They were obvy high when they made this

The Fat Boy Slim video cover of "The Joker" is awesome, down to the very last "mew!" sound effect… Thanks for the reminder, Cate A.!




  1. The perrrfect keg party song. With kittens!!!!

  2. ohmahgosh! this is soooo cute! i rescue kittens, and have entertained the notion of doing a film, but this tops the cake! such a good song, tooo… and the joker kitty! i am glad this woman won the contest for her originality!

  3. aw, the homeless kitty! that was fun.

  4. i can’t make it work… 😦

  5. So freaking cute!!!! Love it!

  6. Awww, what a decently cute excuse to take a break from mid-term studies!

  7. Doubleclick says:

    Gillian – Click the text link, not the picture.

  8. That was neat and cute! Good choice for the winner. Who else was else in the contest?

  9. Holy Cat!! BRILLIANT!

    Did you catch the missing human sign on the lamp post?


  10. is the official site with the video. 🙂

  11. I have a feeling the “contest” was part of the back story for setting up this obviously highly produced video.

  12. OMG!!!

    I just about died laughing when they beat up that other cat to get into the concert XDDD

  13. My brain is THIS close to asploding.

  14. Amanda Lou Snow says:

    Wow! What did this cat have to eat? Motto: Do not mess with this cat!

  15. Charlotte Smith says:

    Best. Video. Ever.

  16. Oh My God!!! That poor kitty on the record player! That was so sad. But the entire rest of it was absofreakin’ adordable!!!

  17. I caught this song on MTV long back, and LOVED it! Those squeet widdle kitties …. awwww.

  18. A dime bag of catnip! HA! =)

  19. I feel for the hobo kitten. poo’ widdle kitty!

  20. this vid is tops, with many clever touches i didn’t see the first time, so i must watch it again. and again.

    here’s to another unbillable day, thanks to C.O.

  21. My head just exploded from all the cuteness!

  22. My tummy hurts from laughing, but this video made my otherwise very PMS-y day! Thanks Meg!

  23. Deckard Canine says:

    How appropriate that one of the lyrics is “You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see.”

  24. Three Things:

    1. I kind of like how distracted/disinterested the man next to the winner is.

    2. Where/How did they get so many kittens?

    3. Kudos on set design and concept details.

    As Tony the Tiger would say, “Grrrrrreat1”

  25. this is hilarious! I WORKED ON THAT VIDEO! a couple of things- the guy next to the woman at the beginning *is* fatboy slim. the contest was bogus. me and a few others built a lot of the props/set and we were there for the shoot. the kitties were so damn cute i could barely work! and i should say, as far as i could tell no one on the production crew was high– merely seekers of the ultimate in cute!

  26. Thanks, Nina. I was wondering. I thought the production values were kind of high to be done by an amateur, but low enough to be really done by someone making a home video. Great job! Who was the director, BTW?

  27. i don’t remember the guy’s name- maybe it’s on fatboy slim’s website? it wasn’t low budget by the way- it was just supposed to look like a mid-western housewife made it. also, the kittens were all from shelters, and later adopted by people on the crew and anyone else they could find to take a kitten.

  28. With out a doubt, the greatest music video ever made!

  29. holy amazingness. this might be the best thing I have ever seen…EVER

  30. Cutest video EVER!!!!!

    But how did they get so many kittens? and the lil sets!!!!

  31. This has to be the cutest music videos (and one of the cleanest ones)ever done! Who needs half dressed women and men when you got KITTIES!!!!!!!!

  32. Oh man, having FINALLY seen that video…two hours later I’m STILL busting out laughing about it! I can’t wait for my Mom to come over so she can check it out. She’ll die from all the silly cuteness!

    The sets were GREAT, Nina–kudos to everyone who worked on it!


  33. Waverly Films are the folks that put it together!! CUTEST!

  34. mysterious says:

    i heard one of the kittens died during the production!!

  35. My ex-boyfriend produced this video. No kittens died! Yikes! They had a professional cat wrangler, and treated them all very well. You can see this video at their website-

  36. I’ve shared this video with so many people. My favorite parts are the catnip drug deal, the kitten getting hit by his own jeep, and the cat punching the bouncer kitten at the backstage door. It makes sense that it was professional, because the sets were just too elaborate to be made by amateurs. Awesome song.

  37. I think a lot of the commentators here don’t read cat body language very well. Check out any of a number of books on same. So many of the kittens looked confused, or gave little ‘mew!’ vocalizations of unhappiness, that I couldn’t enjoy the video. There was a street scene where a kitten had something stuck on its head and was obviously distressed trying to get it off, and the ‘homeless’ kitten was too young to be a film prop, it’s eyes weren’t even open.

    Think about it from the kittens’ perspective. In only a few shots do they look like they’re having fun. I guess it’s easier to see that if you’re not familiar with the human music video.

    While it looked like the people manipulating the kittens were handling them gently in this film, I worry about imitators who care less.

    All in all, a very unfortunate video, in my opinion.