Sears Buntrait Studio

"Ok now, back foot out slightly, ears perked—hold it right there!"

//image removed at photographer’s request//

Some professhe photographer must have taken this photo—check the quality of the subject, background and composishe! The bunny’s stylist must used a blow-drier for extra puffiness—A+!

Thanks Eric W 😉



  1. AWWW cute! :3

  2. BUNNY~! ::faints::

  3. I lub him so!

  4. Love the description on this one!

  5. That’s a bathtub photo!!

    Alice the Brit
    and the 2 cute Norwich terrier who have yet to feature here!!

  6. Sealpoint Siamese bun-bun??

  7. takeaways from this week’s CO thus far:

    Things with small feet are terribly cute.

    Ergo, i am not. cute.

    sad in my size 10s…

  8. wants to eats the wittle brown feets and ears

  9. want the whiskers to tickle my face!

  10. Background??? That bunny is in a bathtub!

  11. OMG, that bunny makes me wanna DIE. Argh – the cuteness!

  12. E. Collison says:

    But hey, I uploaded this one to the CuteTracker™ a few days ago… [Giggles.]

  13. heh, It was actually a D&D reference, Theo.

    That bunny’s coloring is very cat-like, actually. I lurve it! 😀

  14. Meow House says:

    I thought it was a bathtub at first too, but gauging from the size of the bun and the curve of the base of the vessel, that’s either a very large bun or a very small narrow tub.

    I vote for it being a ceramic serving dish. (Just to sit in! Not to eat from!!)

  15. ahh look at the cute wittle bun-bun

  16. OMG!!!!! This is so cute it makes my eyes water!

  17. Well, this is doing nothing to help my orders not to run out a bring a bunny home.

    He’s so CUTE!!!!

  18. Meow House, I think you are right!

  19. I may have developed a crush… I want to cover it in kisses. and the widdle nose… it can kiss ME… and… awwww *sigh*

  20. That is just sooooooooooooo adorable. Makes me want to pick my bunny up and squeeeeeeeeze her 🙂

  21. the bunny feets are so cute!

  22. That is so sweet, I think I just developed another cavity.

  23. I want to rub his nose, and while I do it, I say “neemeeneemeeneemeeneemee!!”

    I do not know why, that is just what you say when you rub the cute noses!


  24. Kawaii (as the Japanise would say!) I want to take him home and cuddle and squeeze him and keep him on my desk…..

  25. dwarf rabbit owner too! says:

    “I vote for it being a ceramic serving dish. (Just to sit in! Not to eat from!!) “

    I agree with meow house!:)
    I was fixin’ to say that too so rather than re-type…” “‘s

  26. Unless he really IS the Giant Bunny of DOOM –

  27. waterdragon687 says:

    Actually, I think he might be sitting in a sink… that dark spot underneath his haunches looks a like a drain hole to me…

    Regardless, though, it’s a lovely pic–fuzzy bunny cuteness is always good! 🙂

  28. I think you guys are right! It’s got to be a tub. Doi! That was silly of moi to think it was a studio.


  29. I wanna bury my nose in its white fluffy wittle fur. Awwwww ….

  30. Woods walker says:

    Just when you thought anything could not get cuter!

  31. Can’t resist to give it a hug!

  32. Oh! He looks like my widdle bunny Choux-Choux. I miss that sweet li’l thing.

  33. wickedbored says:

    OMG! It’s a Show Bunny!

  34. wickedbored says:

    OMG! It’s a Show Bunny!

  35. Mr. Fluffy says:

    It’s a study in white-on-white

  36. cool dude dog lover says:

    Oh no! Whoever took this pic, you are WAY too pro for your own good.


  38. bonaircat says:

    where’d it go? photo I mean…