Promenading in Vietnam, lil’ Pup here was captured by Pete "Snowcrash, bra!" S. Way to GO! Here’s a close up…



  1. Holy crap. I need him.

  2. “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
    I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.
    Music loud and women warm.
    I’ve been kicked around since I was born.
    And now it’s all right – it’s O.K. –
    And you may look the other way.”

  3. He is *ugh!* so cute!
    What kind of breed do you think that is?

  4. looks like a shaved chow. Who cares though — it’s so cute!!!!!@#$!@#$!@!!!!!!

  5. Look at those little feet! *faints*

  6. that is about the cutest dog ever. looks like it could be one of those (now trendy) shiba enu’s (spelling?!)…

  7. Awww!!!
    So tiny! In comparison with the cracks between the tiles!!!
    Sooo cute!!!

  8. Elaine Benes says:

    AWWWW! Look at his little black snout and his fuzzy little ears!!! SO CUTE!!! I want to just scoop him up and take him home.

  9. Lick My Pickles says:

    “Look at me!!! I’m a big boy now!! All out and about checkin out da’ block!”

  10. I hope he has a good home. I would hate for him to be a stray, even if he is a very cute stray.

  11. omiGOSH!!!

  12. w-where are you going, puppy? are you okay, puppy? do you — do you need help???

    no wait come back

    i just want to hold you

  13. A cute lil’ pup, apparently on his own in Vietnam.

    This might not turn out for the best.

  14. this is a beautiful photograph. and the dog looks incredibly small. look how his paw is in the crack!

  15. Looks like a real man about town!

  16. I hope that puppy is someone’s pet, and not someone’s dinner…

    I couldn’t eat something that adorable!


  17. i really want to eat his tiny little head. out of love! sheer love!

  18. Awwwww…Look at those little paws. *_*

  19. Since it’s in Vietnam I’m guessing the puppy’s a part of the whole ‘street pet shops’ thing where anywhere at the side of the road you’ll see some Vietnamese holding large baskets of puppies trying to sell them to tourists and locals alike. Most of them are cute mixed-breeds, but there are some that resemble pedigrees like poodles and German Sheperds. Sometimes, they are allowed to romp around the streets under a watchful eye. Sourced from puppy mills? Unfortunately, most probably yes.

  20. awwwwwwwwwww i really hope the puppy has a loving home now i would hate to see it roam on the streets or go hungry 😦

  21. They eat dogs in vietnam; especially pups. I hope he WILL NOT BE someone’s dinner!!!!

  22. Awwwwwwww …. puppeeeeeeee!

  23. Aw! this is so cute, and it’s a great photo too, DOF is perfect!

  24. Woods walker says:

    Don’t they eat dogs in Vietnam. He’ probibly on somebody’s menu by now.

  25. well, “chow” does mean “food” in chinese.

    funny — my chinese co-worker can’t reconcile himself to the idea of having dogs as *pets*, yet he _dotes_ upon the 11 stray cats he’s adopted…

    to each hizzown.

  26. No finn, ‘chow’ means ‘fried’ in Chinese — Cantonese, particularly.

    And people, yes the Vietnamese still eat dogs nowadays but the percentage of it declines every day and more and more dogs are now used to guard houses and be pets instead of food.

  27. actually, dogs are generally eaten in Asian countries as a sign of masculinity, not everyday! also, since Vietnam is a Buddhist country, strays are fed by people in the neighborhood for good karma so they’re generally nice, friendly animals (though they do have fleas! learned that the hard way lol). I know because I lived in Thailand for 6 months and fell in love with just about every dog I saw 🙂

  28. americans and their love of acting like they’re superior to every other person on the planet when they’re just a bunch of hypocrites … that dog looks so cute … i bet it tastes even better..


  30. AWWWWWWW cutE!!

  31. My guess is this little guy is part of a growing number of Vietnamese Puppy Gangs – a tragic consequence of Western-style development and the movement of large numbers of cute rural dogs to an harsh urban environment.

    Needing to recreate the security of their communal lifestyle in the countryside and address the issue of widespread puppy unemployment and social disenfranchisement, these cuddly little canines band together into what are known as “packs.”

    Pack members recognize each other through a complicated system of codified tail-wagging, drooling, and ear-scratching.

    This diminutive dog is serving as a lookout for a network of streetcorner catnip dealers which have been victimizing the feline population of Hanoi for years.

  32. I love it! He’s a little pup on his first day in the big city. I just want to pick him up and give him a snuggle.

  33. Absolutely cute, yes. But likely someone’s dinner soon in Vietam.

  34. OMG!!!!!!!! that puppy is almost as cute as mine was when he was a baby!!! awee, i want him!! Hope he has a good home, poor li’l dood! 😦

  35. Dear Prince of Bel Air:

    Please do the people here a favor and take your nasty attitude elsewhere. Preferably off the planet.

    Thank you. Buh-bye.


  36. Liz has TOTALLY nailed the soundtrack here. There can be no argument.

  37. Thank you for posting my photo and for all the comments. I was wondering why the photo suddenly got 4000 hits!

    And for those of you who are concerned that the puppy was being bred for anything but being a pet – don’t be, his owner was a very nice lady who was very protective of him.

  38. Snow Crash = cool. Neal Stephenson totally gave me my Alpha Geek attitude. My toolbelt is my katana.

    This pup’s got the attitude, all right.

  39. Thanks for that heartwarming info, Snowcrash! 🙂 And I hope we didn’t run up your bandwidth fee… *o_0*


  40. Vietnam?! I hope he doesn’t get eaten!

  41. Just because it’s in Vietnam doesn’t mean it’s going to get eaten o.o Same for China…. I’m chinese and some people think I capture stray dogs, beat them to death and eat them. No way!

  42. “These paws were made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do…”

  43. I’m vietnamese and we use to capture dogs and eat them…especially the ones that are pets in people’s backyards…


  44. Doesn’t he look like John Travolta strutting down the street in “Saturday Night Fever?” Way too cute!!

  45. this photo is amazing. i want to cry everytime i see it. in a good way.

  46. Folks,

    It seems strange that all the love, consideration and thoughtfullness you’d passionately put into animals, isn’t put into consideration of cultures you’re not in the least familiar with.

    there’s been folks who are saying that they feed pups and dog strays int he street for good karma, and one who said “

    Just because it’s in Vietnam doesn’t mean it’s going to get eaten o.o Same for China…. I’m chinese and some people think I capture stray dogs, beat them to death and eat them. No way! Posted by: Yushi”

    You guys don not demonstrate knowledge of the context in which the “dog eating” may be practised, or the limitations… and saying “I know cause a friend of mine who is Vietnamese or someone I know who is vietnamese” ’cause it’s known that that’s a common copout.

    C’mon. Stop with the blatant ignorance. If you can’t see what I’m talking about, then you’re one of those in question.

    This is reminding me of the CNN so-called report how baby fetuses were being stolen from incubators, trying to set the Iraninas against the Iraqis and it was revealed the brave citizen interviewed was the american ambassador’s daughter proliferating the untruth. Why it was so readily believed is telling of a culture that’s willing to believe anything derogatory and distorted about a foreign culture.

    Be careful.

    Sorry to get so heavy.

  47. This is such a cUte pic!

  48. when we lived in China, our friends adopted a puppy JUST like this one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hiee-ya/146995965/ This is what he looked like then and http://www.flickr.com/photos/hiee-ya/45063704 This is what he looks like now, all grown up and living in America.

  49. Some people do eat dogs in Vietnam but only the big one, not puppies so rest assured that this puppy is not in anybody menu. You can not extract much meat from a puppy, can you?