Lil’ Floating Snacks

er… ‘quacks.’

Maggie from Australia writes: "They are Pacific Black ducklings, native to Australia, who we rescued after they fell into the man-made water feature outside our home and couldn’t get out again [they were only a few days old and were a long way from flying]….This picture was taken one night when we’d returned the ducklings to their temporary sanctuary in our guest bathroom. Lucy, our 3 year old beagle, was fascinated by them and whimpered for hours after they were taken away – she missed her little mates."


The baby ducks should be releases to the wild later this month… 😉 Thanks so much, Maggie.



  1. Duckles!
    Good thing beagles aren’t bird dogs.

  2. Really my two Norwich Terriers would have been in that water in a flash (despite their aversion to water!)

    Alice, Twix and Twiz

  3. cool dude dog lover says:


  4. Eat those bird flu carriers!!!

  5. Dogspeak: Ok,I know we’re the under-ducks in this synchronized swimming event, but I think we can win…You’re going to have to make sure that you paddle all on the same foot, wiggle those small wings at the same time, and for gosh sakes, SMILE!!!

    Duckspeak: Ok coach!!!! We’re #1, we’re #1, we’re #1!!!!!

  6. awwww so cute. I love your website, I just started reading last month and I’m totally hooked.


  7. The ducks and the doggie are adorabibble and I’m once again squealing with adoration and having to sponge myself out of my chair!

    As for that tub, it’s the shiznit! I want one!!


  8. I have put it in my will that at my funeral, there will be five little duckies swimming in a mid sized tub.

  9. giggle!

  10. This really bursts the cute scale of adorableness.

  11. how sweet! beagles are the best.

  12. Awww, wook at the teeny widdle duckies–so cute!

  13. What kind of bathroom fixture is that? It’s too big to be a sink, and too small to be a tub. It’s like you had a fixture whose sole purpose was to temporarily house a small family of ducks.

  14. “It’s like you had a fixture whose sole purpose was to temporarily house a small family of ducks.”

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  15. Woods walker says:

    I am glad those ducklings are having fun. I once saw some geese that were afraid of water,they avoided it when I tried to chase them into it.–Woods Walker

  16. Nothing makes me squee like baby duckies. If we had some in our bath, I’d be sitting there, watching their little feet paddle around until I died from thirst.

  17. suggest we pit this 4-duck relay team against Bam Bam the swimming hedgehog**. it’d be like the american 4×200 team swimming against ian thorpe.


  18. Oh, yes, beagles can too be bird dogs! I have two beags, and Barney is forever catching and eating mourning doves in the back yards!

    Ok, so mourning doves are like bigger, slower pigeons, but they’re still birds!

    Awesome post, btw.

  19. oh, the ducklings! I wanna shrink my tub and make ducklings magically appear and start paddling around in it. And quacking!

  20. oh how so very cool!

  21. (completely off-topic but I couldn’t find a way to email this privately)

    Constintina, that Saul Williams/NIN video from your blog is kickass. I feel like my Rage Against the Machine jones will be satisfied for another year.

  22. Ducklings! awwwwwwwwww

  23. constintina + theo: TYVM!
    made _my_ day. seeing both on 3/11 and can.not.wait. huzzah!!

  24. Awww I have a beagle and used to have baby ducks too and he would do the same thing! He loved them!

  25. Awww I have a beagle and used to have baby ducks too and he would do the same thing! He loved them!

  26. DN, I’m totally with you on the tub thing – that’s exactly what was baffling me. Any Aussies on this list care to explain to us North American types? Is that a common thing down there?

  27. Where’s the ducklings’ mom?

  28. apple kinder says:

    ggggggggrrrrrrrr hottys

  29. Britney says:

    dog:ummm ducks shouldnt you be drinking out of the toilet.


  30. That s sooooo funny