Look! He’s like, part old man (warbly neck, teacup and doiley in background) and part puppy! (prosh snout, glossy eyes) He’s ideal in every way!


Submitted by the famous Spanish illustratress Charuca !



  1. That doggie is actor Don Knotts’ doppelganger, methinks….

  2. He looks like he just took out his dentures.

  3. yayyy! Mo’ Bostons please!

  4. i’m running out of suitable comments.

    that dog…sigh.

    i love cute overload.

  5. and sparse whiskers growing out of odd places!

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *melt*

  7. The dog is adorable, but the illustrations rock! Thanks for introducing a new artist to me!

  8. cute yes, but what the hell is PROSH for the love of god someone tell me. It’s a fake word.

  9. Prosh = precious.

    Kinda like a “frosh” is a freshman in High School.


  10. Woods walker says:

    Cute puppy. Too bad I do not have room for it.

  11. I love the oversized ears.

  12. So refined. Seconds, dahling?

  13. smallandfurry says:

    Is he a Boston? Looks more like a French Bulldog to me….

  14. It can be pretty hard to tell the difference from just a head shot at that age, not to mention the fisheye effect of the lens and the fact that they both have the same breed roots. But I’m guessing gramps is a Boston, because of the size of his turkey neck and the length of his schnozzle. Either way, I need an insulin shot from this photo!

  15. i love the almost-human expression. it looks like he’s trying to decide between the News Hour and the PGA tour. (go with the News Hour.)

  16. It’s a French bulldog according to her blog.

    Click my name for the link to the post (in Spanish)

  17. The ears!!!! I wanna play with the ears!! And those little lips…aren’t they so cute??? These are one of the few dogs, that when they smile, you can really see it!!!

  18. *Swipes puppy and runs*

    You know, part of this website’s greatness is your ingenious captions!!

    “Baroo?” GOWLD!

  19. Guy Over There says:

    It’s the reincarnated form of the old guy from “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”!

  20. i adore his warbly neck!

  21. those lips demand to be pulled and played with!
    send ’em my way!

  22. love those little puppy lips – so smooshy

  23. “I thinks I smells…Alpo!”

  24. this is precious!

  25. Oh yes, he is a charmer.

  26. I so want a little frenchie with a warbly neck!

  27. He looks like President Logan on 24.

  28. Evangeline says:

    I want to kiss that doggie so much. AWWW.