Update: C.O. mailbox is open again

Filing_done_5  With all our filing done, you may now send in your attachements to the Cute O. Gmail box. It took many kittens and Cuteologists™ to file all your fine submissions, but it’s finally done. Thanks for your patience, and fee free to send away!

Yes, he gets paid a reasonable wage.



  1. photoshopped. come on. ..

  2. I’m sorry. I’m dumb. I thought it was a regular update. . .

  3. woah!!!

  4. Gimmeabreak says:

    Gimme a freakin break. That was DEFINETELY photoshopped.

  5. what_the_heck says:

    what the heck? cute overload labels on file cabinet? plus a kitten with poor quality edges? definitely a photoshopped product, man. in all means, though, happy to see that new attachments are accepted again.

  6. Wow, the Cute Master’s standards MUST be dropping if he’s allowing this CRAP into his site. Geez, this was SO obviously PHOTOSHOPPED.

  7. I agree with Theend. If Cute Master retires, i take over!

  8. Whoa whoa whoa—hold on People! I made the image in order to make the announcement about the mailbox! Geeshe.

    P.S. Other updates have Photoshop additions, such as “server costs” added to the infamous donkey tip jar post, etc. You must chill!

  9. Now you say so! Was it photoshopped?

  10. I sense a severe case of multiple personality disorder with these comments. But other than that, I think it’s cool that Meg (that’s a *she* not a *he*, MPD) went to the trouble to create this picture to post with her message! Geez, I thought all the “photoshop finger pointers” were on SOMC.

  11. Just saying. Look at the factors: No way the animal could have gotten into the file cabinet. #2, none of the papers are scattered. a pup would definetely do that. #3,it isnt as cute if its man made, for cripes sake! Geez, i just wanna see some REAL cute here

  12. Hey, lay off. I think it’s cute!

  13. Emma, some of the cutest things are just barely captured on camera! if its man made, which sometimes it is easy to see, i think it drowns the cuteness geez

  14. chets momma says:

    meg, just keep up the wonderful work! i thank you for each and every smile!

  15. The idea is cute, but the suspicious photoshop action sort of lowers the rating. Not pointing fingers, but boy its sort of a regular chat room in here, replys minutes apart! lol

  16. To Meg: I saw this really funny clip once: It showed a dog in a laundry basket. If you can do this, can you do that? Thanks for the cuteness

  17. Fear not Meg. I got that it was photoshopped for a purpose and think its cute as heck.

  18. Hey! knock it off, will ya, guys? KittenFrog looked photoshopped, but it was still cute! You rock, Meg! Thanks for all the squeals and heads blowing up! *BOOM!*

  19. MellowBanana says:

    Meg, when you use photoshop to make a picture with a point, put that IN so this wont happen again. >_< It's a chatroom in here! It's still cute anyways! GO MEG! *waves a banner with the word "MEG" on it)

  20. Oh settle down people! That photo is exactly what I imagined the Cute Overload offices to look like, so don’t burst my bubble.

  21. MellowBanana says:

    Sarah is right. We have better stuff to do then complain about photoshopping. Y’know, i sorta imagined a CO office to be more cluttery tho, and pictures all over the wall and dogs and kitties all over the place. 🙂 like that picture of the cheeseball kitten.

  22. MellowBanana says:

    So lets go comment on somthing ELSE! LOL JK

  23. Holy cute kitty! Who ARE these people who get so bent out of shape about whether stuff is “real” or not? Relax! Be entertained! Get over it!

    By the way, I’m totally decorating my office in “Cute Overload” style. I have no idea how I’m going to paint the wall that way, but it must be done.

    Meg, you are a genius. I hope you make money on your brilliant site. Use my (and all my friends’) insatiable need for wiseacre cuteness for your benefit!

  24. It is cute. The photoshopping, to me, is a cute idea. I like the wallpaper- it’s the same as the blog.

  25. GUYS! CHILL ALREADY! enjoy the masterpiece that Meg has labored to bring to CuteoverloadTM. Though it looks like its been photoshopped, it might not have been! CRIPERS. Thanks for the work and results, Meg!

  26. At long last, the Boy Who Cried Photoshop has a chance to be right. Woo and hoo.

    So yeah, good eye, the kitty is borrowed from an earlier CuteOverload post, and casts an iffy shadow here. Applause. But it’s an announcement (like the Tip Jar post) so I think we might allow our proprietor some license.

    FYI, I’m going to continue to GIMP my digital photos too (until I come up with something to officially submit, and even then I’m likely to crop, scale & adjust).

    And btw I *like* the chat-roominess of this place.

  27. Me too.

  28. Yes, yes, yes, it’s a very cool pic and suits its purpose perfectly. Meg definitely knows what to do and when to do it (Do you contract out your decorating skills, Meg? lol) Some people don’t appreciate the thought and time and talent it takes to find the pics and come up with captions/comments… and in this case, decorate the picture appropriately. 🙂

    Okay, here’s a new game. How many posters here have the same email address? And now, match the names up with their opinions. I no longer think it’s MPD – it’s just someone with waaaayyyy too much time on their hands.

  29. c’mon guys, it’s *supposed* to be a big fat “duh” that an old photo that’s already been posted here a long time ago was photoshopped in a CUTE way for our amusement! now act amused!

  30. No photoshopping…whoops! i suck at that! lol

  31. Guys, just calm down. The picture had to be done, and we dont want to discourage meg. Photoshopping has helped some great pieces of art and is now letting unheard-of options and effects. Why cant we all chill?!

  32. It’s more fun *not* to chill.

  33. That is the problem with humankind…we desire for strife. But we dont wanna discourage Meg! If she stops, it will be doom for CO!

  34. E. Collison says:

    Hey, this is a *fun* shot – thanks muchly, Meg!

    (I like your, uh, wallpaper, too… ;))

  35. ok people i think the picture was supposed to be somewhat of a joke so stop the ranting already. i thought the pic was cute and clever

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, duh! I was wondering why the wallpaper looked familiar. And where in the heck have I seen that ducky before???

    (Yes, I’m slow today…)

    Nice filing work, kitty. Now have you started the coffee yet?

  37. happy_bunny says:

    *pushes taped-ridden hornrim glasses up bridge of nose* [nerdy poindexter voice]That’s definately a PhotoShop. Most definately.[/nerdy poindexter voice]

  38. Well, I for one am glad all the meanieheads took the time to post their screaming “IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED!!one1!!1!” posts. Otherwise, I might have missed all the adorable details, like the wallpaper, and the official CO duckie mascot on the wall. I even spy Baruchito on one of the drawers!

    Nice work, Meg, on the Photochop AND on the site. I love coming here to see what sort of cuteness you’ve managed to turn up! Thanks for doing what you do!

  39. This is of course photoshopped, which makes it hilarious! And all the details: The wallpaper! The duckypic! The lables! The coloured cabinets!!! I love the thought of making a website into a room!!!

    And I can’t understand all the extremists around here – it’s obvious that this ran out of competition (is there a competition anyway?) – and also we’ve seen a lot of “man-made” cuteness with the dolls and soft toys. Cute is cute. Go, Meg, go!!!

  40. “Well, I for one am glad all the meanieheads took the time to post their screaming “IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED!!one1!!1!” posts. Otherwise, I might have missed all the adorable details, like the wallpaper, and the official CO duckie mascot on the wall. I even spy Baruchito on one of the drawers!”

    by golly, you’re right! thanks for pointing out more of the cuteness! a tiny cute tribute to the dearly departed.

  41. Wow, I’m kind of dissapointed in a lot of the ‘regulars’ here (I have popped in on this site for a total of 5 times now, when I have time, and it’s been complete eye candy 😛 ) Anyway, so the webmaster makes a cute promo piece to make a point and people jump down her throat because it hints the faintest of wretched Photoshop handiwork. Normally, this would be a total dupe and I’d be upset too, if it weren’t for the fact that 90% of the time the pictures are legit. Even one ‘slip’ and the webmaster’s standards are going downhill? (it wasn’t even a slip! I get it was a fun promo pic for the news update.) Where do you get off on pointing hyperactively, frothing at the mouths, and wagging your fingers almost instantly and questioning the integrity of this site? (even a “HEY WARN US NEXT TIME” — does she really HAVE to?) After all the hard work this person puts into maintaining a site for *your* entertainment? It’s also free! Get over it and get a sense of humour.

  42. Cute Overload comment law- for every whiney negative comment left by someone who needs to seriously get a life, there will be at least four comments telling them to shut the eff up.

    Not that I think it’s a bad thing. Those people must learn.

  43. You photoshop people don’t get it. If you paid the slightest attention to the site you would recognize the exact photo of the kitten. Nobody was trying to pull one over on you, it was right out in the open. This is an announcement about the site, not a regular submission. The picture is supposed to a fictional representation of a typical scene at the corporate offices of Cute Overload International.

  44. Its lovely, whether its photoshopped or not. Especially the matching wallpaper!

  45. Heehee, it makes me imagine there are cuteoverload offishes and that you all sit there seriously contemplating cute photos and rating their cuteness for our benefit 😀 Hee… can i have a job? Mine sucks!
    Congrats for clearing the email backlog. Keep up the cuteness… 🙂

  46. Hey, like Meg said, hold your horses! She put in this pic just to go with the announcement, so enjoy it and chill out. BTW not all the stuff on the site is photoshopped, and its the natural ones that are the cutest. So give yourselves a break.

  47. Get a life people!…Geez it’s CUTE! Isn’t that the freakin’ point? Any idiot can see it was “made”, so what? I think it was very cool, BTW that takes work to do pics like that! I love this site! It makes my freakin’ day! Go Meg keep up the great work!

  48. okay, so I don’t see many of you guys who are bitching so violently with your, “ohmigod, it’s so, like, photoshopped!” attitudes posting your own work on a website with this many readers.

    the site is called “cute overload”, not “these images are 100% real.”

    perhaps you have this site confused with a journalistic site, where accuracy is an important factor.

    in fact, perhaps you should remember that meg doesn’t get paid for this site. she started doing this to entertain us.

    stop sucking the fun out of everything, will ya?

    it’s not like she’s charging you to look at it either.

    perhaps you should consider that though, meg, charge admission to the gripey bunch.

    especially those who post multiple comments to a single post using different names (but the same email address).

    [why is it that seven different users {mellowbanana, alzeenia, lulai, dathia, thenid, wild geek and milhania} all have the same email {alzeena29@sbc.globalpet}?]

  49. Katey: Thank you for playing my MPD email game. If it hadn’t been for that one deranged individual using different names for different opinions, this thread never would have taken the turn that it did. But seeing as we’re all posting about it (guilty as charged), the nitwit obviously got what she wanted.

    On a brighter note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and rest of the week. Long live the cute!

  50. NinjaPussycat says:

    I really think it was sweet to include a picture of Baru in there. 🙂

  51. Whoa, I missed all the duckies (except the big one), the wallpaper (duh!), and the hamster memorial. But at least I nailed the cat!

    Um. To rephrase… I recognized the cat from its source pic. Regardless of its diabolical mirror-image disguise.

  52. Had to flip the kitty image for the lighting to ‘match’.

    Things added to this photo:

    1. Licking kitty
    2. Baruchito bumpersticker
    3. Chick poster
    4. CO Wallpaper
    5. ‘labels’ on drawer pulls
    6. color change on file cabinet to be yellow (the other was already blue!)

    Dat’s it!


  53. CU is better than crosswords. i hope old ppl come here.

  54. Tee hee! Your cuteness brillance continues to amaze me. You have an eye for cuteness AND teh skills in Photoshop? It’s all in the details! I love the wallpaper back there, and the image this puts in my head, you surrounded by papers and animals and sorting things under different categories of cuteness… bet you’re glad to be in the digital filing age!

  55. Good lord people, yes it was photoshopped, but I don’t think they were trying to pass it off as not photoshopped? I happened to find it funny. I love this site..

  56. Just a technical reminder for everyone:

    You can put whatever you want in TypePad’s info fields when you post (Name, Email, URL). Heck, I use a different URL every time, to emphasize context or just to share a link. There’s no kind of ID verification here; everything’s “honor system.” So if I wanted to, I could easily pose as alzeena29@sbc.globalpet myself, and post whatever libelous tripe I darn well pleased. Kinda tempting, eh? (Bad dog! Down boy!)

  57. ReaderoftheWild(comments) says:

    Ya found me! 😉 ah well. Is it wrong to want to know if its been photoshopped? i didnt want to offend anyone. Meg has the right to post what she finds cute. This photo is cute, but it looks photoshopped. She admitted it! And, as i said with “Alzeenia” KittenFrog was looked at as “Photoshopped” and it was still head-poppingly cute! Sorry if i caused a rumpus for Meg, lol. Oh. Is that a dog or a cat? I cant tell lol. Photoshopping is allowing details beyond imagine (i know a guy who finds artwork on the net and *touches* it up in Photoshop. He gets nice results, but i cant seem to get it lol) Yes, it is tempting, Theo. (how did meg get that backround?! i luv it)

  58. ReaderoftheWild(comments) says:

    P.S. I think that dog/cat should get a raise. 🙂

  59. Oh, good lord, the cute! Nice work. 🙂

  60. It was supposed to be photoshopped to match the post. simple as that. I think all of the anti-photoshoppers made their point up to the 10th comment and for the most part held their piece. Theo, interesting article on wikipedia 🙂


  62. Yeah yeah! The FIERY furnace.


  64. cool dude dog lover says:

    Yeah, but it IS drop-dead cute.

  65. It’s Bubees! (from kittenwar)

  66. I dunno–for a ‘shop job that’s pretty darn good, Meg! Even I and my Wacom artpad couldn’t have done so well!