My warsher!

No I will NOT let you open the washer. My precious kitten thong undies are in there.


Christina R., way to GO!



  1. awww… too adorable

  2. Kitten thong undies… there’s a visual I didn’t need >_< Highly adorable none-the-less :)

  3. Oh, what a pretty kitty! And MUCH too serious. 🙂

  4. I hissed with delight so loudly that my dog looked up at me in concern!!

  5. Beauregard says:

    Look! Me got klaws!

  6. Never question the kitters. The kitters is King.

  7. woah! Be careful with those claws.

  8. ihateToast says:

    while i love the photo… i can’t help but bite my inner cheeks and i can just hear those claws on that metal top. yeeow! it hurts! … doesn’t take away from the cuteness, though.

  9. Someone needs their claws clipped. That kitten is just precious. Unlike my own, who is sprawled on the floor, yowling at me. :/

  10. Wow, I have that exact washer.

  11. Oh my, very very very cute kitten!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! 🙂 *nice description thing XD!*

  12. Woods walker says:

    Now to get ready for some exercise while waiting for laundry. Start with the cat streach.

  13. ARGH!! I have to go to work, but I can’t stop looking at those little claws, and that little face…He’s so…dare I say it..CUTE!!!!!

    One of my own critters (who rides the short bus, I might add) is staring at me wondering why I keep saying…”awwwwwwwwwwwwww”

    That’s it…turn…away…from… the….computer…..ARGH!!!

  14. Espilonarge says:

    Just sweeeeeetching my paws out… MY WASHER! 😛

  15. imagine that adorable kitten in a thong…;)

  16. No, see, you all have it wrong, He’s not protecting his kitty thongs, he’s showing you exactly what he’ll do to you for spreading that horrible rumor about his underwear choices.

  17. toshiro_mifune says:

    “Ultra Clean” – There is actually a setting for this ?

    Cute kitty.

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    OH too funny…had to share with my co workers…I’ve heard some snickers so far.

  19. The best thing about this pic is the air of vain smugness about it.

    Kitty: *stretches* Lookit me. I’m soooo gorgeous. *poses*

    Reminds me of our kitty … *sniffle*

  20. Well here I am at work… And I’m STILL coming back here to see this kitty… He is just about the most adorable thing!!!

    Even showed it to my boss… Now neither one of us is working!!!

  21. Cats really are amazingly clean, aren’t they? I wonder if they all use the washer when we leave our houses…

  22. I have this same washer, too! Is this kitty named Kenmore?

  23. LOVE this cutie pie

  24. is the spin cycle running??

  25. OK Finn, I switched it on for you…

  26. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  27. too bad, the washing machine is in focus, not the that little pussy.

  28. cool dude dog lover says:

    Oh no! To feroshis! (aka cute) Can’t…take…much…more…

  29. Theo, Very nicely done! LOL. Perhaps one day Typepad will allow attachments in comments…

  30. April, she just needs some lesson’s ‘responsible claw ownership’! Claws are great! Those things (just the tip) wake me up everymorning. Those things helps the cats to balance on my shoulder, etc.!

  31. Seconds before he launches himself at the photographer.

  32. That is just aduorabubble…..Were do I get a kitten washing machine procetor??

  33. No worries, I simply meant a little trimming is in order. Less snags on the comforter that way. 😀 The paws are just begging to be petted. So adorable. Wish my cat would take lessons in cute. lol

  34. April, I knew that! Really (shuffles feet, looks away), I knew you
    you were only talking about sensible ‘clawcare’. . . 🙂

  35. This little guy just looks fiesty…