ready for a massage, though.

    I remember dealing with a lop bun that also lay like that. It was awesome because she had a huge muff that made it look like she was resting on a pillow whenever she was like that.

  29. In the ferret world, that pose is called the “speed bump”. 🙂

  30. finn… your movie quote is giving me the creeps!

  31. A fellow owner says:

    I shall have to send in a picture of my bunny that is almost *always* flopped. He does it like a dog stereotypically sits: turns around a few times, scratches the ground, then falls on his side and rolls up.

    Or he does it in the stretching manner, where his legs seem to extend forever away from his body, right in front of our fireplace.

  32. Yeah the Finn comment was rather creepy. And yet hysterical…I opted to laugh my head off!

  33. Wow! Twins? I have a photo of my bunny (who looks very similar) sitting just like this!

    Mucho cuteness!

  34. CurlyGirly says:

    I am always amazed at how adorable pets can be when sleeping … my fatcat reaches poses that you would not think possible. She is my only cat to ever sleep on her back.

    Oh, and props to Norty for getting Finn’s movie quote 🙂

  35. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    Noper, not Photo shopped…Large breeds are that long or longer when streching out like that. Sitting position tucks all the length in.

  36. I like big butts and I can not lie
    You other brothers can’t deny

  37. yoga bunny??

    so so so cute!!!

  38. thats so weird it looks exactly like my pet bunny we even have the same color carpet

  39. It’s actually very comfortable laying like that on carpet like that :Z

    /me agrees with ze sleeping bun-bun

  40. how is that photoshopped?

  41. How about, “Bunny got chronic?” (link)

  42. Hey, this is our BUNNY!

    our bunny’s name is ‘plopp’ (named after the swedish candy bar). We always let him out of his pen everyday, infact, he only sleeps in his pen at night or if we need to leave to go somewhere. he has other funny positions that he ‘lounges’ in. and droppings? he is 99% toilet trained. he always always returns to his pen to poo and definitely to pee. infact, the only time he poos in place his when he’s dreaming. you can train bunnies this way if you get them as babbies. Then think of them as a strange cross between a cat and a hamster.

    And even if he does poo on our super white carpet, bunny’s poo is dry, so its not that big of a deal .. we just scoop it up after him if we have to.

    He’s also on the cover of our latest album (pictures at the link on my name below). he is our mascot!

    Full name: Plopp Lakarits Vicious – born June, 2005.

  43. It’s so cute when bunnies relax. I have a bunny too, and when they stretch out like that, they are 100 percent relaxing.
    Also they roll around when their happy 🙂