Kaption Kontest™

This has WAY too many possibilities for captions. Ya’ll must wrack your brains and come up with a good one. Mountain Dew encouraged for maximum brainstorming. I’ll have to send the winner (as judged by someone—not me, maybe my sister?) a free ‘World Peace hamster” T-shirt. Yes, we’re still working on those shirts.

//HUGE props to “Subhangi” who suggested the Kaption Kontest™ in the first place. T-shirt to you too, Dude!//


Great find, Jessica B.! Thank you.



  1. “uhg….I am NOT loving it”

  2. “Think outside the Happy Meal”

  3. i fell in and now i’m stuck and now my bottom is wet and cold and i want to get out now.

  4. I’d like a small cup of Yo!

  5. Milkaholic says:

    Supersize me!!


  6. Want a Chihuahua with that coffee?


    Want some coffee with that Chihuahua?

  7. “Excuse me, I ordered the LARGE chihuahua?”

  8. 1.) “…first it was milk products in the french fries–and now even the COFFEE isn’t safe for vegans!!”

    2.) “McDonalds is pleased to announce their new Chihuahua-flavored malt–avaliable in shor or longhaired sizes!”


  9. Caution: Contents are cute and can cause your head to explode!

  10. in stores now: Cup o’ Puppy!!!!!

  11. The long awaited McDonalds/Taco Bell merger did not go quite as expected.

  12. ahhh, muuuch better. Good thing I was inside of this here pee-cup!

  13. “These new child seats are so confining.”

  14. I thought they said this was a “luxury” car.

  15. Excuse me….excuse me…you gave me an extra large in a medium cup.

  16. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

    “In Bizarro-world, you are driving a Mexican car with a cupful of German shepherd.”

    Ah screw it. I’m just not funny.

  17. Can’t believe I missed this:


  18. “caught on camera with mcdonalds merchandise: the end the taco bell chihuahua’s career”

    “help meeee! i am stuck in here with my owner and his farts that were caused because of this super size soda he drank!”

    “why am i stuck in this cup you ask? because last time he left me alone in here i high-jacked to car”

    “just because these cups have a recycle sign on them doesnt mean they’re animal friendly!”

  19. The hell with Taco Bell, yo quiero a Big Mac.

  20. mistake, on the first one i left out the “of” in “…the end OF the …” whoopsy-daisy

  21. “Ow ow! Get me out of here, the coffee’s too hot!”

  22. “Recently McDonalds has looked into the hotdog market, but a mixup at the food ordering company caused the promotion to be quickly retired.”

  23. This is why the health inspector always says “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” instead of going to McDonalds.

  24. Are the Happy Meals just not happy enough anymore? No more worrying. All new! Free toy-[dog] with every meal!

  25. Pugs n Kisses says:

    “I asked for a cup of water… and got a cup of chee-wa-wa!”

  26. “I ordered a large. How embarrassing. Now, please take care of this immediately.”

  27. I’ve heard of the “teacup poodle” but this is going a bit too far!

  28. Would you like fries with that?

  29. “That’s-a spicey meat-a-ball!”

  30. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    We are now offering Doggie Cups

  31. The salesman said this thing came with bucket seats.

  32. And you thought the people that found the finger in the Wendy’s chili had a lawsuit!

  33. Taco bell, we have your dog. Return the clown to us immediatly or we will be forced to take drastic measures.

  34. On second thought…maybe ice wasn’t such a good idea.

  35. Fucking tacos. I want a damn Big Mac!

  36. Yo quero to get out of this frickin’ cup.

  37. McDonalds Pet Emporium, special today, small coffee and cream dogs.

  38. Caution: The pup you are about to cuddle may have an extra wet nose!


    Oops…did it again…

  39. New at McDonalds, Hot Tamales!

  40. Designed in Germany, built in Mexico, sold from L.A to Long Island… electric top, sport shift, bucket seats, ABS, GPS and all-wheel drive–but not one steenkin’ cup holder? ¡Hijo de perra!

  41. Incontinence isn’t pretty, but Paris was determined to take Tinkerbell out for lunch.

  42. Meow House says:

    “Over One Billion Served! Okay, maybe more like Over One Million Served! Okay, maybe it’s really Just One Served! (And Counting!!!)”

  43. Meow House says:

    “And now this late-breaking update from Channel 5: Elderly Woman Spills Doggie Into Lap Due to Unsafe Cup-Labeling Protocol; Sues McDonalds for Extensive Slobber Damage”

  44. I don’t see what’s so special about a cup of coffee…

  45. Mom can we get another Happy Meal, that’s the best toy ever.

  46. Gotto pee. Gotto pee. Ooo… lovin it.

  47. Milkaholic – of course!

    CP – that “Bizarro World” line definitely made me laugh. Love it. And “Pup-o-ccino” would get my vote, if we were voting.

    Denita – re: McD’s vs. vegans – too right.

    Jaime – [evil chuckle] screw the clown; keep the dog!

  48. OK, I like Kim’s take too.

  49. Kevin waiting for Britney to return with the burgers.

  50. Meow House says:

    “Last I knew I was in Tijuana and now it’s all sprechen zie Deutsch, whatever that means. Man, I gotta lay off that tequila from now on.”

  51. Meow House says:

    “Well this is taking ‘have it your way’ a little too far.”

  52. when his phsychiarist (sp) said to find a happy place…the poor dog thought he said happy meal.

    In an attempt to follow her owner Paris Hilton, Tinkerbell tries her own advertisement for McDonald’s.

    (ignore the car for this one)

    Hillbilly dog couture.

  53. Caution: Contents Muy Caliente!

  54. Meow House says:

    “Dog: it’s what’s for dinner.”

  55. A new (cuter!) way to keep your coffee warm…

  56. omg! i lyke glovy’s!

    Dog: Oos!mah undies r in a bunch! and thay smell like Montain DOO!

    get it? haha!

  57. Aye, Chihuahua! Don’t I make a dog-gone good cup of coffee?

  58. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  59. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  60. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  61. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  62. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  63. Kim O'Neill says:

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!

  64. Meow House says:

    “Doggie diapers are, like, SO last year.”

  65. I theenk I need a bigger cup…

  66. The best part of waking up is puppy in your cup!

  67. “Screw you, Taco Bell!”

  68. Anne Marie says:

    Grand Pup Auto: Hot Coffee

  69. Meow House says:

    “Bonsai Kittens aint got nothin’ on this!”

  70. Tonight on Entertainment Tonite:

    We continue our–what’s in celebrity’s cars to see what they’re REALLY like!
    Tonight–Britney Spears and K-Fed!

    And we found something TRULY shocking!

    (insert pic here)

    That’s right. A chiwowah in an old Mikkie Dee’s cup!

    yeah my spelling sucks.

  71. Beauregard says:

    “The salesman said this thing came with bucket seats.”


  72. CAUTION: Coffee may be unbelievably cute.

  73. Meow House says:

    “In a bold move to end America’s dependency on foreign oil, Exxon has come up with a new slogan: ‘Put a chihuahua in your tank.'”

  74. Would you like fleas with that?

    I’ve heard of a fly in one’s soup but this is ridiculous!

    Dunk’n Doggies latest flavour.

    I am just so much darn cuter than that clown!

  75. The cutest thing on the Dollar Menu.

  76. One cute and fuzzy to go, please.

  77. Cheech Marin voice::
    “Oh man! It feels so weird to not be in my Taco Bell cup, man!”

  78. Lick My Pickles says:

    A pup in my thickshake??? What next a Hare in my cheeseburger?

  79. This brand-spankin’ new booster seat is fantastic, I can finally reach the handbrake.

  80. Soooo…this is economy class!


    But Maaa… you told me not to make a mess on the floor!


    Do you think we fooled the border patrol?

  81. “It’s a Yappy Meal!”
    (To be filed under new category, Pups ‘n Cups)

  82. “Oh, as soon as I squeeze down a beet farthur, I shall surprise my lovely with a leetle keess!! She’ll seemply be LOHVING it! Ay-ay-ay!”

    I want a small dog in my beverage. Now.

    😀 Thanks for the cuteness!

  83. Where’s the beef?

  84. The Golden Chihuarches.

    The law states that passengers under 85 lbs. are required to be in a car seat, but this is a whole new take.

  85. Caution: Beverages served cute. Harness and liscense upon request only.

    (can ya tell I actually read the lil signs on the drive thru window?)

  86. Paige DeBenedittis says:

    “*sigh* Yo quiero Taco Bell. *sigh*”

    hehe too cute.

  87. The new McPup.
    A meal in a Cup.

  88. Fill it to the rim with . . . hot puppy cuteness.

    “You deserve a break today??!! Break my cute little puppy ass out of this cup, fool.”

    “Damn you Paris Hilton, DAMN YOUUUUUU!!!”

  89. Listen, you People are FANTASTIC. Look at you People! Look at you writing these great Kaptions™! My favorites so far (we’ll see who the sister picks as the winner):

    1. Pup-a-ccino
    2. “You want fleas with that?”
    3. Caution, coffee may be unbelievably cute
    4. “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk” Ooops, wrong entry
    5. Incontinence isn’t pretty, but Paris was determined to take Tinkerbell out for lunch.
    6. “That’s a spicy meat-ball” is so ridiculous it’s great
    7. A ‘Pups and Cups’ category—good call!

    Aw, hell, they’re all great. “Exscuse me I ordered a large Chihuahua” is awesome too. Which one will she pick!!!?

  90. “No thank you. I would not like my drink super sized or else I might lose my straw.”

    “I would like super sized cuteness, please,”

    “Happy meal toys taken to the next level.”

  91. E. Collison says:

    “All I really need is a booster seat…”

  92. I’d vote for “Supersize me..please” and Jaime’s Taco Bell caption…heh.

  93. Do I want to “Supersize it?” I don’t think you get the point.

  94. “I can’t believe I still drink this stuff when she forgets to bring the whiskey!”

  95. “They really do have good prizes in happy meals!”

  96. “Bring your Chihuahua to Work Day” almost became a disaster when the health code inspectors made a surprise visit.

  97. “I think I need a bigger cup.”

    remember the taco bell chihuahua and the box? yea.

  98. “McDonalds is once again facing lawsuits from injured customers who claim to have sustained injuries while using the company’s new ‘Pup Cup’ Lawyers are said to be pleased with the new developments.”

  99. America let the fast food industry slip by with a finger in the chili, but an entire dog in a soda?

  100. ‘Waiter! There’s a real fly dude in my latte!’

  101. Yo quiero Mickey D.

  102. okay. Luis. I need. a double triple minus one times infinity to the pi mcdorablatte. supersized

  103. If Pup-a-ccino takes it, I want the dog to get a tiny T-shirt as well.

  104. “Puppy chow, they made it portable!!!”

  105. “Just wait ’til I get out of this cup. I’ll give Paris such a nip!”

  106. shoobie doop doop daaawwwg

  107. “I could’ve sworn I asked for a coffee CUP, not a coffee PUP….”

  108. “What the hell is this?

    …I ordered a KITTEN!”

  109. “Ok…. that Mission Impossible-esque rappeling from the roof of the car to get to the ice didn’t quiiiite go as planned!”


    “So THIS is where that tunnel in the glove compartment leads to!”

  110. It has to be the pup-o-ccino, that’s just so genius!

    My 2 cents would be:
    Hey, a doggy-bag!

  111. “reverse… i must reverse…”

    “Ouch! my chair.. my chair..”

    Wham! Bam!

    “Brake! where is the brake?!”

  112. You’ve heard of the teacup Chihuahua – now meet the coffeecup Chihuahua. In 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

  113. “Paris? Hellooo??? I’m still in the car…”

  114. pup-a-chino!
    sweet enough without sugar

  115. “If you use me as the gear shifter one more time…”

  116. “You drive with the kid on your lap and put ME in the baby seat???!!!???”


    Wow, they are changing their name to McDoggies?

    how about

    McDonalds has come up with some strnge mix ins for the McBlizzard


    One carmel ca-pooch-ino to go please

    Or maybe not 🙂


  117. Oooohhh warm coffee tickling my nether regions…I’m LOVING it!!!

  118. What part of, “Quiero Taco Bell!” did you not understand?


    Chalupas, chalupas. My kingdom for a chalupa.

  119. Move over Britney Spears with her baby in her lap while driving. A hot new photograph of Paris Hilton’s new Chihuahua in her McDonald’s cup while she hides from the Parazzis.

  120. “Beeeeeellllch”

  121. I don’t think the people at Mickey D’s are on to me yet as a spy from the Mexican phone Co. (Taco Bell).

  122. Next time, YOU do the shifting.

    I know I said “to-go”, but this is ridiculous.

  123. NinjaPussycat says:

    Hey Meg’s seester, I like stef’s,” You’ve heard of the teacup Chihuahua – now meet the coffeecup Chihuahua. In 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.” and
    Jaime’s,”Taco bell, we have your dog. Return the clown to us immediatly or we will be forced to take drastic measures.
    -McDonalds “

  124. Jamie’s is great, lol. I couldn’t work out how to use italics in this comment, but still:

    “…and so, armed wis onlee a bazookah and zum genetically modified cumqvats, i shall take oveur zee world!! Moowahahaha!! Ahaha… ha… Haha. Now zen. Somebody get me out of zis cup.”

  125. Everybody needs a cup of Joe in the morning

  126. can’t use italics, AND can’t spell jaime’s name apparantly. doh.

  127. CAUTION: Contents may be hot.

  128. After a long night of drinking, some people suggest a little “hair of the dog” the next morning. This is all they could come up with at the drive-thru window.

  129. hahaha.. from my evil lair I shall rule the world!!

  130. 1. New Audi – now with pup-holder

    2. Puppy to go

    3. “Nice new car – but can I pleeeeeeeeease take a look around by myself?”

    4. “And when I’m grown up I’ll get a real seat in here”

  131. ” How many more of these Chihuahua-shakes before I am clinically obese?”
    Love the dog – hate McDonalds!

  132. “I ordered a St. Bernard, but they told me I’d need a bigger truck.”

  133. “Uh, Miss? I asked for a LARGE Diet Pupsi.”

  134. The Guy Over There says:

    To this day, the border patrol still does not know the connection between how doggies continued to evade their watchful eye, and why McDonald’s coffee tastes so awful.

  135. pupsi!! bwahaha! genius.

  136. “I CANNOT start my day without a nice hot CUP-O-PUP!”

    “Excuse me, I asked for a Large Pepsi and got a small dog”

    “Wow, these Happy Meal Toys are getting really life-like”

  137. After a night of cocktails, Macchiato, the chihuahua, goes for full caffeine immersion.

  138. …and one Happy Meal — boy or girl?

  139. Quarter Pounder with Fleas!

  140. when I said I wanted my own cup, this is NOT what I had in mind…

  141. Niiice. You get an Audi and all I get is a crappy McDonald’s cup. It doesn’t even have a lid!

  142. Caution! Contents may be extremely hot!

  143. “There’s so much sugar here, it may rot your teeth out!”

  144. Laura WAttles says:

    McDonald’s, trying to diplicate Taco Bell’s success with their chihuahua campaign, decides to include a chihuahua with every happy meal.

  145. Holly Kim Wilson says:

    Tinkerbell was sure it was not going to be good once Paris woke up enough to realize where she put the coffee after trying to take a drink of him…..

  146. In America you consume coffee.
    In Soviet Russia coffee consumes you!

  147. Dude. I’m a TEACUP chihuahua, not a coffee cup chihuahua!

  148. Britney can’t blame THIS on the papparazzi!

  149. “i’ve heard of a doggy bag, but this is ridiculous!”

    “(unseen from back of the car, Tony the Tiger says) hey pup, dont worry about it, the home for retired food mascots is grreeeeeaaattt!!”

    “(the puppy is thinking) when i bought my new car from that rival clown i didnt think he’d go so low as to booby trap it!”

    well thats my attempts! my fav so far is Jaimes ransoming of the taco pup and the clown, lol.

  150. While Paris hides, Tinkerbell is left to be attacked by the Pup-arazzi.

  151. I’d like to try one of those new Coca-Cola float please.

  152. “Sweet! This model comes with a pup-holder!”

  153. one coffee with extra puppy to go, please!

  154. The new Audi comes fully loaded with a pup-holder arm rest…

  155. Catherine Fox says:

    I hope I’m not on the Chinese McDonalds menu.

  156. Oh mi amor, I weel put some azucar in your cup eef you weel drive me to zee border, no?

  157. “(the puppy is thinking) when i bought my new car from that rival clown i didnt think he’d go so low as to booby trap it!”

  158. McDonalds launches it’s new So. Cal. menu.

  159. “Overflowing cup: Drink it In!!”

  160. The latest in automotive safety features: the emergency dogsled kit.

  161. “For the last time, I DON’T DRIVE STICK!”

  162. “Supersize me? Please?!” –I just saw someone else had this too but it is worth repeating 😉

    “The promotional ‘Cute Overload’ Happy Meal™ toy. Pooper scooper not included.”

    as much as chihuahua’s shake this should have been a Wendy’s frosty cup.

  163. Please don’t drive when cute.

  164. Now how am I suppose to drink this and drive on the Autoban at the same time?

    Forget about doggie sweaters. I’ll just sit here in this jaccuzi for a while to I warm up. Ahhh!

    Must. Shift. Into. Reverse. Ah, forget about it. I need more caffine first.

  165. Now with Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Cream Chihuahua!

  166. AuntieMame says:

    If our votes counted, I’d vote for:

    1. Supersize me!!

    2. PUP-O-CCINO!

    3. The best part of waking up is puppy in your cup!

    4. A pup in my thickshake??? What next a Hare in my cheeseburger?

    5. It’s a Yappy Meal!

    6. The new McPup.
    A meal in a Cup.

    7. Uh, Miss? I asked for a LARGE Diet Pupsi.

    8. Quarter Pounder with Fleas!

  167. Hello? I think I ordered a LARGE!

  168. “Pup-holders now standard on all vehicles.”

  169. CUP-O-PUP

  170. “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”

  171. Let me AUDI here!

  172. Juan Padilla says:

    I’ve been here for hours! Where the hell is she!? THAT’S IT! Im taking a dump in her latte…

  173. “The standard cup holders can be easily converted to puppy holders using the free adapter available at McDonalds.”

  174. Meow House says:

    “For the safety of your passengers, please don’t ‘Tink’ and drive.”

  175. McDonalds, in a desperate attempt to boost sales, began offering a new Happy Meal prize recently. So far this has been a huge success, especially among the wealthy blond bimbo demographic.

  176. Limited time only! Puppy to go with your “Make-You-Happy Meal”!

  177. “I’ll take a cheeseburger, some fries, aaaannd a cup of something brown and hot.” “That’ll be $5.72, please pull ahead.”

  178. CAUTION: Contents may be dog.

  179. “Excuse Me! I said I wanted my coffee black!”

  180. I love Jaime’s clown caption!

  181. same theme but the details count:

    Caution: Contents CUTE!!!!

  182. In light of new FDA regulations, McDonalds quietly added “contains wheat, milk and chihuahua ingredients” to their website this month.

  183. “Papa… are you sure this is Taco Bell?, when do I get to see the other chihuahuas?”

  184. AuntieMame says:

    I take it all back. Carol wins!

    “CAUTION: Contents may be dog.”

  185. Susan Dennis says:

    “The Golden Arches introduces a new product ‘Pup-in-a-Cup.’ Warning contents may be playful.”

  186. Why should I be ashamed? The business I just did in here is as “flavorful” as McDonald’s coffee.

  187. “I said doggy BAG! Doggy BAG!”

  188. where’s my airbag?

  189. “Dog is my copilot”

  190. “At Wendy’s you only get a thumb!”

  191. Looks like one of those mexican workers dropped their dog into the food again.

  192. “McDonalds jumps on the raw food craze with their new offering ‘pup in a cup’…”

  193. Zippy the chihuahua shows off his legendary “coffee absorption” technique for going into yapping-shaking overdrive.

  194. Oops – there’s hair in my — what?!

  195. “You know, when I applied for that moonlighting position, I expected something a little bigger….”-Taco Bell Pup on working for McDogfoods.

  196. wait, i got another one –

    “Thees ‘spa resort’ eez a total reepoff!”

  197. hammercock says:

    “You won’t need to sue McDonald’s if you spill me in your lap!”

  198. HouseofMayhem says:

    “For a limited time only:

    McMexiNuggets (c)!

    with special chipotle cuteness dipping sauce!

    Full of Chihuahua goodness!!”

  199. The new Mexican blend is the only thing that can get me going in the morning.

  200. 1) Um….this is the best happy meal toy EVER!

    2)Pleeeze, I beg you, don’t tell the people at Taco Bell!

  201. Yo Quiero to get the hell out of this eff’n cup!

  202. Meow House says:

    “The all-new 2006 Audi, with supercharged 2-liter pupcup.”

  203. “But I ordered a super-size! Darn drive thru!”

  204. CaliforniaKaotik says:

    The truth about the McDonalds coffee lawsuit…

  205. Caption 1: Who ordered the medium chi latte?

    Caption 2: One small chi to go please

    Caption 3: For the woman who can’t afford the teacup chihuahua, now in papercup too.

  206. sssh- we’ve secretly replaced this womans Folgers crystals with a live baby chihuahua- let’s see if she notices…

  207. >>”CAUTION: Contents may be dog.”

    LOLOLOL!! ::busts a lung laughing::

    ow. 😦

  208. Warning: Contents may bite!

  209. Some critters are so cute you just want to dunk them in your coffee and nibble on them.

  210. Emord Nilap says:

    “Cupholdar? CUPHOLDAR?!? I don’ NEEEED no steeeeeeenkin’ cupholdar!”

  211. if i bite his crotch can we sue mcdonald’s for a million bucks?

  212. Newman’s Own Organic Blend puppy now available at a McDonalds near you! Wake up with a lick and a smile!

  213. Meow House says:

    Now that’s what I call a four-on-the-floor.

  214. I’d like to vote for a “supersize” caption. Can’t decide between Milkaholic’s “Supersize me” or Janie’s “Do I want to ‘Supersize it?’ I don’t think you get the point.” Either one would be great.

  215. ugh! I KNEW I should have never stopped working for Taco Bell! this is so degrading….making me tail wash these stupid cups….

  216. I do not like over cute.

    I’d call this nonsense:

    Where’s The Beef?

  217. She loves sugar…I’m sweet…but THIS is ridiculous!

  218. akelavincent says:

    Dodger: “Tito, you’re on electronics!”

  219. I said doggie BAG.

  220. i vote for

    “would you like fleas with that…”


  221. “One day only chihuahua liquidation event!”

  222. “One Diet Pupsi to go, hold the ice, please!”

  223. allfivefeetofme says:

    “I don’t get it, what’s so great about coffee enemas? Humans! I give up. I’ll never understand their ways.”

  224. Can I take your order?
    Yes, I’d like a small chihuahua to go.

  225. I switched over to McDonald’s. To heck with Taco Bell! Let them have the Talking Gecco!

    or howsabout…

    Where’s the beef?

  226. You’ve heard of Cat in the Hat….this is Pup in the Cup.

  227. aww every one else’s entries are better than mine 😦 well my favorite one is the ransom note to taco bell, and also the one where it says that it ordered a kitten. too cute:) anyway I WANT THE T-SHIRT 😛 i know im greedy but im going to try again with these captions:

    “i’ll get you taco bell.. and your little dog too!”

    “geez.. you pee on the seats ONCE and then you ride in an old soda cup the rest of your life”

    “Dr. Pepper? of course there was no Dr. Pepper in this cup, your crazy!… *burp*”

    “must.. reach.. radio dial… can’t… take anymore.. elevator music…”

    “day 273 of my captivity:
    i finished my owner’s Mr. Pib today in a desprate attempt to comsume enough bubbles to float out of the car. does not appear to be working.”

    “taco bell- i regret to inform you i will now be endorsing with McDonalds. nothing personal, its just they have better fries.
    -McDonalds chihuahua”

    “excuse me, theres a hair in my drink.. and a dog attached to it”

    “could i get a super-size cup? this one has no elbow room”

    “sitting in her drink isnt as much fun when she doesnt notice”

    “NEW!!! having trouble trying to keep from drinking and driving? our new product will keep you from being tempted! makes noise, bites your hand, etc.!(also comes in kitten, yorkshire terrier, and canary)”

    “no way am i gettin’ out of my jacuzzi”

    haha i know they’re bad.. o well

  228. I thought I asked for a small.

  229. Introducing the all-new Audi, complete with pupholder

  230. No one will sue if they spill THIS on their lap.

  231. Life after Paris when she thinks you’ve gotten too big.

  232. 2006 Chihuahuaudi

  233. NEW!! ‘Cute Overload: The Movie’ Happy Meal Toys ONLY AT MCDONALDS!

    Eh, it sucked.

  234. NEW!! ‘Cute Overload: The Movie’ Happy Meal Toys ONLY AT MCDONALDS!

    Eh, it sucked.

  235. Jan Spencer says:

    And now, to add to our CUTEOVERLOAD.COM website, you’ve seen “Cats ‘n Racks”, now, the latest feature…


  236. nothin’ like a nice hot spa tub of my very own!

  237. Jan Spencer says:

    Here’s another lame one…LOL

    My puppycup runneth over.

    Told ya. At least I warned ya. 🙂

  238. 1. Mommy, I am not lovin’ it!

    2. I’m gonna need a bigger cup

  239. McPup

  240. Meow House says:

    Hey! I SAID I wanted a Quarter Poun-DER, not a Quarter Pound DOG!

  241. Hey! I asked for a doggie bag, not a doggie *cup*!

  242. Some further musings . . .

    1. “Say Hello to My Leetle Friend!!!”

    2. “Como Estan, Beetches!!”

    3. Nobody Puts Baby in a Cup!!

    4. “You Got Chihuahua in my Coffee!” “Hey, YOU Got Coffee on my Chihuahua!!” – Cup o’ Pup, Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together.

    5. General Foods International Coffees: Celebrate the Moments of Your Life!

    6. Maxwell House: Good to the Last Pup!

    7. The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Puppy Cuteness in Your Cup!

    8. Chock Full o’ Pups!

  243. “So, if I want out of this cup, I just change it from P for Puppy to D for Dog, right?”

  244. This is NOT “Shotgun”

  245. “And the little dog said, ‘But can you supersize ME?’ Alas, his wish was not granted.”

    Or, basically, “Can you supersize ME?”

    Or —
    “Finally, McDonalds has started carrying hawt dogs!”

  246. The advertising team behind McDonalds Happy Meal toy giveaways are running out of ideas.

  247. Captain Ollie says:

    Caution: Contents May Be Cute

  248. bah! It’s not a pug, who cares!

  249. You guys have great ideas! My favourites are

    * So, if I want out of this cup, I just change it from P for Puppy to D for Dog, right?

    * Taco bell, we have your dog. Return the clown to us immediatly or we will be forced to take drastic measures.

    * You’ve heard of the teacup Chihuahua – now meet the coffeecup Chihuahua. In 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.”

  250. Puppy – “OK! i have a problem. Im so sorry Mr. Bell ; the cola was calling to mee!!!! OH GOD I NEED HELP!!!!

  251. “(the puppy is thinking) when i bought my new car from that rival clown i didnt think he’d go so low as to booby trap it!”

  252. caution: contents may poop

  253. Believe me, I can’t wait until my Swarovski cup is back from cleaning.

  254. Jose Mendoza says:

    Tu Cup, runneth over!
    Hello, McDonalds? We have a problem.
    Potty Training can be so embarrassing.

  255. Britney Speares hadn’t relised that someone had put a spell on her milkshake

  256. “Are we across the mexican border yet?”

  257. Now offering a teeny weenie dog with every value meal!

  258. DANM YOU CLOWN!!! NOW HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WIN THE MASCOT CHAMPIONCHIP GAME!!?? Ohhh. That’s just great. I have absolutly NO tp. *sighs* I hate Mondays!

  259. “CAUTION: Contents may be very cute.”

  260. I change that to “CAUTION: Contents may be extremely cute.”

  261. michi machoo says:

    “I can’t wait for my legs to grow in so I can drive this car.”

  262. This is what happens when a blonde tries to multi-task. Her purse is at the groomer’s and she’s in the dry cleaner’s trying to get a bikini wax.

  263. “I told you that coffee wouldn’t stunt my growth!”

  264. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

    So that explains the “special” sauce.

  265. Due to an unexpected verbal slipup at the drivethrough, sheila was given a Pup of Coffee.

  266. rfc_babe_v_rfc says:

    aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i luv dogies and people stop complaining the wee dogies are so cute

  267. Edmund Hon says:

    “Beware, content in cup may be cute.”

  268. “Ahhhh. There’s nothing like an ice cold SODA-PUP!”

  269. More than a cupful is a waste.

  270. Aww. . . It’s a pup soda!

  271. “dad said he wouldn’t stop for a potty break and told me to use a cup…well there was already yellow in it”

  272. >>>Due to an unexpected verbal slipup at the drivethrough, sheila was given a Pup of Coffee.

    LMAO. mainly because i can hear them saying it. and it sounds funny. hee. lol.

  273. Mama….*sniff*… I deed NOT get all hooked up in thees blue harness for Mickey Dee’s……*sniff* Yo quieroooo Taco Bellllll!

  274. Um, I was looking for somet’ing a leetle smaller. And maybe wit’ de sunroof?

  275. Moments later the ccup tipped over and left a sticky poodle on the floor mats.

  276. Meow House says:

    Variation on my earlier one:

    I said I wanted a Quarter Pounder, not a “quart o’Pound Dog”!

  277. Meow House says:

    Paris said “pity party”; Tinkerbell heard “potty party.”

  278. oh the shame

    hide me before the people from taco bell see me!

  279. If I can’t see out the window, we’re going to need this cup as my barf bag!

  280. dunkin’ dog-nuts

  281. *Pink panther music plays as pup slowly raises his head to peep out over the rim of the cup before emerging* “I have managed to infiltrate the enemy cup…I am behind enemy lines, I repeat, I am behind enemy lines…”

  282. God, they never get the damn order right…

  283. “Hey, where’s the seat belts on this thing?”

    “Proudly presenting the new Coffe McChihuahua!”

    “I pity the person who has to read through all of these suggestions…..”

    “No, sir. Taco Bell serves Clown Fajitas. We serve Coffee McChihuahuas.”

  284. ba ba ba ba ba im hating this

  285. I asked for a doggy bag, not a doggy cup

  286. Supersize ME???

  287. Anyone who thinks my size is a disadvantage couldnt be more wrong. Im perfectly happy here! *to self*-god this is humiliating!

  288. To avoid any more nasty lawsuits, McDonald’s will now have to put on all their cups “Caution, contents caliente, may burn or bite crotch if spilled!”

  289. Ren figures out how to get forty-seven Meeeeelion dollars.

  290. I thought I ordered a soda

  291. First the coffee is WAY too hot and now I can’t even get out of their oversized cups. I’m suing!

  292. This cup is too small. Yo queiro Taco Bell!

  293. 29 days into his grueling McDonalds-only diet for his film “Supersize Me,” Morgan Spurlock began to halucinate…

  294. Mc Cute!



  297. heywon Kang says:

    hey, this dog is the utest dog ive ever seen. i just love Chuwawas

  298. My friend Matt came up with a late, great one:

    The new Paris Hilton Chill-Wow-Wa!® shake, available for a limited time only at participated McDonald’s restaurants.

  299. terri-lynn says:

    Ultra-Shield’s Big Boy seat is designed for the big racer. It is constructed from .00125 grade 5052 paper with wax extrusion welded around the perimeter of the seat and seat belt holes. The left rib is 0.75” while the right side is a full 1”. Fully padded cloth cover sold separately. Shown here with optional harness in blue.

  300. “hey do i look like a diet cola to you!”

  301. Is that what Mcdonalds is serving now days?

  302. Is that what Mcdonalds is serving now days?

  303. anonymous says:

    “I’d rather be in this cup, than in an A3”

  304. We’ve moved up from finding chicken heads in our food.

  305. NEW!! Mcdonals drink Doggy pesi yummy *for a limated time only*

  306. free toy…umm..i meen dog with happy meal NOTE: toy loves cola BEWARE!

  307. freddy loner says:

    he is off da hisy

  308. wow, thats one small dog. and i thought my dog was small lol ( laugh out loud)

  309. wow, thats one small dog. and i thought my dog was small lol ( laugh out loud)

  310. wow, thats one small dog. and i thought my dog was small lol ( laugh out loud)

  311. I’m coffee really! This is just a disguise I’ve taken on to, erm…Ok, you caught me, I’m really a milkshake.

  312. aww that lil chihuahua looks so cute

  313. It fits in a cup!!!!!

  314. I have always wanted to order~ “a Pup in a Cup”!
    I’m lovin’IT!! L:)

  315. Yo chiero McDonalds?

  316. i’m lovin it!!!!

  317. And that’s why McDonald’s coffee tastes like crap.

  318. Do you believe in magic?

  319. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  320. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  321. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  322. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  323. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  324. Wayne "Rhino" Levangie says:

    Pour some Sugar on me!

  325. *wince* I hope thats ice.

  326. But, Officer! I’m 19 in DOG years!

  327. Is this your idea of a seatbelt?

  328. Is this your idea of a seatbelt?

  329. Screw Taco Bell, yo quiero a Big Mac!

  330. Kris, in New England says:

    Chihuahua Dolce Latte

  331. C.Rogers says:

    Ahhh…so this is what happens when a fast food place runs out of doggy bags.

  332. I can’t eat that! They kept the fur on it!

  333. So this is what makes McDonald’s coffee more “gourmet” these days…

  334. Kate Cole says:

    Yo quero Mickey D’s

  335. “Coffee, tea, or me?”

  336. my owner is a vegitarian………

  337. why do i still have this stupid leash? its not like i can go any where anyway……..

  338. “I keep TELLING Tim not to let his kid brother fix the ice machine…”

  339. Christina says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to an anything but clothes party!

  340. I ordered a shake, not a sit!

  341. Dog gone it…I wanted ice with my chihuahua!

  342. megbowe says:

    The best Happy Meal toy EVER!

  343. gabbers says:

    “i thought i ordered a caremel
    sundae with whipped cream on top”

  344. gabbers says:

    “i thought i ordered a caramel
    sundae with whipped cream on top”

  345. jack johnson says:


  346. Are these the toys that come in happy meals now?

  347. “Dude! Hurry up and get in the air! Five more miles and this’ll be legal!”

  348. “A toy now in every cup!”

  349. super size me cap’n!!! or mcdonalds. which evr works

  350. “Honey, do you think this lemonade tastes funny?”

  351. This trim level only available from Audi dealerships in Puerto Rico