Oh, this is _so_ Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around, II. Only, in cat form. Mike, thanks, bro.





  2. WAAAAY too cute!
    They look so soft and fuzzy!

  3. Awww! Fuzz!

  4. **falls off chair**

  5. Ebony and Ivory, live together in purrrfect harmony…

    Meow 🙂 Silly fuzzballs, I love them so.

  6. Aww..they’re like the Yin and Yang of Cuteness.

  7. c-c-c-c-cat fight!

  8. Fuzzwrestling! Awwwwwwww.


    that is totally Tao. 😉

  10. WickedWendy says:

    Oh my gosh they are just too adorable for words!

  11. They look like a young couple busted by the ‘rents making out in the bedroom after school. Look at that innocent little white vixen…she’s trying to say he seduced her but we know the truth….mmeeeeeeeeeeeow!

  12. Theo, thanks so much for that link. I remember hearing about that place ages ago, and saw a few pics, but the way they’ve done their site is really cool.

    And is it just me or are black kittens and white kittens the cutest of the cute???

  13. I think this picture is more “Ying Yang-ish” then “don’t make me turn this car around-ish”.

    But it’s adorable nonetheless!

  14. KIDS! If you don’t stop there will be NO catnip once we get to Grandmas! >_<

  15. Oh man, I smell a new rule, more than one color of cute animal is even cuter!

  16. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! how does one join the WWKWF? (world wide kitten wrestling federation)
    I WANT IN!

  17. *She started it!*

  18. Meow House says:

    “Whaaaa? No, Mom, we’re not doing anything! We’re just sitting here!! Honest!!!”

  19. Can’t two kitties wrestle in peace?

  20. I thought the saem thing you did ‘sweepea’…. yin
    and yang.

    Where the baby ducks were “ehn” these two little fur people are “whooo meeee??!!”

  21. Lola Del Rio says:

    i think my head is about to explode!

    you know… sometimes this website is what reminds me that the world is worth saving.

  22. Agreed, Lola.

    I like how the white kitten’s whiskers are against the black kittens front legs so they especially stand out.

  23. It’s like a kitty ying-yang!

  24. Kate Orman says:

    What of Lazarus? 🙂

  25. so totally yin yang. are we all living on the same plane of cute conciousness or what? great minds, they say…..

    OMG, the eyes!!!!

  26. …ebony, ivory, living in perfect harmony…

  27. Aw! The look guilty! 🙂

  28. “He started it!”
    “Did not!”
    “Did too!”

  29. Sibling rivalry…?


    “NO, YOU DID!”


  30. Jan Spencer says:

    Oh no too cute!!!

    You guys all said it best… love the brother sister dialogue fights there!

  31. Aww, so cute!

    Reminds me of David. *Tear tear*

    R.I.P. David.

  32. I taut I taw TWO putty-tats.

  33. i lurv the elfin chin on the white kidden.
    i feel like wrasslin’ with sumbunny now.

  34. He’s pointing that flashy thing at us again! What does it do? Why is he holding it against his face like that? Is it food? Get the can opener!

  35. The white kitten has the black kittin in what is known around my house as a “Barney Lock”. You have all experienced it I’m sure, where the kitten/cat wraps it’s front paws and claws into your arm and proceeds to slash at you with the hind legs…my sister’s cat, Barney, had this move down to an art, so we named it after him. 🙂 Two or more kittens playing together is much more entertaining than ANYTHING on TV!

  36. i know the Barney Lock, Mama Cat! only in my house it’s Harley’s Thumper Paws of Death. and she does it solo, on the wood floor. entertaining, indeed.


    I just wanna pinch their wittle kittin (it sounds better spelled that way, ADMIT IT) noses!!! And eat them!

  38. Beauregard says:

    (head explodes)

  39. we call the “barney lock/harley thumper paws of death” “bunny kicks” at my house. my 19 year old cat china is a pro

  40. 19 years old?!?!

    do you commonly feed him/her BHT or something? :-p

  41. that’s one hit of concentrated sugar that just gets you in the gutt!

  42. Perfect cuteness! So if anyone ever wondered how oreo cookies are made…

    Dang I want a kitten now!

  43. Kate Orman: “What of Lazarus? :-)”.

    Fluffy, cute kittens versus cool Star Trek quote. . .
    “Does not compute, does not compute!” Brain shutting down!

  44. I suddenly want an oreo.

  45. Purrrrrrrrrrrfect cuteness !! :)-

  46. omg! This is like cat yin yang. But I see I am not the first to think of this… 😦

  47. It’s bunny kicks at my house too!!

  48. ahhhhhh *weak voice* can’t take the cuteness

  49. unbeweivably cute. painfully cute. i’m popping from cute overload…again!!!

  50. It’s “bunny kicks” up here too, yo. Weird…

  51. i bet the black cat gets hit by the owner cause its black …

  52. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW very cute kittens =))))))

  53. awwww, their eyes are sooo adorable. and the black & white only makes it better 🙂

  54. lalaland, i am so with you!. my first thought was, “poor black kitty, he’s gonna take the fall for this!”
    and yet, ahhhhhhdorable!

  55. ebony and ivory lived together in perfect harmony…not.

  56. That white cat looks like she has been busted for doing something wrong.


  57. AWWWWWWWWWWW!! that is like soooooooo cute! bless there little hears 😀

  58. this is sooooooooooooooooooooo very cute they are da cutest

  59. Connie B. says:

    “Why can’t we all just get along” like these two! Too cute.

  60. Princess Pup. Of course.

  61. val and chris says:

    we vote kittens!

  62. they are so cute I want one

  63. vote kitten vote kitten vote kitten

  64. Voted, voted, voted.
    But c’mon, you can’t argue with RHUM KITTY!

  65. I voted for them

  66. aaaawwwwww hhhhoooowwww cccuuutttteee!!!

  67. This is soooo cute! Ying yang all in balance people! 😛

  68. In my house we refer to this as World War Kitty.

  69. I definitely want a YYKs t-shirt! I just hope you make the design so that the black kitten doesn’t fade into the background of a dark-colored shirt.

  70. Jungle Fever


  72. Carol O'Neill says:

    Awwww……..Darlin’ little furbabies!

  73. Caught in the act!

  74. iff i hade them i would coll them snowball and midnite.

  75. incognito says:

    They are VERRRY adorable, it reminds me of the lion king, when they try pinning each other, but none the less, they look guilty, and for the record? Who’s the boy and who’s the girl?

  76. are we gonna live together, together are we gonna live?

  77. Brooke and Emily says:

    HOLY!! this is the cutest thing that we have ever seen… i would love to take these kittens home to show my mom for mothers day.

  78. Kaitlyn Johnson says:

    The picture above is so cute. The kittens are so cute they made me smile.

  79. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!

    i’m overwhelmed by cuteness!!

  80. mwilser says:


  81. jessica says:

    I want a kitteh shirt! How oh how do I get one!?!?!??!?!?!? please tell me…

  82. Can you Say uh oh Busted!!
    Where can I get one those t-shirts at??

  83. Rock Lobster says:

    *Sarcasm* Hey, look, they’re like cat ying-yang!

    They are cute though

  84. moonxela says:

    AWW!so cute!look at their eyes

  85. Holly R says:

    The yin and yang of kittins. Too cute!

  86. OMG SOOOOOOO CUTE! I like the white one bestest!

  87. I’m just noticing how incredibly clean and pink the white kitten’s nose and chin look, which only adds to the pleasure of this delightful picture.
    It looks like the white kitten has a little dot of black on his head beside his ear… I’d like to think that somewhere on the black kitten’s body is an answering spot of white. Then they’d be REALLY Yin-Yang.

  88. Uh Oh…. Bus-ted! I hope they don’t get grounded! They are 2 cute! I want a t-shirt!!!!