You don’t need animation to imagine the tail waggage. Adorable capture, Melissa C. Yes, butts are cute, but if we make a category of them, the website might catch on fire.




  1. The place where tails joinnt with backs are my second fave to nose! this one also has a round black spot! Yee!

  2. OH MAN!!!

  3. Cute, but…what IS that on its foot?

  4. What you gonna do with all that junk
    All that junk inside your trunk?

  5. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hahahaha! Meg, your sense of humor is great. Seriously, the Cats n’ Racks thing is still going on! [and its not like I’m not contributing to it still :-p ]

  7. isn’t that a dew claw like on kitties? so juicy!!!!

  8. Go away, spambot. Or we will sic some fanged little fluffballs on you.

    AWWWWWW. But…his FOOT?

  9. where are its feet?

  10. i luv doggy butts, but i don’t want the site to catch on fire.

  11. Spoonie Luv-alicious.

  12. Beauregard says:

    Puppy butt! ACKKKk!!!

  13. Meow House says:

    I have a picture of one of my rescue kitties, captioned “Henry – just the bum.” (Visuals self-explanatory.) I was going to send it in but thought no, nobody will think a Wee Kitten Bum is cute. I shall have to rethink my decision vewwwwy carefuwwy.

  14. hmmmm Methinks there’s a difference between puppy butts and adult human butts but that’s just my opinion.

  15. (don’t take the bait folks… Meg just has a cute way of trying to stir up controversy so she doesn’t get bored)

  16. (Bite me, Andrew.)

    So OK, it’s a butt, but… what butt? Mutt butt?

  17. Aww! Puppy butts are so cute!

    (But puppy poots are so NOT cute…)



  18. Awww Theo wimpy: you didn’t give an email address — just this link to Animal Planet

    I was going to take you up on your cute offer and bite you. LOL

  19. OHHHHH!!! Puppy Buns!!

  20. Andrew — the masked email is an anti-spam strategy. I always include my real address (except that the URL field supersedes it, so only Meg can get at it, not the general public, or them mail-harvesting bots).

    So here’s a one-off Mailinator addy. It does work (just tested). Feel free to send me stuff, but I reserve the right to post it if you get all stupid for some reason.

  21. Couldn’t get stupider than you already have, buddy.
    Your provocative remark was sophomoric, but I thought thatif we were going to carry on a debate, it would be better to take it off this board, which is not supposed to be about about your exzpressing you desire for me to bite you.

    I post my email address. If you want to reply to me, send it there, and I won’t glom up this board with posting what you burble at me. This is not the place to carry it on.


  22. LOL I love it! The admin’s commentary for this item is soooo sarcastic/snide!

    Looks like the puppy has a dew claw or is that just it’s little toe bent back from its flexing its foot?

  23. no worries about the little pup’s foot: it’s just the dew claw. it looks funny because he’s so young.

    there’s lots of debate about whether to clip these claws off or let dogs keep ’em.

  24. Yeah like i said “Looks like the puppy has a dew claw or…”

    I don’t think the foot flexing would mean he/she was hurt either. When my neighbor’s german shepherds had nine (amazingly adorable) pups, and I got to be the babysitter, I noticed how flexible their toes were, when they were getting up and around__ I mean like little rubber toes until they were about four months_ cute!

  25. Y’know it took me until just now to figure out that “beau-tocks” was a play on “buttocks,” rather than “Botox.” Even with all the butt talks.

    Not at 100% today.

  26. puppy butt love! i want to ever-so-lightly tug on that little tail so I can see his sweet little face. and i want to squeeze that little dew claw…toooooo cute for words!

  27. Puppy bum yummy.

  28. look at his wittle puupy bum

  29. Melissa C. says:

    I submitted this lil’ foto (oh, and helped birth the little fellow!). It’s a dew claw. 🙂

    Cutest pup butt eva!


  31. That is so cute that I could explode!!!!!!!