Cheek puff

I am seriously considering "cheek puff" to be a new rule of Cuteness. Can I get a witness on this? Look at these two little otter dudes. oh, and floppy limbs? Check!


Bill H. are your cheeks puffed?



  1. OMG, could these little guys get any cuter??!!??

  2. OMG THATS SO CUte!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 Awww ^_^

  3. Yes, I concur.
    Cheek puffs are the cutest!!! oh man and that little pale guy looks like he’s smiling **heart melts**

  4. Gah! Oh definitely…cheek puffs!

  5. Gimmeeeeee!

  6. OTTERS! otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters otters OTTERS!

  7. Cheek puffs, for the win. :3

  8. Oh .My .God.
    Can’t get over the cuteness

  9. Definitely gonna need a cheek puff category.
    I want to SQUISH them!

  10. What a cute pair. I just love them.

  11. Inga-Lynne says:

    The cuteness should be illegal!

  12. otters! them cheeky punks! so mischievous, so merry, so playful and endangered!

  13. Oooohhhhhh – cute factor is otter of this world!

  14. new rule!! new rule!!!

  15. manhandler says:

    I’ve said it before people: watch out for those otters. They’ll bite your nuts off.

  16. Yep. I definitely agree with the cheek puff rule. Those puffs are just begging to be kissed.

  17. AAAWWWWWW!!!!!! Yes, puffy cheeks it is!!!

  18. *drool* Too…cute…MAKE A RULE!

  19. Ohhh, OTTERS. Otters are always always cute!!!

  20. Otters are the best!

  21. Uh, I don’t know. Perhaps this is a little bit too much.


  22. I always thought otter pups were the absolute pinnacle of cuteness. But gads! You add a little otter fat to the formula? WTF? That chubby one on the left has just snapped the needle off the cute meter. I have never seen anything so cute in all my life!

  23. bill h? did my boyfriend send this? because i totally showed it to him weeks ago. it’s FANTASTIC.

    (and leucistic!)

  24. i want one now.

  25. Dude! It’s the Bell otters!!

  26. Forget cheek puffs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The rule of cuteness, featured here, is OTTERS. Otters = automatic cuteness.

  27. I just made a noise that went something like CHEECHOONEENAWNEENAW!

    Mission accomplished.

    DANGIT Meg you gotta STOP that!

    [sigh] luvs teh otterz.

  29. cheeks are the best, i second (or seventh) this new rule

  30. KAWAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! *faints due to severe cuteness*

  31. Manhandler, why would you want your nuts where they could bite them off anyway? I’m teasing… Yes, they are Nature’s animals and deserve respect…

    BUT you HAVE to admit that they are SO CUTE!!!!!! OH man, I can’t stand it…. Someone tell me why I keep coming here to make these silly noises????

  32. And look at the tiny ear on the darker one. AWWWW.

  33. Otters = cute. Baby otters = effing Murder!!!!

  34. cool dude dog lover says:

    I know. Baby otters ARE effin’ murder. GHAAA! (I drop dead) As for making “puffed out cheeks” a rule of cuteness, why not? You got nothin’ to lose. Do you agree, people?

  35. I can’t look at otters w/ the same degree of cuteness after I took a backstage tour of the local Aquarium.

    Apparently otters are lethal. Like EXTREMELY smart (they had to replace the same panel of glass, because the otters would pound on the same place ’til it broke…we’re talking aquarium glass thickness. And they unscrewed the gates, etc, w/ their claws), and they are also very, very deadly. The staff are scared of them. The combination of smarts and razor claws/teeth, and they can kill a human in a couple minutes.


    The babies are cute, tho’!!

  36. cool dude dog lover says:

    Ok, adena… Darn you but not darn you.

  37. Such puffy-wuffy cutie-tooties! Makes me wanna be their otter mommy and snuggle their little furry selves!

  38. baaaaaaaby eeelephant says:

    OK, cheek puff NEEDS 2 b a rule of cuteness. by the way, i’m going to pretend i didn’t hear the part about the lethal otters. LA LA LA you’re not talking to me, I can’t heeeeaaaaaaaar you! (like that adorable little kitten for “Look mom, no ears)!
    p.s., how can something so adorably OTTERLICIOUS be lethal????!!!!!!!

  39. actually learning of their deadliness only makes them cuter in a baby tiger baby hippo kinda way

  40. ahhhhh to cute

  41. maybe it’s the PMS… but I started crying when I saw those little tubby otter cheeks

  42. They look like little children.

    *stabs self in head*


  43. SQUEAL!!!!!!!

  44. Cheek puffs? Cheek puffs? Have you no regard for anatomy? They’re “whisker-puffs”. After all that’s where the whisker’s come from. Could I be wrong? – would every cat I’ve ever lived with lie to me about this?

  45. If we’re going to call them cheek puffs we may have to consider the possibility that they’re not otters at all, but actually surly little teeny-tiny humanoid toddler-boys with full-body crewcuts. Could be…

  46. E. Collison says:

    There otter be a law against pictures like this…! (Or, as the fisherman said, “I can’t *hake* much more of this!”)

  47. OK, that’s it. I can stop looking now because there will never ever ever be anything cuter than this. Of course I thought the same with the hamster avec corn picture. As for otter deadliness, who cares? Die of the cute or die of fangs and claws, and you’re still dead.

  48. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! So make that a rule, dang it!!!!!!!!!

  49. There otter be a law against that much cute…


  50. awwww..they are so so cute!!!!! would love to keep one..of coz thats rather impossible …

  51. Awwwh.

    I can’t stop squealing over these little guys. I just can’t take all this cuteness it’s to much!

  52. Otters are hot!

  53. hell yeah cheek puff should be a rule! don’t you just wanna go woodgie woodgie woodgie to those little puffy cheeks??

  54. weasel_tea_party says:

    Cute, but I think I like the poofyness of sea otter pups better.
    Case in point:

  55. Okay, it’s not so much the cheek puff as the little tummy pooch on the white one on the left – look at that little belly! It’s so squeezable!

  56. My cheeks are not puffed, but my hamsters’ cheeks are!

  57. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG They are so freakin’ cute I can hardly contain myself. I wanna eat ’em up for breakfast, or squeeze their little fuzzy cuteness. How do I get ’em out of that picture and snuggle ’em up real good? I want one, no make that two, no wait, a whole big basketful of cutie, puffy, baby otters to bury my face in………O. M. G! This site is so not fair, and now that I’ve found it, it’ll be impossible to stay away.

    It’s totally official….I really, really hate you for subjecting my to all this vicarious cuteness, and not allowing me the opportunity for a big fat snuggle IRL!

  58. “I really, really hate you for subjecting my to all this vicarious cuteness, and not allowing me the opportunity for a big fat snuggle IRL!”

    Oh dear. I’ve heard that kind of language before. (link)

    (yes, I’m being “funny”)

  59. are these folks participating in the Waterfall 2006 conference??

    meanwhile, this just out:
    Cat parasite a danger to otters: study


  60. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. AWWWW

  61. Finn:
    1) I’m sure they’ll *try*
    2) Yikes! And while I’m part of a Midwestern household which keeps their cats indoors, I’ve got cat-loving friends in San Fran that I’ll be forwarding that article on to.

  62. Theo:
    u forgot to include a link to your catses.
    (prefrbly on fractal flooring.)

  63. Ask and ye shall.

  64. dood, i saw u in that movie about the desert and the plane and some other stuff i don’t remember so good cos i went snoozers. i liked u in the bathtub tho.

    your cats want a puppy. i see it in their eyes.

  65. Those otters are as sweet and cool as the pops that are bearing their name.

  66. I saw a Lexus outside the otters’ apartment. It had a bumper sticker that read, “My otter car is a Lexus.”

    Cute and smart.

  67. I saw a Lexus outside the otters’ apartment. It had a bumper sticker that read, “My otter car is a Lexus.”

    Cute and smart.

  68. Gads. I guess I’m guilty of it too, but at least when *I* make product references, I try to be more topical.

    No, Jimmmmmm, I don’t want a Hummer 3 either.

  69. wow – now THAT is cute overload! Sheesh!


  70. OTTER!
    . OTTER!
    . . OTTER!


  71. Once more, with feeling… (er, thrice more?)

  72. Otters are quite possibly teh ult1mat3 in kyootness!

    I think cheek puff is absolutely REQUIRED for cuteness! My kitties back home puff up their cheeks when they purr and it makes their whiskars very defined and pronounced! One of them puffs herself up so much that you can actually see some of her lip 🙂

  73. mikki halpin says:

    cheek puff or….whisker pillow?

  74. My pals and I refer to those areas as the “whisker biscuits.” Love the new rule. =)

  75. blue moon says:

    i have a dog like that

  76. ahhh my totem animal

    ‘cept i aint nowhere near as cute and fuzzy as these little luvs

  77. They are the cutest pair I have ever seen in my life time!

  78. Ann Gerheart says:

    Absolutely, quite possibly the cutest babies I’ve ever set eyes on!!!!!!!!!Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. SQUEAL!!! omg these guys are so cute!!! lovet <3