Eet’s my time tonight, Bebee. My time.

Leesten to me, my darlingk, you can freelance during dee day, but tonight, tonight ees my time. My time Babee. No—don’t speak—just leesten. We share dee couche during dee day, but at dee night, I want you to leesten. Don’t speak [paw covers mouth] let me get you a martini.


Oh, Marla C. Thank you and thanks to your handy cell phone camera…



  1. i’m sorry toonces, but my heart belongs to rufus*….

    i’ll take the martini, tho.


  2. I’m glad my cat isn’t so horny!

  3. Heh. Eat yer heart out, Col. Cupcake.

  4. Ha! XD

  5. lmfao!

  6. I laughed so hard I snorted.

  7. Cats and computers. Use a PC and they will stamp on the keys, use a Mac and they will purr quietley beside it. Go figure.

  8. Won’t SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN!?!?!?

  9. *Quietly turns on Marvin Gaye and dims the lights*

  10. Meow House says:

    Can you just hear that cat saying “Eet’s my time tonight, Bebee, my time” in a Barry White voice?

  11. That’s cute – my kitties both do stuff like that fairly often. I just don’t have a camera! 😦

  12. well, I think its about time you procure one, tig. 🙂

    I should submit some of my ol’ cats’ pictures.

  13. This reminds me of my cat. Whenever he’s lying down, he stretches to touch whatever object is lyring closest to him, whether it be my leg or the remote control. LOL

  14. I have a sweetie that whenever she wants to sleep, she’ll find someone sitting down, lay down next to them, pull their hand over under her chin, and then lay her head down on your hand and sleep… She’ll fall asleep almost instantly this way…

  15. FOUL I cry FOUL! I saw the accent and thought we were getting more roofies!




  16. oh – la – la – kitty love

  17. The dog don’t corner the smoove market, dog. ‘Cause when the boss cat’s in his bag, he’s outta sight. Daddy-O.

    [damn… now I *know* I’m bringing my headache back]

  18. great, now my boss is asking me what’s so funny…

    Theo- sweet onion.

  19. Our cat does EXACTLY THIS THING. Mwah-ha-ha! And we even have Apple laptops. Hee. ^_^

  20. girlywhirl says:

    One love between mammals.

    Marla you’re famous!!!!

  21. This is adorable! My kitty likes to rest her head on my keyboard while she’s sitting in my lap.

  22. Awww, that’s so sweet.
    “Pay attention to meeeeee!”

  23. gr9fyhf \mqieqpmmmhh

    – it’s the comment of my cat –

  24. Aghh.. my sweet Mimi used to do that, oh I miss him so

  25. It’s Puss-in-Boots!!!
    *gets hysterics*

  26. is it?? i need to see the PiB eyes to be sure.

  27. wow i think the commentary really made that for me. great!

  28. Jeez Finn — do I need to do *everything* for you? (grumble grumble Google Images grumble “Puss In Boots” grumble namelink grumblecakes)

  29. squee!

  30. ibeenoperated says:

    cuteoverload=best thing that has ever happened to the interweb


    “foreign” accent to convey “lustyness”=not entirely happy with humor

  31. E. Collison says:

    FWIW, my guess on the accent is that it comes from old Pepe Le Pew episodes on the Bugs Bunny Show. They’re supposed to be fun, just like Meg’s post 😉

  32. TxNewswoman says:

    It’s a combo of Pepe LePew (who was modeled on Charles Boyer)and “The Continental,” the sauve European gentleman Christopher Walken plays when he guests on Saturday Night Live.
    BTW, my cat Percy speaks in this same “accent.”
    *filthy French chuckle*

  33. I wish my cat could make me a martini.

  34. How strange. My cat speaks with a French accent, too. But only when he’s been drinking.

    Swear, this is a true story: A few weeks after adopting Harry (said cat), I had surgery. I was obviously worried that he might climb on me, not knowing any better. But my first night home from the hospital, I woke up and tried to sit up in bed, but had such trouble (because of the incision) that I had a meltdown and started crying like a five-year-old. Total pity cry. So there I am, blubbering in the dark while sitting on the edge of the bed — after pulling a muscle in my arm trying to get there — and Harry, I shit you not, does this: He, sitting at the foot of the bed the whole time this is going on, moves closer to me, settles in, reaches out his paw and puts it on my knee. I look over at him and he’s looking up at my face. So, sleepy and still feeling sorry for myself, I said, “thank you,” and went back to bed.

    I have the best. cat. ever.


  35. I need to remember to stop drinking tea (or anything else for that matter) while watching at the photo’s of this site! 😀