Momma, my arm hurts.

Fitting perfectly into the "Cute or Sad?" category, Linda P. sent in this prosh pup with an arm injury.  At least he has a sticker on his cast. XO, little bro!




  1. Awww… poor poochie-paw. I wonder what he did to get that boo-boo? He looks so forlorn in that pic, I just wanna hug him. Carefully, of course!

  2. So sad…! My heart is breaking! Awww…
    And those tiny whiskers!!!

  3. Sad. And cute. But poor puppers!!!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  5. Puppy Belly! and Puppy Drumstick!

    *imagines Puppy Breath. topples.*

  6. Awwww, you poor widdle pupsie-wupsie, which mean dawg did that to you? Just gimme the word and I’ll teach that sonofab*tch a lesson he won’t forget!

  7. Finn: “Puppy Drumstick?!?”

  8. Yeah, my heart officially broke for him. Poor guy 😦

  9. Poor little pup! It’s like his eyes are saying, “But I want to go play with the other puppies!” 😦

  10. This really is the perfect opportunity for an “Awwwww”…. Poor little guy, we love you so… Hang in there *kisses puppy nose*

  11. must hug…must snuggle…poor puppy!

  12. thx for the recipe, theo. my fave part: ROLL WEINERS IN DOUGH.

    (farts are funny, too.)


    Maybe he was injured scampering after the bunny a few pictures down!!

    A million kisses wittle guy!!

  14. Poor thing!!

  15. Poor pup. He deserves treats!

  16. Oh my goodness, that makes my day!

  17. aw shnookums!

  18. Ooohhhh…

  19. Woo! the tip jar is back!

    Poor lil’ pup. For some reason, I have this urge to mention that this picture makes me want to make mention of RPGs [the military kind, not the gaming genre].

    Man, I need sleep. 😦

  20. awwwww, that poor puppy. Look at his face..oh god!

  21. Meg, I got a bone to pick with you…

    Your paypal link keeps one in a frame in CO when clicked upon, giving less web-experienced users trouble when attempting to give you money.

    A simple solution: in the anchor tag, put in a new attribute as shown:




    Dooo eeeet 🙂

  22. Jan Spencer says:

    OOOHHHHHHHHH!!! POOR WIDDLE PUPPY WUPPY….He’s so damn adorable “thunk” (passes out from cute exhaustion)

  23. MaggieBelle says:

    Now see, this isn’t right. Because I am at work and pregnant and this puppy makes me cry.

    Poor puppy. I love him.

  24. HEY now… now that things aren’t in frames [notes the URL not staying as ‘‘ ] those links should work! Unless I’m insane and its still working off of the URL I set for myself.

    Meg’s touching the site! As we speak! this was changed within the past 10 minutes 😀

  25. AWWWWWWW. The poor little puppy. 😦 But he’s so cuuuute.

  26. Poor little baby! Let Mommy hug you and kiss you and make it all better!

  27. Katharine, your son’s “Darth Bush” comment is gold.

    Thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  28. Poor little guy! Those widdle eyes just say it all.

  29. Pets with casts are adorable. X3

  30. Cute Overlord, what are you DOING TOOOO MMEEEEEEEEEEE!?!


  31. Bless his poor baby heart…too much frolicking with the other putties got him hurt!

  32. “Dooooo eeeeeet”

    Hashi, how did you know my sister says that to get me to do stuff?

    OK, target=blank, bros. Good idea.


  33. Awwwwwwwwww pupppyyyyyy, what a doll!

  34. cool dude dog lover says:

    I just want to tell him, “I know just how you feel!”

  35. What kind of pup is that? To cute.

  36. Oh I just wanna give him smoochies on his little wet nose and make it all better!!!

    Aaack, my 3 1/2 year old son just looked at me funny for going “EEEEE!!”


  37. Woods walker says:

    Poor puppy. I hope there are no heartless people to make fun of him. Woods Walker

  38. Throbert McGee says:

    AAAARGGGHHH! I’m a guy and I work so hard at being manly, but after just 15 seconds of staring at this picture, I started lactating… such a brave little trooper!

  39. awww… dis puppy looks cute but really it’s just sad!

  40. Awww, him is just too pathetic. I don’t think that smiley face sticker is working to cheer the little man up yet.

  41. Awwe, so sweet! Ickle dawgie what happeneded to you?

  42. awwwwww poor puppy

  43. awww I think he needs a hug. ((hug))
    My cat broke her leg once when she was a kitten. It was so sad.

  44. 😦 Poor dog. It must be real hard.

  45. Cody-kun says:

    awwww T.T poor puppy wuppy *kisses computor screen while my shihtzu looks at me like I’m nuts*

  46. is he ok?

  47. Anybody's says:

    Dear all you dog lovers,

    All you guys think you are too old for things, live be free!!!!!!!!!

    I’m twelve I ain’t old like you,

  48. cool dude dog lover says:

    man oh MAN! My brother’s in the same position- just the people version! Left leg, blue cast- no sticker.

  49. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww…..
    the poor thing:-) i feel so sorry for him!!! hope his arm gets better:-0

  50. .:~morgan~:. says:

    awwww so sad get well soon cutie!

  51. MissMichelle says:

    This is an extremely late comment, but- what a cute widdle puppikins!!!
    Awww…and the lil sticker on the cast… it breaks my heart yet melts it all at the same time! Now that dog has talent to make my heart do both! 🙂

  52. pitifully cute

  53. That pic is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just cant decide wether to glare at its cutness or to feel really sad for the poor thing!

  54. Awww…..He’s so cute. Poor baby. He looks so sad.

  55. aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor wittle guy. hope you feel better. what happened? can u please send me more pictures of this little guy? thanks!

  56. awww…. i hope she/he fells better:)

  57. diddo anna

  58. What kind of puppy is the little guy!?