Equines Representin’






  1. pistache268 says:


  2. I dunno, these look a little genetically altered and freakish to me.

  3. Carbontetra says:

    Horses =/= cute.

  4. finally! a pony! I love Falabellas

  5. horse + elderly gent who could use a friend = priceless.

  6. Aww…they looklike really large My Little Ponies. Just sprinkle some glitter on their rumps.

  7. little feets leettle feets, I’m gonna find some leettle feets….

  8. Aaah…old man, his horse and granddaughter..that’s cute! very very disney

  9. foals and former dictators!
    click on my name to see what the dear old man does when he’s not hugging adorable little horses.

  10. Norty, you’re right…Those little feetsy are just TOO cute!!!!! Oh gosh… My cute level is off the mark today!!! sheepers…

  11. Eee! Can you imagine their weensy HORSESHOES???

  12. Cute little albino horsies? They look quite head-heavy XD

  13. Beauregard says:

    I wanna pony!

  14. Aaah! Who left those poor little ponies in the drier?! I have never seen horses so small, they are really cute. Are those full grown?

  15. uh oh – now my cat’s want a pony of their own that they can ride on

  16. Lucky little horses – to be loved and pampered that way.
    Lucky people – to have a farm & animals like that. I’m jealous, sitting here in dull suburbia!

  17. I’m with Brian on this one…those thingies don’t look like naturally-occurring critters at all.

  18. Horses are NOT cute, they’re scary no matter what size they are!

  19. there was a snake a couple days ago. maybe u shd go check that out. :/

  20. Flipa….now you’ve gone and ruined this mans life. He has to go back into witness protection and work as ticket taker at the cineplex in Boise! I wonder if they’ll let him bring his teeny pal?

  21. although i don’t believe these pics do them justice, check out the website. these mini-horses look like scaled down arabians & thoroughbreds as adults! i was very impressed, many mini-horses look like pituitary dwarfs to me, but these people know their horses! (and horses make fine companion animals!)

  22. The one the woman’s holding looks like it’s right out of a fairy tale, and I don’t mean Nathan Lane’s bio.

  23. Horses are beautiful and magnificent creatures.

  24. xpityparteex says:

    UGH! MINIS!!!! You finally did horses and it was a mini? I’m ashamed. Expect cuter pictures in your inbox right away.

  25. NOT cute.

  26. Sorry…I prefer my horses to be a useful size, thanks. Give me an Arabian or a Thoroughbred or a Quarter Horse any day–or a Clyde if I had the extra space and food!


  27. Oooh… Clydesdales. Those are definitely Horses. And Belgians. And Percherons. Imagine them wearing *armor* and carrying knights. A little apart from cute, though, maybe.

  28. These horses are of useful size! In many places they’re training tiny horses to be guide animals for the visually impaired. Apparently they’re even better at it than dogs. And they have tiny booties to go over their hoofs to give them traction on smooth floors, as in shopping malls. All together now: Awww…!

  29. I’m surprised only one person made a “My Little Pony” reference.

    Also, those horses are actually full-sized; the people in the photos are actually 25 feet tall [7.62 metres]


  30. But Theo, Paladins get extra-planar mounts now!

    *wonders if Theo gets the reference…*

  31. Is there something wrong with the horse?
    Is there such thing as
    dwarism in horses?

    It’s adorable, btw.

  32. Hashi — I’m actually not a WoW fan at all, but StarCraft is one of my all-time favs.

  33. General comment: I’m surprised at people that commment on pictures just to say “urghh! Not cute!” or make other negative comments.
    Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

  34. i thought maybe that was milton berle hugging the horse.

    either way, they’re so sweet! big horses are beautiful, majestic creatures; LITTLE horses are cute. i wonder if they get teased or picked on.

  35. OMG! It’s your own “My Little Pony”! Now, if they were only purple they would be perfect.

  36. This reminded me of the Pygmy goats I see when I drive past a farm on my way to see my parents out in the country. I googled them and the national pygmy goat association has some cute pics of baby pygmy goats with a baby girl or in a pumpkin.

  37. Little hooves!! I want to carry one around.

  38. Minature horses are not ponies or mutant horses. They’re so little even adults are cute. Regular horses – has to be babies to be cute!

  39. The old man + horse is one of the sweetest, most endearing things I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  40. You should see these adorable mini guide horses for the blind:


    I learned of them after seeing a group of them being trained in my city. Each of them had on teeny little white, sneaker looking shoes.

  41. That first picture looks more like a large goat of some sort than a horse… the second picture though… ^_^ ears!

  42. The little one in the blonde girl’s arms is tremendously cute. Why can’t we have those in suburbia?

  43. Ryan Ragsdale says:

    I used to shoe horses with my father, and they’re cute but miniature horses can be little bastards.

    They’re adorable, though.

  44. These are adorable! And I agree… miniture horses aren’t all they are cracked up to be sometimes…

  45. Ok not so blown away by gramps and his albino friend but OMG those little guide horses Julia linked to are precious! Little shoes and little horses and ponies in bed! I want one!!!

  46. E. Collison says:

    These are foals, which is why they look a little “off.” As they mature, they’ll assume normal proportions.

    So – no weird mutants here, just little ‘uns.

  47. 😀 Minis or Falabellas? I work with minis a lot. Eeee adorable =)

  48. punkpenguin says:

    i love the pictures of ANIMALS on this site but when humans are included, they are not so cute. granpa is freaky. i don’t want to see old men here, just CUTE things.

  49. “i don’t want to see old men here, just CUTE things.”

    Punkpenguin: Start your own weblog if you don’t like it here. C.O. hasn’t advertised for an editorial board.

    The old guy + horse shot is indeed adorable. Look at their expressions! Contentment, encapsulated.

  50. The dream of most little girls: A PONY!

  51. Punkpenguin said: “i don’t want to see old men here, just CUTE things”

    EW. How sadly shallow of you think that way. You have clearly not learned the art of becoming a better person yet.

    Get your own website, or go to someone else’s site, if your brain can’t handle anything other than vapid and shallow.

    Besides, that farm will probably notice the link & all the mass traffic to their website. Causing them to come here and see your negative, lame, hurtful, and unecessary remark. Luckily the majority have something positive to contribute.

    I love the photo of the man and the pony the best. Look at his great expression.

  52. I give! I give!! The guide horses had me melting all over myself like a popsicle in the sun!!

    As for the Paladin remark…um, I sorta have a nice collection of dice I use frequently, and not all of them have six sides. I not only got the joke, I fell out of my chair laughing! Now I have this goofy mental image of a Paladin’s summoning his extraplanar mount–and because the gods made a mistake, he’s stuck with a Falabella filly…LMAO…

    OK I’ll put away my geekness now. Ahem. 😉


  53. The_Dude_Abides says:

    Gramps + Baby = Love personified!!! They both look like they are in total bliss. No words, just smiles. 🙂

  54. Horses don’t usually make me mush.. but with the man hugging it! Aww! Too cute.

  55. I just read what it says above the photos. The woman whose horse farm the photos are from, is who emailed these pictures to this site. That means she will see what we think of the man holding the horse.

    The photo is outstanding, Joanne. You captured a wonderful moment. Looks like pure love! Any male who would show that kind of heart is A-plus in my book!

  56. At last, horsies on C.O.! Because my husband (hi, Theo!) isn’t ready for a dog yet, I’ve been kidding him that I am going to put a mini horse in the backyard instead, and get it little sneakers so it can come inside without marring the wood floors.

  57. jaye, he may not be ready for a dog, but how about a puppy? no softie can resist, and by the time it becomes a dog, he’ll be utterly besotted.

    p.s. theo, u didn’t hear this.

  58. [hurriedly pretends not to be picking nose absent-mindedly]
    …wha huh?

  59. I grew up with horses and later with minis. I wish they had more pictures of minis in the winter. Their coats get fluffier than full sized horses. Very very cute.

  60. Aww… I love horses 😡

  61. Are you trying to kill me with cuteness!??!?!?!

  62. E. Collison says:

    Wow – horse sneakers are right up there with penguin sweaters!

  63. That is one cute Woman!
    And the horsie ain’t all that bad either…

  64. I wish I had a pony…. for everyone!!!!

  65. that top picture is so cute! ahhh, this is cute OVERLOAD!

  66. The section ‘horses’ is not capitalized. 😛 No, im not a nitpicker, it just stood out. I have seen a smaller horse, BTW. A “My Little Pony” horse lol

  67. HEY! I DID mention “My Little Pony”! hashi hasnt read mine yet lol 😛 i wonder if they just supersized one of those lil buggers, took a picture of it and gave it to the CO master lol jk

  68. Capoeirista says:

    I think it should be a rule of cute that if Grandpa is shown loving something, it’s automatically, lovingly, heartrendingly cute from all the added depth, wisdom and poignancy he brings to it.

    Same with Grandma.

    The horse is cute, but not as cute as many of the photos you get. It’s Grandpa’s lovin’ that makes the picture for me and makes the horsie really cute.

    Anybody who has such a man in her / his life is really really lucky!

  69. Denita, you’ve made my morning 🙂

  70. Capoeirista, a added old geezer makes it CUTE?! ugh i dont think so. That’s awfully presumptuous

  71. oh my god! its like MY LITTLE PONYS in real life just color it and give it a cute little name. Totally precious wish i had one.

  72. So adorable. I LOVE the first picture of the man with the horse!

  73. Joe Dullt says:

    ugly horse

  74. Jesse gallagher says:

    horses are not cute, remove the horse page fool

  75. Oh I don’t know; if it were up to me, I’d remove the horse-page fools.

  76. Dark_angle says:

    the horses head is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. aww so sweet how did u get tht picci so perfect xxx

  78. chicklepiza says:

    awwwwawwwawwwawww so cute

  79. The one where they r in the kitchen looks like they r making out or something. but the rest were pretty awsome seeming i LOVE horses.

  80. I’m a late visitor to this particular post, and I’m confused. I don’t see an old man, only two pictures of the girl and the horse.

  81. hey that is a cute pic my sister showed me this site case i like horses and animals

  82. I think that your horse is good. I like horses. My horse is good. I like my horse.

  83. Me, too, Christy- I just see two pictures of a girl and a pony.

  84. Huh. It wasn’t always this way; there really were two different pictures back when it was originally posted. I wonder what happened.