“Whatevs!” “Borrrrrrring!”





This Hedger’s name is Pascale. PASCALE, People! WHO names their hedgehog Pascale? Someone who obviously knows what they’re doing. Straight from "HamorHollow.com", taken by Sean Soznik. Brillllllliant!



  1. holy squirrel-pants!! that’s adorkable.

  2. I’m telling you, this needs to be a new Rule of Cuteness! “A cute thing, showing its tongue, becomes even cuter!”

  3. Beauregard says:

    Holy Hedgehog! Pascale!?!
    “WHO names their hedgehog Pascale?”
    People who are cool enough to own a hedgehog. I can’t get over this one. It is just one of the cutest things EVAR! Seriously, this week has been awesome for cute.

  4. [program Ode(input, output, Pindaric, Pascale);]

    i think that i shall never see
    something as cute as pascal-ee.

  5. YAWN! or HA! or AIE!

  6. Kind of slimy little toungue you got there Pally Pascale!

  7. I *swear* he looks like a muppet!!

    Can anyone spot the puppeteer’s hand under there?….

  8. he looks like he’s in for a doctor’s appt 🙂

    Say “ah”!

  9. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!

    He’s high on life, yo.

  10. I love how the blanket makes it look like he’s on a very well groomed lawn. Like a picture book, I tells ya…

  11. I think Pascale is mocking us. And enjoying it.

  12. I adore the fact that in the yawning picture, it’s all mouth and ZERO teeth! Too cute!

  13. I heart pascale.

  14. Eee! Hedge-piggy!

  15. so much hedgie action….(swoon and faint….)

  16. chupacabra says:

    The tongue. It is so big. And cute. 😀

  17. Oh



    I actually laughed out loud at this one. I am SO getting a hedgehog now! Hubby and I have already planned it, but now I’m even more stoked!

  18. THis is quite possibly the last desktop background I will ever need. Remember when you said that hedgehogs weren’t cute? HA!
    Thanks so much for the overwhelming cuteness.

  19. OH gosh..Is he cute, or what??? I’ve never been much for Hedge-Piggies as someone else called them, but this is JUST too cute!!!!! What a cute little mouth!!!

    Seriously though, can’t adult Hedgehogs hurt humans? I’m just asking, I have no idea…

  20. Yes StormCat, you’re exactly right!! Hedgehogs can bite, and often do. They, like ferrets, smell unless you bathe them frequently… and. if you bathe them, you have to be careful about their catching cold. They have parasites and medicating them is tricky.

    Little hedge-piggies are among the cutest of creatures and I LOVE these photos, but they, like ferrets, do not make good pets except for a small percentage of people
    who are committed to dealing with them as the “wild animals born in captivity” that they are.

  21. ‘Hmmm … hold out your tongue please Mr. Hedges. Hmmm … odd, very odd. Could you open your mouth a little wider? … tsk, tsk. This doesn’t look good.’
    ‘What’s wrong with me, doc?’
    ‘Mr. Hedges, I’m afraid you have an extremely rare condition that gives you the appearance of a, um, hedgehog.’
    ‘Aha, I KNEW you were a quack! I had asked for a VETERINARIAN, hello! Really, doc, you should be ashamed of yourself, I’m so angry with you my hairs are standing on end!’

  22. SOO Cute..where the hell can tou buy a hedgehog?? But truly it looks a little scary

  23. No one’s mentioned those ears yet! (Of course the tongue kinda stole the show here…)
    Like little leather ears of a stuffed toy!!! Sooooooo cute!

  24. Otter, thanks for that info!! I really didn’t know they could bite humans!! I figured the pricklies were dangerous, but not the mouth too… Ok, I don’t want one anymore… (grin)

    Nella, I agree with the ears comment!! I didn’t even notice them until you mentioned it…they ARE cute!!!!!


  26. Otter…I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but out of the nine ferrets I owned, NONE of them were even remotely what I would have considered “wild”. They would never have survived more than a day out of the shelter of my house, and the only thing they ever “hunted” was where I’d hidden their bottle of vitamin paste.

    They’re less likely to bite people than dogs or cats. That is a researched and proven fact. Also, bathing them frequently causes them to smell WORSE. It’s a proper diet and frequent cleaning of their bedding that reduces the smell. A ferret whose environment is kept clean, who is brushed frequently, and who is given the right kind of diet will have little more than a faint odor of corn chips around it. (Some call it a “bakery-fresh” smell…)

    Now I *will* say that they aren’t good pets for people with small children or who go into ownership of one thinking it’s a rodent (which is is most definitely NOT) and end up starving it to death on an improper diet. But all it takes is about the same amount of research and consideration any good, responsible pet owner would make for ANY animal they are interested in–be it a ferret or any other living, breathing critter.

    Just my $0.02. I’ll get back on topic now… 🙂


  27. To those who say they are getting a hedgehog because of these pics, I urge to read this wepbage first. They are CUTE, but not the best pets for everyone. Just 13 years ago, they were very unfriendly creatures, and only now “somewhat” coming around in friendliness.

    Here is the page:


    Some hedgehogs never make a good pet, and you usually do not know, until you’ve already got them at home and they are older.

    Some bite when they hear a loud or sudden noise, even if they are normally calm.

    Unlike a cat or dog, they don’t care for people in the same way the usual pet does. They show some interest, but mostly you are a jungle gym for them to climb on.
    Also, many hedgehogs can not be litter trained. They go where they wish to go, and when.

    You may also find quills shed onto your carpets, and they can find their way into the bottom of your foot or clothes; socks, underwearm, shoes, etc.

    They are nocturnal, so they can be loud at night banging around in their cage.

    One of the most important things to know, is that many vets will not see a hedgehog. If you do not have an 24 hour/day emergency vet near you who will see hedgehogs, you could end up letting a hedgehog die, when it didn’t need to happen.

    Please, please…if you are interested in getting a pet (even a cat or dog), please do research on them first. I’ve met too many people who have bought one of these, learning too late that they’re not great pets at all.

  28. Denita TwoDragons, it sounds like this is an important issue to you and I respect that — it is important to me, too, so ther we have common ground.

    The info you write is different from my research and experience (could we be talking about two different species of ferrets?! I doubt it, but it almost sounds like it).

    “wild animals born into captivity”… now think about what this means, ok? Since they are born into captivity, they will be habiutaed to humans, but their wild instincts and behavior have not been bred out of them as they have with domestic dogs and cats.
    Ferrets have more of a history of domestication — they were even used in WW II in a (largely unsuccessful) program to use them to find buried land mines, and were used by German farmers to reduce rodent populations — but ferrets are still not “domestic animals”. They are wild animasl that are being bred in captivity as an “exotic” pet.

    As a Vet’s assistant from 1998 – 2003 full time and currently part-time, and volunteer
    at our Animal Shelter, I have seen too many ferrets come in with wounds from people who didn’t know what they were getting into and decided to “discipline”/train the animal or didn’t recognize symptoms of illness in time — so much suffering brought about by the fact that many (not all but many) of teh people who purchase a cute little “exotic” are simply not cut out for as caregivers, not is it fair to the people to think they are getting acute toy of an animal that will be sweet and cuddly. Now, we are seeing hedgehogs come in teh Vet’s office — the saaddest cases are the three who have, each at separate times, dropped off at the animal shelters… chalk those up with the many bunnies who end up in Animal Shelters because many people don’t know what a commitment is required to be a good “owner”.
    I ache for these animals, and for many of the people who honestly did not mean to be hurtful, but didn’t really look into what they were getting into. And most of the people selling hedgehogs and other “exotics” do not tell the whole truth about this.

  29. Jes you said it better than I did, (your post was entered while I was typing mine, so I didn’t see it before I posted mine…

    Sorry for any redundancy folks…and for the typos *aaargh* (am typing quickly, from work 🙂

  30. “They are CUTE, but not the best pets for everyone.”
    “They show some interest, but mostly you are a jungle gym for them to climb on.”
    “They go where they wish to go, and when.”
    “They are nocturnal, so they can be loud at night banging around in their cage.”

    sounds like one of my ex’s.


    (jes, otter & denita — thanks for the edjamacation.)

  31. Contrary to these pictures, what is *not* so cute are the pictures of Hedgehog illnesses on Hamor Hollow’s site!

    But talk about a thorough site!

  32. …This one is a winner. Very expressive hedge-piggie you’ve got there.


  33. omg! he haff noe toofz!!! ahhhh so cute! **dies**

  34. oh stop. please. stop. I can’t take the cuteness.


    I admit I’m addicted — that’s the first step, right?

  35. Props to the animal activists for reminding us a few cute pictures (and really how can a baby picture not be cute) do not necesarily a good pet make, even if they are available as such.

    But now for the question on everyone’s mind: I think this cutie is named after the little boy Pascale in the comic strip “Rose is a Rose” they both have the same spikey “hair”

  36. Perhaps there could be a mainpage link to animal protection/advice sites, just incase someone sees a cute picture and rushes out to get a ‘hog (or cat, monkey, gryphon — whatever).

  37. Oh this just made me bust out laughing!! That’s the cutest thing ever!

  38. I think there needs to be a new cuteness rule regarding an unusually large ratio of mouth size to body size (or ear size to body size, and so on–you get the idea). Similar to rule #10 (large feet) and rule #15 (small ear-to-head ratio). And I think Pascale is the inaugural picture.

  39. Yeah the hedgehog is really cute – then I followed the link. Is no animal safe from us humans?! I can’t believe people have hedgehogs as pets! We just seem intent on taking every animal on earth and doing with them as we wish, we are domesticating whatever creature we take a fancy to without a thought for whether it’s the right thing for them. These are wild animals people, leave them where they should be (and that ain’t living in a house with humans)!

  40. Researchers suspect Ferrets have been domesticated for the last 10,000 years. There are murals of Ferrets being used for hunting in ancient Egypt and the Near East, though it is commonly accepted that the modern Ferret was domesticated from the European variety in about 1500 BCE. I think that 2500 years qualifies as domesticated.

    Ferrets do not behave like domesticated cats or domesticated dogs because they are neither of these animals, just as cats and dogs do not behave like horses or cows. Nor are they “wild animals born in captivity” simply because so many people who choose to “own” them don’t know the first thing about caring for them. This is a completely separate issue, and a valid one.

    I admire the work of animal caregivers and respect the amount of time they invest in caring for animals that are mistreated and injured. But to suggest that ferrets are not good pets because people don’t understand how to care for them is akin to blaming cars because some people are bad drivers.

  41. Tongue….and yawn. o-o Cuteness laws have been broken.

  42. Yep. I’m aware of the research-based speculation about ferrets having been “domesticated”, Ponygirl. One need only Google “domestic ferret”.

    I think it’s good that you wrote “reserachers suspect”, because that’s the operative phrase, and your honesty is great. Suspect that perhaps… the only corroborted cases are the German farmers (in the Phillppi, Ottery and Wetton in the Cape Flats region), and military “experiments”.
    Supposing for a monet that they are uber-“domesticated”, the reality is that the type and frequency (relative to the population number) of injuries they receive from their “owners” varies greatly from cat and dog injuries and that speaks volumes.

  43. E. Collison says:

    Back to the main point – this hedgie is amazingly cute!!! I want to visit him.

  44. “the type and frequency (relative to the population number) of injuries they receive from their “owners” varies greatly from cat and dog injuries and that speaks volumes.”

    What kinds of injuries? And how do they differ from dog/cat injuries?

  45. AWWWW look at his wittle mouth!

  46. That was sooooo vute, don’t you think?I wish it was mine!

  47. Jan Spencer says:

    Just wayyyy too adorable. I love hedgehogs!

  48. LOL Always nice to see more Pascal fans! Too bad she already has such a swollen ego, the additional fans will NOT be good for her. Pascal’s people are good friends of mine, and her picture is one of my definate favorites as well.
    Hedgehogs are definately not the pet for everyone, but neither are dogs, cats, or even fish. They are nocturnal, and will rummage around in their cage during a large percentage of the night, so you either A.)sound proof their cage, B.) wear earplugs, or C.) Get used to it. I have voted for C. Which is why I have surrounded myself with hedgehogs. 😛 Hedgehogs can bite, but so do toddler humans, and I am more afraid of a toddler bite than a hedgehog bite. Hedgehogs typically don’t bite out of agression, they are more likely to nip because you smell like something yummy, and if you don’t see well, then smelling yummy means you must BE nummy. When they do bite, it is TYPICALLY just a hard pinch, and doesn’t often break skin. Hedgehogs do not have the odor issues of ferrets, as long as their cages are kept clean, hedgehogs have almost NO odor to themselves.
    http://www.hedgehogworld.com has a lot of information for those of you who are interested in learning more about hedgehogs, and the staff there (points to self as one example) LOVES to see people learning about hedgehogs. 🙂

  49. My baby is famous!

    Pascal was the first baby to be born at Hamor Hollow after I received my USDA exotics breeder license (required to breed hedgehogs).

    She is the Queen of Cuteness here and she knows it!

    To dispel a few myths, hedgehogs do not stink and they aren’t full of parasites. The hedgehogs that we have as pets have been captive bred since the early 80’s and have about as much “wild” in them as your cat or dog. They are extremely intelligent animals, and they are not rodents.

    To learn more about hedgehogs, visit http://www.hedgehogworld.com/

    Thanks for the link and the extra traffic!

    Oh, the Photographer is Sean Sosik-Hamor.

  50. OMG!!! i LOVE it!! Who knew a hedgehog could be so doggoned cute????????? lmfao

  51. Hmm… my hedgie does not smell. I do bathe her sometimes when she accidentally steps in her own poo, but other than her smelling like the poo she stepped in… no odor.

    My hedgehog has only bit me once, but I suspect she thought I was food as she sniffled and licked my finger before trying to chomp on it. Usually she just curls up in a ball if she wants me to go away. 🙂

  52. Hey all! I’m the photographer of those two images…glad you like them!

    Oh, and Pascal (not Pascale or Pasquale) is actually named in honor of Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher. 🙂

  53. there seems to have been a boom in commenting! I can barely keep up… no more quick peeks from work.. it’s too obvious I’m not working with my squeeling in agreement to the comments!

  54. His tongue looks like a succulent piece of tuna sashimi.

  55. otter. long time ferret owner. bathing makes them smell worse, as it stimulates oil production. quality food decreases litter box smell. ferrets are wonderful pets for those who take the time to research them. And they are every bit as loving as our dog, our cat, and our bird. they are totally unable to live in the wild, as they’ve been bred to domesticity. the fact that people hurt them doesn’t make them a bad pet, the fact that people hurt them out of ignorance makes the people bad.
    ferts are great.

  56. oh yeah, great hedgie pics.
    I love this site.

  57. Lick My Pickles says:

    Hedgehog: “Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzuppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  58. E. Collison says:

    Great hedgehog sites! (I want one, but live in a state where they’re illegal, so looking at pics is the next best thing.)

  59. Tongues definitely need to be added to the cute rules. This is priceless.

  60. It’s a BIG tongue for such a small creature. *Wink*

  61. Becca has it right. No smell, no parasites, and they’re very tame. African Pygmy Hedgehogs haven’t been domesticated for nearly as long as most other pets, but there is certainly no “wild” left in mine or any of the others I’ve seen. Bailey is calm and begs to be interacted/played with. Biting only happens if you don’t wash your hands and smell like food.

    Health problems, on the other hand, can be an issue. It is especially bad if the breeder you get yours from didn’t make enough of an effort to ensure varied genetics. Always request the family history!

  62. salut je comprend rien c’est quo ce vieu herison c’est un keuponnn

  63. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen. im so sad that CA doesnt allow them as pets. so cruel!

  64. You sound like a salesman Vince. People makin moola offa de hedgehog craze.

    Maybe some people can smell them and some can’t because they do have a smell and sometimes bites break the skin ~ probably depends on the hedgie that’s doin’ the biting.
    They are cute but are NOT cuddly in a cat/dog way.

  65. It interests me that you (Amorena) say that they have an odor…. Other than their poop, hedgehogs don’t have an odor that I can notice unless I stick my nose right in their little bellies. Definately nothing at all like a ferret. Some bedding choices smell, some food choices can make a hedgehog’s poop smell VERY bad, and of course, anything that lives in a cage that isn’t cleaned often enough will end up dirty and smelly. But other than that, I have never heard anyone at all complain about the odor of a hedgehog themselves.

  66. Oh, and makin moola?? hehehe, I wish! I have been a hedgehog breeder since 1999, and other than a single year where I made a profit (which, by the way, was completely spent at my celebratory dinner at McDonalds), I have been quite happy when I made enough just to cover the hedgehogs daily expenses (food, bedding, etc) much less the less-daily expenses such as vet bills, cage purchases, etc. I raise hedgehogs because I am a certified addict, and I love what I do. And yes, Vince, I track pedigrees. have 14+ generations on some of my lines!

  67. I asked the Vets in the office I work part time for to post here and they just rolled their eyes. Oh, well! 🙂

    Becca, you have disputed me, and I don’t want to dispute you back. It sounds like, so far, you have had good experience with you hedgie and I hope that continues for many happy years.

    Li, you quoted me and asked a question, and that’s great! 🙂 If you want to know more, please email me (I’ll try to get at least one Vet to write something too).

    Stepping aside from the invitation to debate here 🙂 … Anyone who is considering buying a hedgehog (or a ferret) should do research — from a number of different sources both anecdotal and empirical; should talk to one or two vets (hopefully can find one who will take care of hedgies); and avoid any breeder who does not screen potential owners for suitability but will sell to anyone (not very okay at all).

    The urge to love and care for another living being is wonderful, but one needs to go in with both eyes open and well-informed! 🙂

  68. FYI

    “Controlling Ferret Odors
    One of the more common battles with ferrets is trying to control the odor issue. Here are a few suggestions that will help to maintain a fresh and clean ferret and his home.

    Good grooming practices will also help with odor problems. Weekly to monthly bathings (not more frequently than once a week) will help decrease the ferret’s body odor and will benefit the skin and coat. Be sure to use a mild ferret specific shampoo and crème rinse so as to not strip the essential oils and dry out the skin. “

  69. Cheyenne_1 says:

    I thought this about Keely, and African pygmy hedgie, was cute, but OUCH!

    “She loves to eat meal worms and inhales them in .2 seconds. She also likes chicken, broccoli, eggs, and most kinds of meat. She also likes to nibble on my hair when I hold her because she likes the smell of my shampoo. And I know that I am in trouble if I hold her after I have used cucumber scented lotion.
    She keeps licking my hands and then she nibbles them and then she chomps down hard.”

  70. “Do ferrets smell bad? What can I do about it?
    Ferrets have an odor all their own, just like any pet. Some people like the musky scent, a few can’t stand it, and most are in between. (Personally, I think it’s much better than wet doggy smell or cat box stench.) If the ferret isn’t yet altered, having that done will cut down on the odor a lot; whole (un-neutered) males, particularly, have a very strong smell. Young kits also have a peculiar, sharp scent which they lose as they get a bit older.
    Descenting a ferret doesn’t change the day-to-day smell. Only the scent glands near the tail are removed, which prevents the ferret from releasing bad-smelling musk if it’s frightened, but doesn’t stop the normal musky oils which come from glands throughout the skin.

    The two big things you can do to cut down on your ferret’s odor are to bathe him less — yes, less — often and to clean his bedding more often. Most of the musk stays in the cloth, on the litter or paper, and on your floors and furniture, not on the ferret himself. Cleaning them can be a big help. Also, right after a bath the ferret’s skin glands go into overdrive to replenish the oils you just washed away, so for a few days the ferret will actually smell worse. Foods containing fish may make your ferret, or his litter pan, smell worse than those with chicken, lamb, etc.. You may also find that your ferret smells more during shedding season in the spring and fall.

    Some people have had good luck with Ferret Sheen powder and various air filter systems.”

    Quote from Ferret Central.
    Not to argue, when this should be hedgie posts, but bathing is not needed for ferrets. Unless they get into something messy.

  71. Kelly and Sean–this is an adorable pic…but everyone has to check out the pic they have on their site under the “Babies” section! It will melt your heart!!

    The cuteness…! It hurts!! But it is a GOOD hurt! 😉


  72. this hedge pig is the cutest thing ever with spines and a nose

    rose is rose is a terrible cartoon.

  73. Note here: this lil’ cutie is a “she” (though you couldn’t tell from the name)

  74. just cute ^^


  76. Oh my god, that’s my name. that’s hilarious. and weird.

  77. pascale says:

    hahaha OH MY GOD.

    me and the hedgehog and the previous poster all have the same name..

    pretty much the best name EVER. im convinced.

  78. I used to have two hogs. One white (Aziraphale) and a dark one (Crowley). Weird little buggers. When they taste something they really like, they start foaming at the mouth, and proceed to spread it all over their spines. It’s amazing how flexible they are. And then when you have to bathe them, you do it with a toothbush to get between the spines. I miss those guys, but they only live so long…

  79. cutest thing i have ever seen. omg.

  80. OMFG, that is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. this picture makes me wanna get one too. so i was wondering if someone could tell me what species pascale is….id really apreciate it :D….please email me though bcuz i dont visit this sight often, almost never. so email me at “wow_hardcore_gamer@hotmail.com” plz! peace out!

  81. Ok, this is TEH CUTEST thing i’ve ever seen !

  82. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  83. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  84. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  85. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  86. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  87. awwwww..he got no teefers (teeth)…awww ssooooo cute!!! and he/she got a huge mouth fir a such a tiny animal!!! 🙂

    ~ R ‘n L

  88. she’s a cutie! pascal is my hedgie girl pollyanna’s mama.i’ve only had polly about a week now but she is the best, and actually quite affectionate. she likes to hang out in the pocket of my hoodie and so far is never cranky when i want to handle her. although her quills may not make her easy to cuddle in th traditional sense, she is very sweet and cuddly in her own prickly little way!

  89. I have a hedgehog – named Faustus – and just a couple notes on hedgies as pets …

    They said before some never litter train – true enough, but they are extremely easy to clean up after and rarely ever smell (they also lack the scent gland that ferrets have, so they are much more clean smelling).

    They are noctural, but I got mine a bucket wheel and other than the sound of him eating or the click on his nails on the wheel, I can hardly hear him at all.

    If you spend some time with a hedgehog before you buy it, you can gauge its personality fairly well. It’s only when you pick one up from a chain pet store on a whim that you end up with badly raised hedgehogs that are not compatible with your personality.

    If a hedgehog is hand raised from birth from a loving breeder, they are less likely to bite. (I have never been bitten, ever). They can also open up and be loving pets like dogs or cats. Faustus often curls up in my shirt or snoozes on my shoulder as I do work. He also goes with me as I wash my face at night and runs under the faucet and around the sink.

    As for vets, this can be a problem, but only if you buy a hedgehog without scoping out the local vets and animal hospitals first. Only buy a pet once you are fully prepared to take care of it during emergencies and day to day.

    So if you’re thinking about a pet, don’t rule hedgehogs out as long as you are prepared, and have patience and thick skin! 🙂

  90. pistache268 says:


    He looks like a cartoooon.

  91. Jessica says:

    oh my god. that yawning hedge is quite possibly the cutest thing i have EVER SEEN. EVER.

  92. Ok. It’s been *many* months now since this was posted and it’s _still_ in my bookmarks. And _still_ gets visited once a week.

    It is utterly, utterly timeless.

  93. Nichola says:

    Oh my god, thats so adorable! I wanna hug it.

  94. i always thought hedge hogs were mean and prickly but after seeing this picture i think they are the cutest things ever!!

  95. that is super cute!!!! AAHHH I want to hug him! or her?