I weel clean you for as long as I like

Would you please look at this poor ferret getting cleaned by a cat. There should be a restraining order. I love the ferret’s paws—like resistance is completely futile. Well, it is.


Bob F.—Gracias.



  1. E. Collison says:

    I think the ferret has been hypnotized… 😉

  2. I just think the cat’s savoring it.

  3. I think I’ve been hypnotized! Too much cute sends me to my bed …

  4. That ferret must be dead asleep, or on some serious medication. No conscious ferret would ever endure such a thing.

  5. beyond weird. I’d love to see a gallery of the cat/ferret duo.

    i always wanted one, but have been afraid my cat would kill it.

    not lick it.

    really awesome.

  6. I like how the cat seems to be winking and chuckling to the camera.

  7. I need to stop coming to this site, as it causes me to always yell “AWWWW!” loudly.

  8. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. The ferret’s all “Ahhhh, not AGAIN!”

  9. we though one of our daschunds had a bald stomach until one of cats died and she (at age 8) started to grow belly hair. We finally realized that the cat bathed her so much that he was licking off all her tummy hair.

  10. The cat’s not bathing the ferret, he’s basting it for later.


  11. Cats licking things other than themselves, and rendering them helpless: Adorable.

  12. I don’t have anything clever to say here – but this is so cute, I just have to add my

  13. Man! I wish my cat was that friendly to my ferret!

  14. everyone like having someone else wash their hair/fur

  15. woah.

  16. Juan Padilla says:

    okay, now this is just ridiculous…

  17. i’m going to come back as that ferret…after all the time i’ve put into grooming, stroking and making cats purr THEY OWE ME! 🙂

  18. The cat thinks : ” My precious !!! Slurp ! Slurp ! Slurp !

    Too cute !

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!, Hmm they both look pretty comfy =P

  20. man… no one licks my cheeks like that. well, one did, once. but i had to get a restraining order out on him.

    LOVE the wussed out given up on resistance slack legs.

  21. ThatCrazyFerretLady says:

    Most of my ferrets wouldn’t tollerate that! They kick butt and ask questions later. Would love to see one of mine cuddle with the cats.
    Very precious. Thanks.

  22. Soooooooooooooo



  23. ferret lover says:

    that ferret is totally like wtf is this cat doing to me

  24. Hehee – I saw this and said “Eeeee ferret!” Yay for more ferret pics!
    I agree that the ferret probably fell into a dead sleep (the way ferrets do), and the cat decided he needed to smell more catty and less ferrety.
    When my ferrets are asleep, it takes a lot to wake them! (-_-)zzzz

  25. chunkstyle says:

    limp limbs? check
    interspieces motherings? check
    totally looks like my cat? check
    (robot voice)
    cuteness verified
    **whirr click click**

  26. So cute – kitty probably thinks it’s a kitten she’s cleaning. And hey, the ferret looks like he’s completely relaxed. If i could get a bath and a massage all the time…

  27. cool dude dog lover says:

    Holy inter-species bonding!
    (histerical laughter) SSOO cute! But seriosly, folks, the ferret kinda- KINDA- looks dead. (You know, I almost got a ferret, but I got a Shih Tzu insted.)

  28. I wonder if the ferret’s oily coat tates yummy.

  29. hey i have nuttin better to do i think i will stare at this photo fur the rest of the day

  30. How many licks will it take to get to the center of that ferret?

  31. Nottaferret says:

    I wouldn’t mind being that ferret either. That is if the kitty would chew some parsley or something and have fresh licking breath.

  32. …and I weel lofe you and cuddle you and liiick you when you are bad…

  33. That is just soooooo wrong. My cats grew up sharing a food dish with four ferrets, but even they called it quits at licking a ferret. Headbutts, yes, licking, right out! Too cute though. Cute until the cat starts bunny kicking the ferret in the belly and the ferret grabs her ear and wont let go.

  34. I will hug him and love him and call him George.

  35. “No, I must resist the kitty’s licking! No! Stop, cat! Oh…oh, but that feels kind of good. Okay, a little to the left…”

  36. Somebody’s been watching too many Pepe le Pew cartoons, and decided to reverse the proceedings.

  37. *sigh* I miss my ferrets…

    My fuzzbutts would groom each other relentlessly, in a big pile in their hammock. They’d all come out covered in cowlicks. (Or would that be ferretlicks…?)

    But either that’s a very young ferret, or a very large cat!


  38. so very adorable and scrumptious. thank you for all the cute-ola.

  39. GAHH! That ferret is probably ‘asleep dead’. Freaked me out the first few times I had that happen. I will just stare at the cuteness…o.o

  40. He’s not eating him…..He’s putting all the savory herbs, licking off the fur and basting him for flavor…..hmm….he should have brined the ferret!

  41. Jan Spencer says:

    It’s not coming up?? I can’t see the picture. I can see all the other pictures… 😦

  42. “Mmmmmmm, ferret. Tastes like chicken!”

  43. my ferret still does that dead-asleep thing… i pull her out of the cage and she’s all floppin around. it scares me cuz she’s getting old and one of the times i take her out could be the very last time that it was just dead-asleep… 😦 sadness.

    on a happy note, this is CUTE! i love the helplessness! heehee!

  44. ooommmmggg.
    teh cutest evar.
    or funniest, i haven’t decided yet!

  45. Of course the ferret’s not resisting. He’s obviously enjoying this.

  46. If that were my ferret Smokey, he would be grooming the cat at the same time! hehe!

  47. aaww, how sweet

    the paws of the ferret are indeed


  48. That poor ferret doesn’t seem to like this brand of social grooming…

  49. Ferrets are great and they actually get along well with other animals (dogs and cats (as long as we’re not talking really big dogs))….the biggest problems with ferrets are they’re thieves & they like to hide food EVERYWHERE. =)

  50. I don’t blame the cat… ferrets stink; she probably couldn’t take it anymore and went on a grooming binge.

  51. the ferret looks like a dog.
    i dont think that photo is that cute.

  52. pizza loser says:

    hader i can not feel a baby yet

  53. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

  54. little miao says:

    Awwww, that ferret looks like he’s enjoying his bath. And what a kitty-hug! I love those mighty paws. Very, very cute.

  55. Enjoying it? That ferret looks like he’s too terrified to move.

    Looks like the cat has told him “Get licked or get eaten. Your choice.” Of course the cat knows he can’t eat the ferret or it’s big trouble, so he’s just enjoying the taste.

  56. Ferrett is in total submission mode – he is enjoying his bath – putting it mildly, those lil guys would let you know if you were doing something they didn’t like, cat or otherwise!

  57. chimera17 says:

    I don’t think any cat in its right mind would eat a ferret. They are very clearly carnivorous (you can tell from their teeth), and would fight back way too hard for kitty’s liking. I think this ferret’s enjoying it. After all, ferrets lick each others ears all the time to show affection.

  58. ha ha, I have those striped sheets!

  59. ther ferrett says ” aww man not again, not in front of my friends, you are sooo embarrassing, let me out of here”

  60. What a site! At first you might think the worst, then you realize that the ferret is enjoying the attention. So cute, just want to hug them both!!

  61. I have a cat and two ferrets. For a long time they didn’t get along, but yesterday I found all three of them curled up together in the closet sleeping! it was so adorable.

  62. We used to have a ferret (my stepfather took her when he moved out) and a couple of cats…

    One of the funniest things in the world to see: A swimming ferret. You can barely even see their short little legs paddling… ^_^

  63. Dis be prosh!
    BUT… you see the girls hand? Mefinks she is trying to show off her bling all sneakylike in the bottom left of this picture

  64. I need CO to kick me off after a certain time so I can get to bed. All this cuteness is addicting and causing me to blearing eyed the next day!!!!
    Anybody for a CO timer???

  65. I think the ferret is TRAPPED! Oh no!