May I take your order?

Yeah. I’d like the sushi to start… a banana chip on the side


And the Air USA Meal for an entrée. Thaaaaaaaaanks.


Thank you, Sweet Laputa! (owner of Kumanoko.)



  1. pistache268 says:

    It’s such a fat fluffball. He could roll.

  2. Finally! A practical use for those collectibles… and a cute one to boot!

  3. snarf! AIYEEE!

    ….the smallest bottle of soy sauce EVER.

  4. i dunno, guys. that might be a huge keyboard in the background that makes everything else look small in comparison.

  5. Man, Air USA serves some weird food. What is that, a wad of butter with slices of meatlof and mint jelly, and a side of some brown dipping sauce? Mystery green pasta and multilayered jello? A coffee cup filled with ramen?
    The hammy, on the the other hand, is precious. So precious!

  6. Kawaii!! I always wanted a little plastic airplane bento. Hehe.

  7. I love how, in the first photo, she or he looks like she’s saying “this is mine!”

    They’ve bred hammies to be chinchilla color? Wow. hadn’t heard of that before… pretty little hammie.

  8. That is so cute!

  9. E. Collison says:

    Kawaaaaiiiii!!!! (


  11. bulging beady eye factor.

  12. OMG! I am overwhelmed by the Super Hammy Cuteness.

  13. How cute!! He’s all, “Back off, biznatches.”

    Where do you buy those adorable collectables?!?

  14. Great, now I’m hungry.

  15. That hamster is sooo cute ^_^
    especially the way they use their paws to hold their food,

  16. ive been comin here for a bit and taking a moment to feel good, think cute thoughts and smile. so i thought i would leave a comment to say thanks. its nice to have something cute, innocent and nice to look at and reflect on.

  17. what a cute little hammie ham! i want to hug him and squeeze him and call him…squishy. i love hammies.

  18. I don’t get it… Is that a big fluffy thing or an extra-small water bottle??

    Boggles the mind!

  19. do my eyes deceive me or is that ice melting in the bottle?

  20. LOVE!!! <3 ham looks like a fat dusty little cotton ball! eee!

  21. Awwwwwwwww … pwecious widdle hammie poo … I wanna spin that fat fluffball on my toes.

  22. Sooooo KUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  23. YawningDog says:

    It’s Lili from Flickr! Adorable as always! 🙂

  24. AgHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh look at that wee little plate of food, and his wee little paws holding that wee little bun.. >_< This site is devious I tell ya, it makes people go crazy

  25. Dwarf hamsters are such @%$@% adorable little fluffballs. I used to collect those little miniature things. 😮

  26. Lick My Pickles says:


  27. lol cute x)

  28. i miss baru….. 😦

  29. Mini-Me’s of *every*thing is *always* off the cute meter! Squeeeeeeee!!!

  30. Just a thought- the cute food might be dollhouse food; possibly the only real food in the picture is that breadstick-thing the hamster is nibbling.

    And also,


  31. Kyoo! I’d be overjoyed to get even that quantity of hamster-sized food on a flight. It’d be more of a meal than any coach ticket has recieved in years!

    My only problem with hamsters: Male hamsters are, uh, “very male”. Not a big deal, but seeing them and other rodents run their wheels in the petstore always leads to plenty of bad jokes and too much laughter. I could never own one. 🙂

  32. Super Kawaii!

  33. Where you can get cute food (sadly, although predictably, not in America):

  34. Uhh, I would like one more order of this!Thank you waiter!
    Awww, it is so cute!

  35. so cute that it hurts

  36. Actually you can get those in America. All the Japanese supermarkets have them.

  37. Hey! Those little food trays are WAAAY cuter than the fat beady-eyed rodent gnawing on the cracker. Not that I would eat it necessarily. It’s like doll food. Um . . exotic, wierd, foreign doll food. The fat rodent is like, “You can keep your squishy foreign doll food. I’m still workin’ on this cracker!” Peace!

  38. Check erasers section in your local dollar store or something like a Wal-mart.

    THOSE little foods are ERASERS. XD Not very PRACTICAL erasers, mind you, but damn cute lookin’ and fine for hamster-sized food.

  39. kagomechan21 says:

    its not erasers, they are little tiny mock-ups of food that sell as toys in japan with a little tiny piece of candy. asian markets will sometimes carry them, but if you want them go to and look for the snacks section. theres a special link for the gashapon, or candy toys. you can buy full sets of them for twenty, thirty bucks, and they also sell mini fridges and stuff to store your fake food.

  40. 40 comments and not one bad pun? Okay, here goes: It’s a BUN-TO box, get it?

    hee hee

  41. Duh, sorry, that’s a hamster, not a bunny.

  42. g00nie9183 says:

    eeeeemmmmooooii goodnneeeesss!

  43. I melt of love! I am a lover of the hamsters and this photo maddens me. I want to see more, they are simply wonderful! Thousand kisses for publishing them!

  44. ^_^ too cute!

  45. Hope you enjoyed your meal!!

  46. Words cannot say what this picture makes me think. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

  47. i t really really c-u-t-e

  48. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! What a squish-pot!